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Supanana: Sometimes it’s better to do and regret than regret not doing it

I’m Really a Superstar · C1493
1 day ago
Stupid privilege system, locking away the last few chapters... View More
Mystical Journey · C1357
3 days ago
Blockers Assemble! View More
Mystical Journey · C417
1 week ago

Neveryoumindme: Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mamma
Take me home, country roads

Mystical Journey · C415
1 week ago
Think of it like a kid not wanting to eat Broccoli, they may dislike eating it but will do so sometimes due to parents making them.
In this case he let the totem eat the princess to get rid of all traces of her corpse. View More

GoneMad: didnt he say he didnt like to eat humans and thats why he only bit the upper half of the body like 2 chapters go and now he eats the princess ?

Mystical Journey · C371
1 week ago
WMW's author the "Plagiarist" truly lives up to his name, he borrowed a lot of key plot devices from other author's, View More

Frost_Phoenix: This is Warlock, Magus bloodline path! 😏😏😏

Mystical Journey · C358
1 week ago

Takeya_Harumi: Don't do it Garen! The lizard is innocent! INNOCENT I TELL YOU!!!

Mystical Journey · C358
1 week ago

Takeya_Harumi: Oh man, I can imagine the lizard doing the puppy eyes when looking at Garen holding a knife lol.
Two-head lizard: Father, what's that? (Puppy eyes)
Garen: Nothing!! (high pitch voice). *ahem* I mean, it's fine. It's gonna grow back! (Low pitch voice)
Two-head lizard: What's gonna grow back? (Puppy eyes)
Garen: ......

Mystical Journey · C355
1 week ago

divineshadow: *white dragon accidentally steps on Hathaway*
Garen: What was that????

Mystical Journey · C346
1 week ago
Garen must have a "Make your sis a bro-con" buff included in his MC halo.
Only way to explain how both his "sisters" are total bro-cons. View More
Mystical Journey · C323
1 week ago
Garen was never the sharpest tool in the shed :) View More

BigEgg: Hello?? Are you not aware of that 'fast tunneling' skill??.. it meant to stay underground not running like a horse mate...

Mystical Journey · C303
1 week ago

Haku_men: If I remember correctly, Garen once said that he know his body in details after reaching the peak.
Doesn't that means that he can possibly create a totem based on his own self?

Mystical Journey · C278
1 week ago

AlephTav: It's a pokeball and inside is....a pidgey!😱

Mystical Journey · C274
1 week ago
Garen is more a Broly than Goku though. View More

AlephTav: Enemy: What can you do without a Totem?

Mystical Journey · C268
1 week ago

OnePun: Forget it Garen. It's pointless to reason with the species called women.

Mystical Journey · C259
1 week ago

World_Sovereign: Can"t he use himself as a totem?

Mystical Journey · C254
1 week ago

TuanMuda: New hero appear, the butterfly man...

Mystical Journey · C254
1 week ago

CrowMADDER: Emin: You can also have some fun time with your furry totems if u want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Garen : Wat..
Emin: Wat..

Mystical Journey · C252
1 week ago

librarianoftime: time to summon stand!!

Mystical Journey · C252
1 week ago

Plamler: He REALLY didn't wanna pay child support, ultimate deadbeat cultivation technique

Mystical Journey · C210
2 weeks ago

DarkDragonGoddess: But there are feathers!! Those damn peakock like young masters in the room!

Mystical Journey · C116
2 weeks ago
Just imagine, if the author got hit by a falling vase & died just after writing this chapter, we'd be facing the Eternal Cliff...

While the author would be praying he gets isekai'd LOL. View More

PatriarchMecha: “Wait!”
Garen & Andrela : Huh, who are you?
“I am the great Cliff-sama”

Mystical Journey · C106
2 weeks ago
Depends on the art, I mean if something as a hilarious yet strong as Drunken Fist exists why not Cry Baby Fist. View More

Meowhead: I am not sure crying all the time is a good way to practice martial arts

Mystical Journey · C82
2 weeks ago
At this point, rather than blaming the MC I'm inclining towards blaming the author for being so idiotic. View More

Bigi: OMG he such a retarded muscle brained idiot, last time with dextarity he got strenght increase. Why in the bloody hell would he still put everything in Str 😒😞😧😵😡😠

Mystical Journey · C75
2 weeks ago

FakerQuidian: he took so long to understand that no stats are useless?

Mystical Journey · C69
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: I have a theory as well, he needs higher intelligence to read the book!

Mystical Journey · C31
2 weeks ago

mikael_hg: You'd have to be a special kind of a moron to think that enhancing intelligence is mostly useful for schooling.

Mystical Journey · C28
2 weeks ago

Rakdos: They actually got it kinda right for once. That's how you should feel when you first killed someone, you freak out. Other series have the MC kill people for the first time like it's nothing and they just move on...well...I guess they're all psychopaths

Mystical Journey · C15
2 weeks ago

WoofWoof: One punch man

Mystical Journey · C15
2 weeks ago

Sensei: how tf did ancient chinese history get here when the country isn't even present in this world?

Mystical Journey · C6
2 weeks ago
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