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Original Works

  • Chaos dimensional cube

    Chaos dimensional cube

    Video Games


    Curiosity killed the cat. Well, in this case, a human multiple times. Read as doggie tries to run from the trouble his curious mind brought him and gets stronger to overcome the challenges he needs to face to survive.

  • Life after a glass of water

    Life after a glass of water

    Video Games

    The main character finds himself stuck in a virtual reality game by accident while his mother tries to get him back from the company that created it who want to use him for research purposes.


It will probably die a 3d and 4th and ... Biggest problem is I read so many novels in the meantime I forgot the details of mine. Sorry in advance and thank you for your time. View More

Mutt: I've been lied to. It died a second time

Chaos dimensional cube · C27
1 week ago

Drakzil: Brilliant plan guys. You knew for an entire month that some people were all wearing suspicious items, and had earlier seen Slave Items make a reappearance, but you let them keep the items to not make the Traitor aware that you knew. But, had you simply freed one of them, they could've told you that Nalear was behind all this, and none of this would've happened...

Supreme Magus · C313
1 month ago

TheMedallion: i did not say that novel is bad just this novel did not deserve to be system novel.

Path of Medicine With a System
1 month ago
Monster Pet Evolution · C28
3 months ago
Monster Pet Evolution · C28
3 months ago

Daoist_TinyTiger: I personally think it's more cruel to just be "friends" with someone when you know that person is romantically attracted to you. In most cases, the other party will receive more pain then needed. I dont think the mom treated Huang Tielan rudely. She wishes internally that her son doesn't like her. As for Zhang Che, he quite frankly show that he is not interested with Huang Tielan several times but Huang Tielan persistently court Zhang Che. At this point, I think its safe to say any normal person would be annoyed by Huang Tielan's attitude. Just because you guys have empathy for Huang Tielan's kindness(I do too) but i think it's fair to look at Zhang Che's point of view too. I DONT think Zhang Che has been out of line with they way he conducted himself so far with Huang Tielan.

Divine Beast Adventures · C46
4 months ago
The bell tolls for you doesn't it. Thank you for enlightening me ohh great professor of physics. How could we plans without a PhD ever know that Hemingway was an American. You know we don't all have UK's high standards of education even though I was forced to read those books you listed as part of my high school's curriculum and some even in grammar school.

You wear your accomplishment as a badge and you need to point it out that is why I am here to tell you in Delboy's words "you are a twat". View More

ArchDenis: 1) You have big issues, I have never typed any insults. So read up what have you typed, it is a pure insulting. And now, I do believe that you are a kid and my initial way of addressing was correct. Maybe you are older then I am, but even if you are above 50, you are still far from mature person, as can be seen from your post.
2) You definitely did not read enough good books in your life. And what "lots of classic literature" even means...
3) I am from UK and have no connections to Slavic, I do not even actually know who are Slavic. I am physicist, it is not my field, for this I am kinda sorry (^_^). About authors, well, I have just typed first names that came into my head. I could have typed names of my favorite authors, but I am afraid that you will not even bother searching them via internet and, sadly, almost noone knows them.
4) Why I would not type that I am a professor? I have spent over 20 years to become one, I am proud to be a part of one of the best research teams in the whole world.
P.S. Hemingway was an American by the way.

The Legendary Mechanic
4 months ago
I may be older than you in fact and I read a lot of classic literature also. My point is you are micing apples and oranges. There won't be any classic literature on webnovel.

My point is you and peiple like you are pushing good entertaining novels down by unrealistic expectations and pulling crap like Strongest system up which is mildly entertaing slapstick comedy with vulgarity and a retarded overpowered MC.

By the titles I would even say you are Slavic like myself and you just had to point out you are a profesor. Yes, we plebeians don't understand you hc WoW players and classic Russian literature. Thinking about it WoW was/is like Strongest system ... retarded.

They should revise the voting to median scores and not averages so retarded anomalies with too much expectations don't mess it up. View More

ArchDenis: I am not trying to insult you or anything, but from your comment it can be seen that from your point of view such novels are a good read. On the other hand, in my opinion 99,9% of novels on this site are child novels and I read them after tiring day in lab when I do not want to think and just let my mind to wonder off.
Also I do not like writing a review on this site, but if I do, I automatically compare them to thousands classical novels that I have read, and I do evaluate novels comparing them to Hemingway, Tolstoy and others. I do give them some slack, but if I seriously evaluate Legendary Mechanic and other novels here, I can not give them above 0 stars at all.
I suppose now you understand my point of view and will not be insulted by "kid" reference. It was an automatic reference, as I am a professor in university and most people are kids in my eyes.
Best regards, Denis.

The Legendary Mechanic
5 months ago
I have no problems with you not liking it, but 1.5 stars is retarded. The Strongest System has every issue you say TLM has, but it's apparently forgiven since it made you smile ... I would h a r d c o r e smack you over the head with a newspaper h a r d c o r e WoW player ... Any review not giving TLM at least 3 stars is bull excrement ... View More

ArchDenis: Story was quite good until 80+ chapters. After that, MC started to develop complex of god and author started to cover loopholes in story.
In this novel was stated that this world is real and MC was believing in it, but, at some point, he started to treat NPC just as XP and after some analyzes, I believe he has quite serious mental issues.
Some readers believe that officers are "arrogant idiot", orders and regulations were incorrect and stuff that MC did is fine. But such readers are looking at situations only from POV of MC, and does not look beyond what author shows them.
If we analyze this novel from POV of real life army and other characters, we can see that MC is very stupid, immature and a psycho.
I love smart MC, and I am fine with him being a psycho, but when you show that some random gamer with average talent is smarter than all officers, government, etc... It is a completely different story...
Basically, in my opinion, author does not understand real life.

The Legendary Mechanic
5 months ago
Not the only loophole ... if yiu can soften wood with mana, shape it and then make it hard again why would you even use a lathe ... anyway it's a nice read
... View More

BobbyCSB: I am surprised that Eisen didn't craft the modern wonder called the spring. Put it as a form of suspension and they'd get a pretty smooth ride with the spring suspension able ro reduce the road knocks and even uneven roads.

If you see roads made by the romans, even those would produce a rather uncomfortable ride by today's standard. Even with a tonne of cushion under their butts.

For modern comfort: A stiff-ish spring suspension.
For immersion comfort: A nice cushion seating.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C81
6 months ago
Sorry about the long wait ... after the next chapter which will influence the whole direction of the book I will try to update more frequently. View More

Gnark: Research Material

Chaos dimensional cube · C26
6 months ago

Mavislin11: Not much can be said for 6 chapters, but it was worth the read. The characters are good, with the story pacing being quite alright. The world background and plot are also great.

Life after a glass of water
6 months ago

Zehell2218: first of all make synopsis it's important. Second. From first chapter why do I only see a few dialogue? It's like narrating a story without life inside. overall the idea is good

Life after a glass of water
6 months ago

7Setin: + chapter pls!!!!!!!


Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago

d3trois: This is a good story, I really like the writing. At first I thought maybe it wasn't really for me, but it kept me hooked up after a few chapters ! Waiting anxiously for the next chapter !

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago

chainbrain: Quite a funny and entertaining story of a man who isn't allowed to give up. This is the story of how a "lucky" find makes MC stronger. Please keep it up.

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago

Robbie25: Rough start for the main character, but he finds ways to adapt. Curious approach to learning for the MC. Still trying to decide how much more of the book that I will read, but think it is worth reading a few chapters to see if the webnovel catches your interest.

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago


The novel was surprisingly good. If I were to say anything, you just need to reread your chapters more and put in commas at certain places. Only typo I noticed was you put ,., somewhere at the start I think. Noticed you aren't putting in commas before ands and buts a lot.

Also for the story, its not realistic how he found the cube at that place. Countless people visit there every year, how was he the first to find and pick it up after (assuming its from ancient Greece) centuries have passed?

Also I would change up your start. Its not interesting for readers to read flasbacks at the start of a book. This is why whe there are flash backs, its always way farther into the book or movie if its poplar.

You should also consider a Prologue. This is how you grab people's attention, and interest. This is how they survive the first few chapters. I myself was not interested at the start, but I kept reading.

Now I noticed two big plotholes of your story. One is he put countless death marks, but when you jumped into levels, he barely died that much, also he only marked at the start. Then its as if his flashback persnality disapeared and his whole personality changed. As I've read a lot of books and I am also an author, I can guess that the flashback isbfor way farther into the book, but guarantee 99% didnt think that much and just ignored it or thought the book was stupid and left.

Second one are the stats, you made stat points really low, but whe MC gained stats rivaling the police officers, he was more macho and studd compared to them? Even more than that scrawny asian guy you said?

Also try to describe emotions and five senses more, was bit bland reading. Try to describe things more, and add more relatable thing so its not 2D.

Lastly I marked 3 for updates as long hiatus. I would've done two, but looking at your past record and past two days, nearly updated every day so bumped it up to 3. It would've hit four or above if not for that.

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago
Reading Status: C8
Writting this after 8 chapters ... Would give 4.5 to both Character design and Writting quality therefore I gave one a 4.

Main problem in writing is in changing past and present tense which is easily fixable by any proofreader in the future.

Anyway I enjoyed the story so far and maybe will read more of it in the future. Regards to the Author. View More
The Arks
6 months ago

Eslyna: Just post on forum again when you get 10 chaps, I cant say much with little chaps unless if the book is god awful, but lookng at ths you are one of the better ones that asked for my reviews for the times Ive done this before

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago
About comas at and and but ... grammarly says no while my mind screams yes ...

Honestly I need to reread my whole story again because of the long hiatus ... Anyway after a few chapters the whole stats and video game thing will make sense and it will also become obsolete.

Can't say I am ecstatic about your review but an honest one is a lot better than some review swaps I did where you can see he probably didn't go trough even the first chapter.

Thank you and I would appreciate if you could do my other one too. It's just 6 chapters for now so it should not take you long. View More

Eslyna: o also, probably just didn't go far enough, but you need a goal or dream for the MC, right now hr is just gaining stats but doing nothing other than leveling like an Isekai book. Please avoid that and try to add conflicts or something for the MC to use his power on.

Chaos dimensional cube
6 months ago
I will write a full review when I pass enough chapters if you could review either of my works I would appreciate it. View More

k_k_b: Thank you for your time in checking my work, i appreciate your effort deeply. Thanks for pointing out some errors, it showed you actually followed. I actually write on Words before putting them here. I have to say that some of the grammar use were intentional. Like the infinitude, I honestly didn't want to use 'infinite energy'. I wanted a word that sounded like that but more. I had two words; infinitude and infinitum. I've changed to infintum to see other reactions too, but it's going to be between these two. Please bear with me. ✌

The Pathway · C1
6 months ago
Reading Status: C5
Well, it is hard judging a book by the cover and yours especially. I read all 5 chapters that were published at the time of this review which for some authors would make them 15-20 chapters since they are quite long.

It shows you have someone to proof-read although I still found some errors and marked them in paragraph comments they were minor issues not really worth mentioning.

The stoty reminds me a bit of Library of Heaven's Path mixed in with a few other features eith a female protagonist and was an enjoyable read.

Hope the story keeps it high quality and support it will deserve if it does. View More
Universal Knowledge of the Dao
6 months ago

ursus010: I wonder if the Chinese have blue eyes? What does eye color matter? Maybe some kind of magic ability? But entertaining, the first chapter makes you read further, it is interesting! From the first sentences the author managed to captivate the reader! Respect!

Sick lungs, the mother could cure - with koumiss, steppe air, having gone to the sea, with blue hunters, with young moss - parmelia, and raw pumpkin juice. True, this knowledge became available only in the 11th and 16th centuries of our era and knowledge was transferred along the Silk Road. I wonder what time the novel is going on? Or is it a fantastic world?

Sect? Despotic father. Impulse, emotions, loss of common sense ... and here is a sect ... an immortal ... risky heroine!

Oooh .... book pervert ???????? This is definitely something new! Books have always been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and here it is like this ...

Again ranking .... like in Kinzadza ... red pants, yellow ... entertaining ... where is East, there are clans, sects, hierarchical relations, gradation ... by color, by force, by money, by power. ..

Cheating abilities ???? Magic item ????

Aah ... it's not a Tao ... it's a romance ... Tao is immense, Tao covers everything, Tao is incomprehensible ... The path of enlightenment is difficult!

This is not the typical DAO about which I read - from the Chinese author Pu Sunlin - Monks Wizards and Stories about Unusual People, author of the 18th century. The spells of the Taoists, short stories of the 17th century, Feng Menluna, Lin Manchu, Li Yu.

This is a European DAO ... but also a rather curious, understanding of DAO through the prism of the European mentality.

And this is partially reminiscent of modern stories about DAO. But still, this is not the DAO itself ... but only its imitation. Since nothing is said about DAO itself ...

The path of the cultivator is based on the comprehension of the doctrine of the path of enlightenment ... on the other hand, anyone who talks about what DAO understands, deviates from PATH, who does not talk about DAO, then he understands it.

DAO is shorter than a very tangled thing ... and probably not a Chinese to understand him 100 percent will fail.

Thanks to the author for an interesting story, it is easy to read.

Universal Knowledge of the Dao
6 months ago
I wish you could become a permanent fixture in the comments. Thank you for your input ... View More

ursus010: If there is no public control over the affairs of companies, then all sorts of dark deeds can take place. The downside of capitalism.

Life after a glass of water · C3
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
Life after a glass of water · C3
6 months ago

ursus010: If there is no public control over the affairs of companies, then all sorts of dark deeds can take place. The downside of capitalism.

Life after a glass of water · C3
6 months ago

ursus010: The world of business is cruel, the capitalist shark, as they would say 30 years ago during the Cold War ... if you are poor, then hello ... the tiger will try to eat ... if you can, of course ... but "fun and dynamic" life is guaranteed if it is feudalism, and if capitalism, that is, a chance, is still to receive compensation, if there is a good lawyer or interested media or competitors ... silence costs a lot ... and money is known to like silence.

Life after a glass of water · C2
6 months ago
Thank you. Will probably edit it at one time in the future ... Now I just write what comes to mind. 5 chapters in 3 days from nothing takes a toll especially since I wrote 3 more chapters of the other book. Thank you for your review. View More

Fiona_Singer: After Reading the first chapter I thought it would go just like another Sword-Art-Online style harem manga, but I'm glad the author chose the realistic touch instead. Corporate Social Responsibility is a trendy topic and the background information about Rowan's family can easily appeal to readers' sympathy, further adding tense to the conflict between the two sides.

What needs to be improved, however, is the writing style. There are no barriers of understanding the plots, of course, but the way of narrating is a bit too straight-line, and some information is a little too concentrated in one part of the story, which will slow the pace unnecessarily.

But these skills can be acquired through reading and practice, what I truly valued here is the originality and the courage of discarding those "popular" but cheesy, vulgar cliches, and even just for this, it's already better than 70% percent of the big hits on the front page.

Applause for the author.

Life after a glass of water
6 months ago

ursus010: I read all three chapters. The prologue was a bit tight, the plot of the action is more intriguing, the development of the action is exciting. The culmination is an intrigue, a possible experiment on a person, violent corporations ... where, life, a person is estimated in profit, loss. There is a struggle of the humanistic beginning with the mercantile interest, the usual everyday routine. It is better to remain silent and stay with the money or stand up for the unfamiliar little boy, but lose money. The struggle of the soul and mind. Usually money is taken up over conscience. But on the Day of Judgment, such a choice will have a price - fire. Is it worth it? Everyone makes the choice himself. Atheists have a concept of an inner conscience, whether a person can, while looking at himself in the mirror, respect himself or want to spit in the reflection.

The author managed to reflect this well in the game of emotions, to show the nature of man.

It was interesting to read. The author can only wish to write original works, choose their own stories, and not cliches, remakes of existing works. Since the author has a creative streak, inspiration, has a good syllable, I am sure that he will be able to write his own unique novel, with an original plot. Probably now he is just like all beginners to the author, just wants to get his hand, success in the difficult way - becoming a prose writer!


Life after a glass of water
6 months ago
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