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This is a ridiculously long tease. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C952
1 week ago
My guess is that this is all a set up so that WZ can use his runic mech against the pirates on mission from the academy View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C918
4 weeks ago

AniManga1: "What is your favorite time?"
"12 noon"
"Because it's not easy to be a man after time travelling to the future."

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C595
4 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Tempest of the Stellar War · C916
1 month ago
He's that there. He's gonna follow up with "made you look" View More
The King's Avatar · C1557
2 months ago

FreeTrial: Why choose this novel??

The author is going hiatus

And the update is absolutely unstable

And why i give 5* ? It's supposed to be 3 stars

The adventures are boring, the setting is similar to Monster Paradise and Super God Gene

Btw before you Sun of The Beach said i give review before i read, let me tell you, i always read the free trial on original web before voting

Divine Beast Adventures
3 months ago
What is dangerous about happy is they have multiple forms. What I mean by that is that they have multiple strategies for different players on the field. Mumu and Grim. Steamed Bun and Fang Rui. Steamed Bun and Lou Ji. Tang Rou and Mumu(just like the old Ye Xiu and Mumu) etc. All the players have amazing synergy together. Flexible. Ever changing. Adapting to stimuli. Ye Xiu last season. Let's see what happens. View More
The King's Avatar · C1474
4 months ago
He's either been healing them the whole time or he's been switched for Tang Fui and she's on her way View More

Crescentfangs: I wonder...

Where the hell is Little Cold Hand?

The King's Avatar · C1472
4 months ago

Flammenwurfer: Did Lin Huang steal the Little Thieving Cat from KOG?!

Monster Paradise · C891
5 months ago

Vee: Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that determines right from wrong by focusing on outcomes.
They disregard their means and focus on their results.
Happy doesn't care about their playstyle (Team play, YX's Unspecialized, FR's Wretched Qi Master, etc.).
The Alliance wants the best show regardless of the situation of the players (Text-based commands so that the audience will know the team communications).
Their use of the word makes sense for me (at least).

The King's Avatar · C1436
5 months ago
Well this next part is gonna be damn interesting. Hehe hopefully we get another chapter tonight View More
The Card Apprentice · C127
9 months ago
I dont believe he thinks his perception is strong enough. In the cases of making powerful cards, CM tends to take baby steps improving further along his knowledge base methodically. He doesn't bite off more than he can chew. He is acutely self aware to the point he sometimes seems to stagnate when in fact it's more like he's expanding his foundation little by little View More

AethericKat: I'm surprised he didn't ask for ressources pertaining to 4 star cards. Guess he's not ready yet?

The Card Apprentice · C107
10 months ago

Tenzin_sama: *Team Blue Rain joins therapy room*
Blue Spring: Welcome, fellow victims of Ye Xiu!
Guild Tyrannical Ambition: Welcome!
Guild Tiny Herb: Welcome, brothers from Team Blue Rain.
10th Server Guild Leaders: We discuss our pains and sufferings caused by Ye Xiu in this therapy room. Welcome!

The King's Avatar · C1314
10 months ago
Not gonna lie super stoked for next chapter View More
The Card Apprentice · C102
10 months ago

kryptos: I have just completed the raws of this novel. The plot line and story are brilliant. Its worth reading. But I must admit, last 100 chapters of this novel are like a mess. Almost everything happens in these last chapters. You can really feel that the author is rushing to finish this novel as soon as possible. The cultivation level of the MC and his girls skyrocket in these chapters, sometimes even skipping few of the levels directly. There are 3 bed scenes with Su Han, Zi and Yujia respectively.
Finally he has 5 women in his harem: Su Han, Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili. There is one more, Duan Yao, whose ending is not elaborated as her soul is being protected in the Kunlun Mountain Lamp because she was injured while saving Hao Ren from Xu Ke. It was written in the last chapter that once MC reaches the realm of 8 hearts lotus, he can save her. But it has been 5 years since that incident and he can't say if her soul still has feeling for him.
Many characters were not properly developed like: Duan Yao, Zhao Baibai, Lu sisters, Western Queen, Wu Luoxue, Qin Lang, Elder Xingyue, Ye Zilong and many more.
Romance between MC and Su Han, Lu sisters and Guan Yao, was also not elaborated.
Ending was very abrupt: 5 years later, Hao Ren becomes a world famous architect and inherits Iom Studio. He marries Zi in the East China Sea Dragon Palace and half-a-month later marries Xie Yujia in front of all the mortals.
Now another mystery that was unraveled was about Su Han. Her father is a water-system Tianlong and lord of the Dragon Temple. Her mother is the Gold-system Tianlong who successfully robbed 500 years ago.
Now about Smart. He is the only son of Shiefie (Phoenix) and Qin Lang (Unicorn). Both of whom are the King of the World. Shiefie is the daughter of the Prisoner. Smart is an Ink-Black Unicorn. He falls in love with Wu Luoxue, who lives a life of mortal but is actually the daughter of Bai Ze, another King of the World. Conclusion was not given to their romance, even in the last chapter.
Lu sisters are actually the core disciples of the Western Queen ('The Virgin'), who loves them like daughters and marries them to Hao Ren.
Zhao Kuo is the chosen one by heavens. He marries Elder Xingyue in the end. Zhao Hooran is resurrected in the end as the ultimate dragon.
Oh, and there is also the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), who becomes the Second brother of Hao Ren. His 'Stick' becomes the life magic weapon of Hao Ren.
Although there are short-comings and the ending never feels to be sufficient, this is still a great novel with a lot of scope for a new volume or a good spin-off. Because seriously, the its ending cannot be called a conclusion.
The author has 2 other novels, about which I don't have much idea. But it will be welcomed if you can give their summaries and reviews in the comments.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
10 months ago

ReedWhistler: When Dorian was talking to William in this chapter, I was suddenly reminded of Tom Hank’s “Castaway” movie. “WILSONNNNN!”

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C58
11 months ago

Zekken97: I'm kinda wondering what effect would Luo Ji have if he could help Guan Rongfei. 😏

The King's Avatar · C1286
11 months ago
Those may effect if he can get the tinder out of the monster. Why not explain that's his tinder monster and change his appearance. View More

usernamefolder: what? LH is a master of finishing battles quick and escaping unnoticed. he waited that long? combat upgrade card, monsters that can restrain, seal card, misfortune card.. did he just want to meet those reinforcements?

Monster Paradise · C752
11 months ago
Lol called it. Cant believe they left it on that cliff hanger View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1657
11 months ago

listenedpromise: This is so funny. Lol. I expected this to happen but Ye Xiu's reactions are priceless. Ye Xiu's GG as if he strategically chose to throw the match when he knows exorcist is his opponent...maybe he forgot to bring the second umbrella?

The King's Avatar · C1247
1 year ago

AslansNovels: Okay for reals. This translator needs an editor. I am totally willing to help lol

Super Gene · C553
1 year ago

AslansNovels: Honestly I think all the rookies are able to coordinate with YX better because he's been playing with them since the 10th server. Opinions?

The King's Avatar · C1172
1 year ago

AslansNovels: Honestly I think all the rookies are able to coordinate with YX better because he's been playing with them since the 10th server. Opinions?

The King's Avatar · C1172
1 year ago
Honestly I think all the rookies are able to coordinate with YX better because he's been playing with them since the 10th server. Opinions? View More
The King's Avatar · C1172
1 year ago
Anybody else feel that Luo Ruoxin might be Otherworldly Demon Royalty with that last line? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C837
1 year ago

SouIrin: I'm guessing Marvin's summoning magic is still on cooldown? Kobolds and White Slads(?) are cool and all, but 6 shadow dragons are something elses.

Night Ranger · C478
1 year ago
The last few chapters weren't upload before. They were part of the second wave on MR View More

PlasmaticPi: What are you talking about?

Super Gene · C569
1 year ago
Read it dude. I'm like half way through and it's missing like 5 chapters in between View More

DarthVitiate: Seriously?

Super Gene · C553
1 year ago
Okay there is like 5 chapters missing View More
Super Gene · C569
1 year ago
The next chapter has nothing to do w this chapter there's at least a chapter missing if not 2 or 3 View More
Super Gene · C553
1 year ago
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