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  • Off to a New Beginning

    Off to a New Beginning

    Fantasy Reincarnation System Harem Magic Male Lead Gods Aliens R18 Modern Earth Other Planets

    This is a story about a young man, who was living in the present world at the end of 2019. He was only in his early twenties. His early life was tinged with bullying and later on success. But now everything is going down the drain. He failed his studies and is now thinking of what to do. He is scared of failing his elders expectations. But then, all of a sudden, it is all over and everything goes black. When the young man comes to himself again, he quickly realizes that he has gotten himself another chance. -------------------------------------------------- Hello dear readers, this is the first time I am attempting to write a novel of any sort. If you don't mind and have the time, give it short look. If you like it, countinue reading and if you don't then please tell me why. I hope to improve myself and for that critique is important. The protagonist is a character whose story is basically my own. And the story embodies my fantasies and dreams. Give it a try. Thanks Bartimaeus


Reading Status: C61
I've just read the 61st chapter. I very much like the worldbuiling of this novel. It plays in the future and also includes aspects from the past. It contains happy elements of brotherhood and companionship and dark elements like madness, rape and the like. In general it is a healthy mix of both so far.
I am also very impressed with the writing quality and grammar. The author is from Ghana, but his writing is better than many novels from native english speakers. It is smooth to read and isn't strenous in the least.

Keep it up author 👊🖐🏿 View More
Guild Wars
4 days ago
I do intend to set it up set way. a few of the childhood friends will stay with the protagonist the whole story. View More

GoKoTo: si te vas a concentrar en la infancia, que busque unos miembros del harem como amigas para el futuro.

Off to a New Beginning · C3
4 months ago

HiikiNito: Are the tags that you have listed true?
Will be adding to my library and will be waiting for the new chapters!^^

Off to a New Beginning · C3
4 months ago
All things mentioned in the tags will appear in the story, I promise that. However I plan to spend quite some time on the childhood part of the story. That will slow down the progression quite a bit. So it will be a gradual story where the elements mentioned in the tags will be integrated bit by bit.
Thanks for reading so far. Next chapter is written already and will be published tomorrow. View More

HiikiNito: Are the tags that you have listed true?
Will be adding to my library and will be waiting for the new chapters!^^

Off to a New Beginning · C3
4 months ago
Chapters are just ridiculously short. The word count is minimalistic. The last 50 chapters would propably fit into just 10 chapters of other novels View More
Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master · C115
4 months ago
Reading Status: C0
The beginning of the story is extremely detailed and doesn't progress too fast. The personality of the MC developes along with his acievements and challenges. The story shows both good and bad sides of ancient culture and can also be considered as an opinion of the writer on ancient human society and also modern human society. Towards the end the pace of the story speeds up significantly as the MC does not have to concern himself with minor issues anymore.
Though I do hope for a continuation of the MC's storyline after arriving on Planet Hope, at the same time I worry that the continuation would in essensce just be the same story as before. Maybe a contination of the story from the MC's son Ouyang Yu would be interesing as he inherits his fathers empire and deals with the difficulties of an Imperial Court and the intrigues and schemes. View More
The World Online
4 months ago
Reading Status: C216
I find the continued reading a bit disturbing as the perspective often swaps without indications, making it hard to follow the storyline. The characters themselves have a lot of depth to them and show an interesting personality developement. The power of the MC doesn't grow too fast, so the story is rather well paced. The world is complex and intersting as it ties many regional myths and histories of the real world together in a fascinating way.
All in all a very interesting story that is well enjoyed, but sometimes a bit difficult to follow. View More
5 months ago
Omg. I did't realize for the last 15 days that this novel was back. I had just assumed it was dead cuz nothing happend for so long View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1082
8 months ago
About 1 to 2 chapters per week
And it is currently sitting around chapter 150. And the novel is at 457. So it will take quite some time until the manga catches up. The anime is also far behind. Currently sitting at chapter 37.
However there is one novel chapter released monthly on lightnovel View More

Raynar: I'll tell you a secret - the story has one big problem - it's the speed of writing. Rather, if what I heard is true, then the problem is not the speed of writing, but the speed of the spread. The reason, as I also heard, is ****** - the author has a contract with the publisher that publishes a manga that he can not lay out the chapters as before, until the manga catches up with the novel.

However, the novel is simply gorgeous.

Tales of Demons and Gods
2 years ago
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