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  • A Gamers Journal

    A Gamers Journal

    Video Games

    I'm just a normal guy. You know, the usual stuff. Working from 8 to 5, playing video games after that. Living a love life, albeit a rather uneventfull one. Meeting up with some friends, trying to work out. That never really went well. Motivation always slips away from me. Normal, all in all. All of that should change though with a package in front of my door that contained a book. Genres are: - Magical Realism - Video Games - a tad romance - a tad slice of life

  • Enchanted World, Faith

    Enchanted World, Faith

    Magical Realism Magic Male Realism LevelUp Magical Wiazrd

    After a huge natural disaster killed almost everyone he knew Zale was out for Revenge. Gods roam this world where magic is everywhere and they are almost almighty. Zale confronts the one responsible for the death of his loved ones, but he wasn´t strong enough. The god, taking a pity on him created a new opportunity for me. This is the journey of Zale as he rises to new heights, studying magic, and surpassing the limits


Well the enemy was also an awakened one. That had cloaking artifacts on him. Thats why they detected him so late.

Lith was but a baby in the academy and these guys were awakened for 15 years and doing training. Only with his feats did a interrest spark for him in the eyes of the awakened council, which we know nothing about.

Lith is a self taught awakened, and for that he is doing more than fine imo View More

SoupsterLT: The content has been deleted

Supreme Magus · C566
3 weeks ago
7th.. for reading the chapter slowly : View More
Supreme Magus · C438
3 months ago
I still relish the first time ive seen that scene.

"This is for what you did *punches him* and this *kisses him* for everything else"

Dunno how its said exactly since ive seen it in german but yeah. Great scene in a great movie View More

windbreaker: anyone else getting how to tame your dragon wibes from the punch then kissing the cheek scene???

Paragon of Destruction · C35
3 months ago

windbreaker: anyone else getting how to tame your dragon wibes from the punch then kissing the cheek scene???

Paragon of Destruction · C35
3 months ago
Idc lol View More

Precheur: Yes you're giving an answer to something i said 3 month ago, i don't even know what it's talking about. Nice job. So for an answer which i guess may have been something like that : implicit.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C77
4 months ago
No one ever said he is a genius... View More

Precheur: I'm not admiring anything, a men usually has a d*ck that's an universal truth, i'm an usual men, so this novel when pretending that the MC is a 40yo Genius, it's like me telling you i've got a pu*ssy. It makes no sens.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C77
4 months ago
He's not the only mage that can fly bro :) View More

Drew_44: The content has been deleted

Supreme Magus · C379
4 months ago
The title he got by finishing all the basic stat training View More

Sepiternus: So he gets 5 stats for each level up and started with 10 but to get the iron sword he had to train and get more stats and these stats dont seem to be showing. Also there was no explanation on how a level 1 noob got a title. Aswell as that unjust self praising about him doing well when he is doing very badly for a level 20. 1 worst grade skill that is level 2 and nothing but base stats if you dont count his gifted armor and magical title

Rise of The Undead Legion · C7
5 months ago
You good sir are a master at writing. I love every second. I hope you can keep it up and one day live a fulfilled live as an accomplished author View More
Supreme Magus · C311
5 months ago
Ranma 1/2 was also gender bender and children friendly. So yeah, thats that. View More

IWANTMYDINNER: to be honest at first I was a little turned off by the gender bender tag...but im a total sucker for sci-fi and video game novels so I caved in and read it. if you are on this page and are hesitant about reading it then FOR FUCKS SAKE DO IT ALREADY!! Seriously its great.

Lilim Heritage Online
8 months ago
Alright, alright.

For beeing the frist comment / review I ever got let's kick this up a notch.

This just made my day. You can expect to see updates :) View More

Everything_system8: This is really good and I like how the author made the MC so chill! Just wish author updated more! Don't know what else to write so I'm just going to keep doing this till it good!

A Gamers Journal
8 months ago
I usually don't comment but, author-san, you write the way i wish i could. You managed to make characters that have feelings and act accordingly, something i never managed to accomplish.

The feels are amazing, as well as your world, the magic system and the plot.

Keep writing. Stay strong. You will be remembered by a lot of people, your writing will get stronger and one day you might finish this novel.

It will be a sad and a great day. I hope i can keep reading a lot from you, author-san. View More
Supreme Magus · C185
9 months ago
Im sorry but this is the worst english i've read in a while on webnovel. Step up your game or give it someone to proof read. I really doubt that a lot of people will read past chapter 1 View More
Great Wizard Return to The Original World · C1
11 months ago
Okay for gods sake. Its called though, not thought. Thought is when you think and though is when you are against something. This is triggering me since chapter 3 or whatever View More
Supreme Magus · C70
1 year ago
Dorian? Is that you? View More

GAMplayz: Will Gao Peng find a Levitating Jellyfish that is unique/special? Will he discover that the seller is a bad person? Or will it just be him buying a normal Levitating Jellyfish? Find out in the next episode of Pokemon!

Monster Pet Evolution · C54
1 year ago
I'd say celine and nana, as well as vance are pretty usefull. Also dragon lady and kinorse aint bad. And after another year the young half elf will probably be pretty good as well. View More

Great_Haowie: Chapter 280 and the author already became a retard, please just make one usefull character in light side other than the MC

Advent of the Archmage · C280
1 year ago
on the last page View More

DevaVentus: it's "put" not putted, put is a irregular verb.

The Devil's Cage · C3
2 years ago
it's "put" not putted, put is a irregular verb. View More
The Devil's Cage · C3
2 years ago
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