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Pyrozian: So this review was paid for apparently, or something similar, cause the writing quality is second, maybe third grade level

Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life
1 week ago

Raze_: The concept behind the novel is interesting, but with the way the grammar is right now the novel is completely unreadable.

Journey To Become A True God · C1
1 week ago

Shady41: Cant understand crap the dang thing is machine translated or something. I gived up trying to read this in the 2nd chapter. The MC's is pretty much generic guy who goes on the path of power for the generic reason of saving his life. I dont hate it and would have read it through but the grammer kills it for me.

Journey To Become A True God
1 week ago

aaabb_aabb: At first it was good then I wanted to read more of so I searched for it's raw guess what I found this has two tags which I think a large readers might fing repulsive that's "Netorare" [It should be defined as CHEATING/Unfaithful/AdulteryIn. Netorare, the partner usually
are unwilling (Although able to be aroused by the circumstances) and felt regret, sad, and anger about the situation] and "Netorase"[ In Netorase, the partner are actually wanting and willing to make her to have sex with other people].

Ok now netorase might be due to his 1st gf cheating on him but but netorare is definitely due to something occuring in advanced chapters.

Tags source:-

Raw name :- 绝世天才系统
Raw source :- https://m.qidian.com/book/1016064490

The Genius System Without Equal
1 month ago

Shadizar: So, seems like bad reviews are getting blocked/removed, I wonder how many have expressed negative opinions about this and been removed leaving mainly positive comments.

The Genius System Without Equal
1 month ago
I’m going to take a guess and say Dharma King’s new song will create an opening SSH to get out of dodge, of course after stalling/running for his life. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1125
4 months ago
Oh wow in the few days I stopped reading it became pay walled. Should have kept reading RIP View More
So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C81
4 months ago

hersheytemple69: I do like the story so far it's just this current arc that I'm unsatisfied with to me it feels lazy and not really well thought out, that's not true, I just wish it had more thought going into it than this, a good chunk on chapters on an arc that was essentially just author explaining how current popular wuxia/xianxia novels are written, I just hope that author is more trying to parodying the current state of them and not trying to add more word count by writing this arc in this way, my bad for that angry rant and not clearly saying it better lol

So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C76
4 months ago

Nether_YoungMaster: Story progression is very slow for this novel. It makes it very boring. It's chapter 947 and he has only progressed by only one level and he was already on golden late stage at the begining and now he is mystic class. So damn frustrating.

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C947
5 months ago
I understand a lot of the dialogue, and just “content” overall is just fluff to fill a chapter, but there’s nothing anyone can do about what’s written, even if it’s over the top, repetitive, and nonsensical. What truly grinds my gears is that the quality of the proof reading seems to have taken a nose dive in the wrong direction as of late. It really irritates me to read the mistakes in the past few chapters. View More

Bonbard: I've said d this and will say it again, don't bring in an unwanted sentences, if you do that it won't make the story interesting again.
Can you believed that I've skipped about five chapters to read an important one, I can bet there are a lot of people reading this story who have done the same so please if you know that there are plenty of unwanted sentences, just leave it and cut to the chase.

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C945
5 months ago

Bonbard: I've said d this and will say it again, don't bring in an unwanted sentences, if you do that it won't make the story interesting again.
Can you believed that I've skipped about five chapters to read an important one, I can bet there are a lot of people reading this story who have done the same so please if you know that there are plenty of unwanted sentences, just leave it and cut to the chase.

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C945
5 months ago

Daoist54354343: Does no one proof read these? There are so many mistakes that I can barely believe someone is getting payed for this work.

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C944
5 months ago

Avariciousimmortal: If this world really existed, what is the point of the police departments honestly?

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C927
5 months ago
Why is everyone but Shu so wishy washy about their feelings? Like seriously, I just want someone to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and scream, “JUST CONFESS/ASK ALREADY!” View More
Beauty and the Bodyguard · C918
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
Beauty and the Bodyguard · C918
6 months ago

Fleks: As Sage Monarch Winter Melon hears more and more of how "incredible" Shuhang is, he understands that the only way to beat him is through a sneak attack...

Cultivation Chat Group · C1061
6 months ago

HeavenlyShleep: Sixteen: Shuhang, do you trust me?
Shuhang: What?
Sixteen: Do you trust me?
Shuhang: Yes.

Sixteen: I can Shu you the world~

Cultivation Chat Group · C1043
6 months ago
It hurt reading fluid funds every paragraph, should probably be changed to liquid. As in, “The company’s liquid funds ran dry.” View More
Beauty and the Bodyguard · C883
6 months ago
Does anyone lose brain cells whenever they read the villain of the days plans? It’s just so ridiculous sometimes I feel like I’m watching a Saturday cartoon. Not that that’s entirely a bad thing. View More
Beauty and the Bodyguard · C824
7 months ago

DearNightmare: I wonder if Northern Emperor could make the best ice cream ever... after all he's reached the pinnacle of the ice element 😶

Cultivation Chat Group · C960
9 months ago

HavenCustos: Senior white 2: Lolz, so I know I tanked this giant and all but you'll be cool right? my moms making me go to sleep now. >.<

Cultivation Chat Group · C953
9 months ago

OPPAIMASTA: See this i gifted the story:🖕

Dual Cultivation · C187
9 months ago
I’m surprised so many people are conflicted about the previous chapter. It happened, done. In all honesty there’s no way they could fall in love with a guy in the span of a few days, they barely know anything about him. If anything they deeply admire his abilities, and maybe only momentarily; they’re infatuated with him. A spur of the moment thing that developed into them getting dominated thoroughly by a god of pleasure. I don’t see anything wrong with their new found hunger, the fault lies in Su Yang’s unrivaled ability to pleasure women. They’re slaves to his touch, but they won’t be able to see him possibly in their entire lifetime, it’s honestly good that they care enough not to sleep with other men. Then we have the babies, the whole point of them having his child was basically a reminder of him, and what they experienced. They won’t forget it. It’s also a promise of sorts, the main character will return for his women and children, it’s just a matter of when. The women are selfish for wanting to bind him to a contract, but it is effective, and it’s quite admirable that they would willing raise a child themselves(well now with one another) for a chance of feeling his touch again. Su Yang on the other hand is a god of pleasure, not really a model of being faithful. I’m sure he’s wooed countless wives, left many women behind, and keeps a tightly knit net around the women he cherishes. Why so much backlash on two women being somewhat unfaithful, when we have a guy who goes around the universe wooing women for a one night stand for the past few millennia. If anything accept that every character is selfish and simply wants. View More
Dual Cultivation · C184
10 months ago
A half monster fish decided to trap him in a black room, so he would continue writing chapters consistently. View More

iTrie: “…?”

What? Author, have you been kidnapped?! God! You’re in some kind of basement to write the chapters while you are getting punished for delaying it?! Oh— good. Keep punishing em.

Dual Cultivation · C179
10 months ago

Adrianix1234: Does Augusta’s mother gonna come too? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Profane Prince of Domination · C209
10 months ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Oyakodan, who came first, the chicken or the egg? Kazuma said he made them both cum at the same time.

· C28
10 months ago
Did you just tell the author to kill himself? View More

Alakabam: Plea #2 for author to have Pio die the cruel death he deserves at Xuefeng's hand. Thanks for the chapter as always!

Spirit Cultivation · C298
10 months ago

Migole: You almost feel sorry for the villains. Even against regular senior White they’d lose, but they’re facing final form Senior White.

Cultivation Chat Group · C938
10 months ago

nifemio22: lolll. those poor inner demons, But why did they call for song?

Cultivation Chat Group · C933
10 months ago
Throwing out a guess, but the hill is actually a giant turtle, and that’s why other beasts avoid it. Can’t wait to be wrong. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C27
10 months ago
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