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Maybe it's future him somehow View More
Rise of the Demon God · C157
2 days ago

Crimson_King: I would have prefer if he cultivated the wood orb for like a day or two gained a bit of enlightenment and then went to the banshee tribe to study there orb.

Rise of the Demon God · C63
2 days ago

Lord_dura: what is this obsession with beauty among authors 😩

Rise of the Demon God · C1
4 days ago

AdAs0223: Valley master, you should tell MC how you wish to be buried BEFORE doing something suicidal...

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C136
5 days ago

the_pun_police: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Supreme Magus · C425
6 days ago

niazhasnat: This brother sure is knowledgeable ... I admire you for the enlightenment you are bringing to these ignorant ones without any arrogance .

Nine Astra Skies · C40
6 days ago

Sorenmageofmareth: While I understand these are ignorant country bumpkins who might not know proper chemistry let alone conceive of physics, metaphysics and sociology as is this confusion on the Dao or rather the interconnected nature of physics and natural forces that interact to give form to reality , that is natural phenomena, biological phenomena, and even sociocultural forces isn't that hard to grok or necessarily explain with the resource he has.

The principle starting point is to discard the idea of Martial truth and martial arts as limiting the scope and purpose of cultivation and these dao. There can be a Dao of cooking totally unrelated to murdering your enemies but that could be used for that. The Dao is everything. You could be inspired by your farts because every thing that exist and can be conceived as a thing is part of reality with its own nature that can be made a dao.

The easy starting point it to talk about the thunder emperor discourse and how it is derived from the study and understand of the natural force of Thunder. The creation of it required studying the Dao or nature of Thunder it's connection to the body and recreating it in the body. The Dao is greater. It is all forces and method in creation and their connections and interactions.

All method start from the understanding of nature. The first ****er who made a pill probably looked at some plant refining nectar or something.

Or yet another way. The Dao is to martial truth of imprint conquest as Artifact Refining is to making a nail. The first encompasses all of the latter and then some.

Nine Astra Skies · C40
6 days ago

lynerparel: Once again I'll be the one who will comment since this chapter has no comment.

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C171
1 week ago
Home View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C2077
1 week ago
Badassassin View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C34
1 week ago

Mile: The Legendary BRICK?

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C19
1 week ago

Darkdelusion: Heroes are bounded by the shackles of beauties. MC will break the shackle by taking the beauties for himself. Such a good friend and such a great sacrifice.(T_T)

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C4
1 week ago
Don't get coronavirus from it View More
Nine Astra Skies · C25
2 weeks ago

alwaysareader: MC doesn't know what the tanuki languaje says, but I can guess something like: "Screw you human scum for defiling this young Miss 🐾, you shall regret the day this young Miss 🐾 comes back for reveng clean your through till then 🐾".
A ladies fury is really dangerous doesn't matter if she's human, beast or spirit.
Tnks 4 da chapter.

Nine Astra Skies · C24
2 weeks ago

Goldmember: till she gets kidnapped or taken back by her ppl and then oh ****.... here we go again

Nine Astra Skies · C19
2 weeks ago

Drew_44: Ok. I know people aren't going to like this, but rn Lith x Tyris seems like a pretty fathomable outcome...

Supreme Magus · C410
2 weeks ago

babel001: All the cliches of cultivation novel are present
Broken meredians
Godly artifact
family big but weak and internal disputes

Nine Astra Skies · C6
2 weeks ago
So lonely here View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C2069
2 weeks ago

Dirk_Sorrells: I know right?

Supreme Magus · C407
2 weeks ago

yllaer: Chapters before the previlege ends,,, im so thankful, .. Satisfied enough🤪

Library of Heaven's Path · C2065
2 weeks ago

HKB: Hopefully more chapters to follow today...

Library of Heaven's Path · C2064
2 weeks ago

Bonesy: Kong Shi is up to no good. Also, first :P

Library of Heaven's Path · C2059
2 weeks ago

lostemm: So I like the story but a question. If you add on stuff that’s not part of the story and not in the thought box aren’t we paying for the words? It’s every 200 right? It’s hard enough to balance stones but if I have to pay more and I get why you are saying that , that’s alittle unfair to us that are paying yes? Or am I wrong about usage?

Haven Online · C95
3 weeks ago

Zukio: Thank you for the chapter!

Library of Heaven's Path · C2055
3 weeks ago

xcares: Yep. Lith is a real softy compared to the people that live in that nightmare

Supreme Magus · C395
3 weeks ago
Mister Kong? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C2054
3 weeks ago

LittleSaberScholar: Yeah I know the feeling of having too much of an item that even picking up the same item over and over again becomes a chore so you just ignore it.

~Relatable Gamer

Library of Heaven's Path · C2051
3 weeks ago

Momocatt: please read the tags of novels next time :3 ty and goodbye

Haven Online · C3
3 weeks ago
Traitors among ethereal hall? View More

MoonChiId: I think the hall of god and the ethereal hall are the same faction...every time zhang xuan had his identity discovered is when he came out of the ethereal hall while using the token...that would mean that kong shi guy wants2 harm ZX

Library of Heaven's Path · C2049
3 weeks ago

Forkke: Why are the releases so slow lately? 🤔

Library of Heaven's Path · C2047
4 weeks ago
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