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Legion20: I'm very sorry to hear this. 🙇‍♂️I have also added instructions to disable the farming mode. I never asked to be added to farming. Sadly, I have no voice in the matter. Thanks for your undrstanding

Supreme Magus · C436
3 weeks ago

Kotario: Bruh, how could you doubt me so? Have you seen any of that kind of annoying cliches in this novel so far?

Guild Wars · C107
1 month ago
Well done with the AI here @kotario I’ve never understood why the AI had to be an enemy of the reincarnated. Well done again! View More
Guild Wars · C60
1 month ago

Devils_Advocate: Yes please keep up the good work. Your novel is one of the prime examples how great Original novels can be ;)

I love how they are on to the AI and are basically trolling it.

I am guessing that the AI is trying to make him fight himself... that is interesting. Later down the line, maybe he and the AI will be able to find common ground, but for now I shall enjoy your feud :3 *munches on popcorn*

Guild Wars · C36
1 month ago

Kotario: Definitely! Thanks for the positive words, now I’m doubly motivated to write for GWs!

Guild Wars · C36
1 month ago

ImTiredTonight: Kotarioooo, you better not make the AI nerf Draco or completely change the game.
At the moment I'm enjoying the story, even the eva bit, I just don't want it to turn out boring <3

Also, ignore all the fucking haters about the eva bit. Write the story how you like (well, not the AI changing the game) and I hope it turns into a long story that I can binge even more!

Luv u lots <3

Guild Wars · C32
1 month ago

novelreader_read: I wrote a long comment but it disappeared before I got to send it.

this is a short part of it.

please be more careful, your killing your own story, the arc name should probably change, there are few things about that particular situation.

there are many great mechanics in this story. but there is also a lot of annoying once. that has killed a lot of stories in the past, like the AI thing your playing at. so try not to overdo it.

Part of this girl I like made me interested in the backstory of the real ancestor she is based on. now I'm probably going to hate her for everything else. like why did she thing having sex would save MC?

also just saying but in a way, it was rape, after all, i would think she was unwilling if she enjoyed it within the act she is probably an M.(something i dont understand would fit her character) or your **** collection is a bit.. never mind.
I assume you did that because you wanted her to feel bad about what she did (you said that at least twice) but to me, it would have been better with plain regret for what she did when she saw what happened to him because of what she did.

you say that she knows him that well but her action shows us that she doesnt know him at all.

She could have killed herself, this would stop it from happening (this would have also been a great way for MC to hate local to have a revenge story), not betray her obsession(MC) and maybe even save him. she could have gone for a double suicide. she could have tried to kill this local lord.

also, the coincidence that him, her and MC are in the same guild is kinda bad.

there is just too much here that is plain bad, and rather quite an annyoing. revenge stories are to leave us satisfied. She if you're trying to change the target you failed, currently, I still hate her a lot more then anyone else.

now so that no one else says this kind of things, I don't mind rape in a story, I don't have anything against betrayal etc rather I love revenge stories (Where betrayal is kind of the main clize :P )

I'm writing this not to plain criticize but to "advice" you're losing readers with doing rather foolish things. now I have enjoyed your story most of the time.

hope that none of my points disappeared when I rewrote a shorter comment and it might not be in the right order as I wrote out of memory :P

Guild Wars · C30
1 month ago

Kotario: Here are the novel's pros and cons. Read carefully before beginning, so you don't end up dissatisfied and angry, because you're more than likely going to rant and I'm going to want to bang my head on the wall.

1. Reincarnation handled well. There is logic behind it and a relevant reason, though it is veiled behind some mystery.
2. Dark themes. This is not a story of good guy saving the world and basking us villains in the light of his noble morals. It is dark (and unfortunately, sometimes edgy) story with things that would offend people of this era. If you're the type to be triggered, do not read. No one is forcing you to.
3. Power couple. The MC and the FMC are extremely unique and possess a trait that makes them stand above all others, together and individually.
4. Overpowered MC. This means no running away from enemies or always being the underdog. More than likely, you will sympathize with the enemies of the MC.
5. Long chapters. Each chapter is 3000 words long, meaning that there is a lot of content in each of them. Sometimes there is fast-paced plot, sometimes there is dialogue and sometimes there are long soliloquies or narration/explanation/exposition in each of them.
6. Non-scripted characters. One-dimensional or background characters do not say the same type of thing or act the same kind of way in every scene. More often than not, they will speak and act in ways you would find interesting.

1. Annoying start. The first 15 or so chapters are 50-50 in terms of preference by readers. I started the novel in Jan 2019, having been off and on with it until August 2019. Those first few chapters have dialogue and actions that are of a typical CN and there are plot elements that might annoy you. After chapter 30 though, every single response I’ve received from readers are approval only, even up to the current chapter we’re on (114).
2. Too many explanations. Sometimes I can abruptly pause the plot to explain what is going on, how it affects the world, the reason why the characters in that scene are doing what they’re doing and other technical details. Call it my own type of filler.
3. Polyamory. There is a power couple and they are linked by fate, but there are other… ‘waifus’ who are there for varying reasons. There is a rule here, that the MC only ‘plays’ with very, very specific ‘waifus’ in the digital world, but is only sexually involved with his soulmate in the real world. Yes, she is aware and has no qualms.
Note: This is not a harem. Harem means that there are multiple women who the MC is sexually involved with, and has feelings for. The MC has feelings for only one person and the rest are digital entities who serve one purpose or another.
4. Plot holes. I am not ashamed to admit it, there are a few plot holes in the story. I fixed most of them, but some were so problematic that I had to roll with them. I recently got a story editor, so that was how I even found out.
5. Fewer releases. My release rate is a constant 1 chap per day at the least with no exceptions, but some of you are used to 2-3 chaps a day from other authors. As I said above, I release 3k words a day, and those who release 2-3 chapters either have a length of 1.5k words or 1k words. So really, is there a difference?

Here’s what to do before reading Guild Wars.
1. Check the tags.
2. Read reviews (both negative and positive, I’ve replied to some of both).
3. Clear out assumptions and comparisons in your mind, otherwise you’d be ruining your experience.
4. Keep the mentality of ‘this isn’t realistic’ out of your mind, this is fiction. What is real is what the novel wants to be real. Assess things based on the logic within the story if you truly want to immerse yourself.

Enjoy your experience!

Guild Wars
1 month ago
Reading Status: C450
Great original story of an awesome anti-hero. He is always practical and takes of numero uno first! Doesn’t get bogged down and moves the story forward quickly! Highly recommend View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword
2 months ago
I love this @eveofchaos great job!!! View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C403
2 months ago
You are literally the worst View More

Oathiel: If the writing is so bad, then just don't fkin read it. Here, problem solved.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C394
2 months ago

hollowrebel: Sometimes, we should learn to keep our words inside our head.

Like us, the author is a human being ; nobody deserves to be treated like you treat him. You can criticize his work and his qualifications as an author, but respect and politeness are needed.

Moreover, only those who have the aforesaid qualifications may judge others who already possess them.

And social acknowledgement is one of the said qualifications...

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C393
2 months ago

DeadlinerV: Yo dude. You are always kind of passive/aggressive in the comments but here you cross a line

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C393
2 months ago
Incredible writing! so glad I started reading this novel! View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C43
2 months ago

Squish: Awesome story that goes on for a long time. Fast release times and excellent translations. I enjoy the reincarnated vrmmo style and this hits the best points

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
2 months ago
Reading Status: C2250
Awesome story that goes on for a long time. Fast release times and excellent translations. I enjoy the reincarnated vrmmo style and this hits the best points View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
2 months ago

Morok: Let's be honest - Jirni works much more subtle than Lith. Lith is good at making people **** their pants and losing their mind from horror, while Jirni is more experienced, calm and knows exactly what she needs and wants...

Supreme Magus · C291
4 months ago

MasterHaug: I just hope one day we are gonna see Jirni and Lith "extract information" from the same dude. That would be fun. For us. Not for the dude. Not even close for the dude.

Supreme Magus · C291
4 months ago

Jackie22: I’m glad Jirni is involved for the families who lost someone

Supreme Magus · C289
4 months ago

Corvuscorvus: Talent is how fast you pick up a skill and effort determines how well that skill is applied and grows. Author, you have talent; yes, but more importantly, you have the determination to apply and grow your writing. This story is good. What you will write to come will be even better. You are amazing🥳!

Supreme Magus · C289
4 months ago

hollowrebel: I love this novel so much because I have the feeling of reading priceless literature

Supreme Magus · C289
4 months ago

ThorAegir: Supreme Magus is one of the best mage development fantasy story that I encoutered among my readings.

The author has created a mana and spell system very complex and detailed, and the characters are varied, well though, and lovable.
The world is also very well designed, with complex political situations and ominous but mysterious threats.

I am a fan !

The development of Lith as a magus some time make me think of the Harry Potter series, but with a ***** point of view and a less manichean approch.

Supreme Magus
5 months ago

brisingr90: one of the best novel I have read so far, and I read a lot. story development is good, even tho the world building can be a little bit better, but so far so good. character design, is stable, meaning that the MC character, decision, temperament are align with his origin, and age. world background is alright, only lack of its size, since it kinda small for me. total score 4.8

Supreme Magus
5 months ago

Ryan_Pierce: Overall, the book has an overwhelming sense of self. This isn’t a story that follows every other trope or timeline, but one that follows its own path.

Not only that, the story is consistent and makes sense, the foreshadowing is used correctly, the characters have shown steady, fluid development, and the world is created well. 5/5 stars deserved. This could be published as a paperback eventually as a bestseller if wanted.

Supreme Magus
5 months ago

Squish: This is one of the best and well written original stories out there! It fuses magic and fighting in an incredible pacing. The Mc isn’t a pansy and at times even acts like a villain! Probably one of my favorite Mc’s ever!

Supreme Magus
5 months ago
Reading Status: C253
This is one of the best and well written original stories out there! It fuses magic and fighting in an incredible pacing. The Mc isn’t a pansy and at times even acts like a villain! Probably one of my favorite Mc’s ever! View More
Supreme Magus
5 months ago
Need to hear from the author!! Many of us have been worried for you! View More
Supreme Magus · C241
5 months ago
Soo good @killerhemboy masterfully written and done!! View More
World Domination System · C725
5 months ago
Lol what an ending that would be. I would have serious issues with you lol View More

KillerHemboy: Oh, and he's dead. Whoops. The End. Aw, it was good when it lasted...

World Domination System · C709
5 months ago

KillerHemboy: Not now, but soon. I know that books can drag that out waaaay too long, and I dont intend to do that :D. Glad you liked it so far!

World Domination System · C648
5 months ago
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