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Original Works

  • SASUKE: Rebuilding The Uchiha Clan

    SASUKE: Rebuilding The Uchiha Clan



    What would happen of you take the stick out of Sasuke's ass? He always talked about reconstructing his clan but never did a thing so lets have someone take over his body and do the job in his place. And for the pervs, yes there will be H content :D! I do not own Naruto of any of the other anime, manga, novels referentes I might use during my writing.


those combinations are for explosion ans lava release View More

gmpimp39: lightning+earth= earthquake release, fire+earth= nuclear release

CHUUNOBI - Naruto FanFiction · C4
7 hours ago
healing honey + gluttony = op regeneration View More
My Monster Hunter Academia (Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia · C8
5 days ago
it seems unfair that 3 people with no merits receive benefits for free, btw ravenclaws is supposed to have single bedrooms... View More
Rebirth in a Magical World · C48
1 week ago
and now he gave the cd with **** in which felicia appears to someone else to watch, seriously.... View More

The_Sloth: yeah nah **** this author ruined it with forgiving Felicia

Black Soldier · C30
3 weeks ago
I kind of hate his self centered personality, always boosting his own ego by thinking he's the most powerful, it would be nice to see him getting trampled under someone's shoes and NTRed, unfortunately this is a face slapping/ self fulfillment novel... View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C249
3 weeks ago
imagine the birth of those girls with only one second of difference, the mother was like a machine gun shooting babies, poor doctors must have been busy as hell View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C4
4 weeks ago
Path of Medicine With a System · C81
2 months ago
unfortunately... not enough ss to read View More

Dwarkin: So it's premium too... I hoped it will be free up to chapter 100

Path of Medicine With a System · C81
2 months ago
wasn't beuxbatons an only women school? View More
Rise of House Cason · C59
3 months ago
bc he needs to reach 40 being a virgin to become a real wizard(?) View More

Democratis: No romance pleassse!!! It is the killer of fanfics, so piss off ye horny basturds and allow the story to live!!!

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C39
3 months ago
uwu means uwu xD
(it's a face daah) View More

SuperVegeto: What does uwu mean?

Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C8
5 months ago
just forget about the part of girls surrounding you for being smart and studious, that's pure bullsh*t xD View More

_mehyaw: The more I read the more I am getting nervous about my college life. Hahaha I've gained a lot of "insights" about math due to this novel...
(⊙_◎) ミ●﹏☉ミ
Applied Math here I come

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C70
5 months ago
mc didn't finish the HP books? for what he thought about Snape owo. Btw I forgot who is that Anna(?) if someone would refresh my mind please e.e View More
Rebirth in a Magical World · C14
5 months ago
finally someome who writes the introduction of a professor with "I am professor..." instead of "my name is professor", I was starting to think that the name professor was something common in the HP world xd View More
Rebirth in a Magical World · C14
5 months ago
it just passed through my mind that if it was that expensive Arthur Weasley would have cut his balls a long time ago xD View More

Hiehie_: you are right

Harry Potter - Another Dark Lord · C12
5 months ago
the tuition fee was kind of exagerated View More
Harry Potter - Another Dark Lord · C12
5 months ago
beast speech + empathy and it has been made clear that he's an animal lover and tree huger... View More

F1nal: Why does he care so much about the unicorn? Free unicorn blood dispenser?

Rise of House Cason · C27
5 months ago
is it just me who find ironic how the sparkling vampire is a wolf here? xD View More
Rise of House Cason · C26
5 months ago
he's just being a hypocrite, says he accepted his death but wants to bring all his past world system and ideologies and force them into everyone :v View More
5 months ago
well you went too far with the nerfing. Kakashi was genin at like 5 I think(?) and mc has a mangekyo so he should atleast be genin also View More

kaustubhdverma: Hi author here, I saw many were dissatisfied with the mc being too powerful for his age so I tried to tone him down a little, but still cannot remove his mangekyo now. I would try not to make him overpowered in the future.

Thank you for reading my novel and I do appreciate any advices that you give, so do help me in improving.

Naruto fanfic:new jinchuriki · C11
5 months ago
as there are little o none SAO fics, please continue this one View More
SAO: The New Kirito · C0
5 months ago

LaZy_King19: Yes, this one(SAO: The New Kirito)

SAO: The New Kirito · C0
5 months ago
Reading Status: C18
shut up and take my stars (& review)

damn 140 characters fshjrefhbhds fss chklo fssw fsqwjjivcfwc ggkiurrfv hkjlpphfdssaaaaaadfgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh View More
Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction
5 months ago
its actually quite normal for kids around that age to get horny, some start even younger and as the author said, mc was about that same age when he transmigrated so there's no pedo in there View More

LIX: Well, def got some pedo vibes from this, but alright.

Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C18
5 months ago
jorge? since when did george become mexican? View More
Harry Potter and Drake Dumbledore · C10
5 months ago
the translation is really awful >.< View More
Kakashi The Strongest Hokage · C7
5 months ago
the real question is: who is he gonna pick for the yule ball? View More

ExodusGaming555: Scarlett is a bit... Impossible to get choosen you know as she is a snake that may swim and slip past through all cages and the like. So eithe luna and hermoine but i think luna will get drowned as currently arth was quite near with luna

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C223
5 months ago
misa misa from death note? lol View More
The Intelligent Potter · C30
6 months ago
full metal alchemist lml View More
The Intelligent Potter · C23
6 months ago
this is twilight you know? or did you seriously expect something dark from the shiny shiny sparkle sparkle world of twilight? View More

TrollingVamp: .......an ancient being that killed primordials tells his origins to Bella a human that he knew for a few years......this doesn’t make any sense especially since he should be a lot colder and aloof. Nice background, but weird so yeah I’m dropping this story.

ancient vampire in twilight · C5
6 months ago
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