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-x sweet thanks View More
My Name Is Lucifer · C23
1 day ago

WilliamER: So now I can pretty much guess what will happen in the next 20 - 30 chapters, those 2 families will come by and threaten him to hand the restaurant down to them. Then the formal clan that backed them up will show up again saying that they want 9/10ths of the profits because they're clan members and that they have to contribute to the clan because they leak a formula. He will not accept the offer and he will offend all 3 clans and they will throw an ultimatum to him. He will somehow manage to become a level 3 adept Qi user and will be able to fight back those clans and everybody will be all over him. Then the guy who gave him the restuarant will show up with a marriage contract from his clan to back him up against those 3 clans for them to not cause any trouble to him in the future 🤷‍♂️

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C17
1 day ago
rushed story, beta mc lol View More
Set Sail (One Piece Fan fiction) · C12
2 days ago
hhh View More
A New Path · C146
3 days ago
marvel , u better make the mc play his roll as the devil and do some god dam deals. View More
My Name Is Lucifer · C21
3 days ago
u know if you are lucifer, u are immortal so ur start wishes u used is useless, and his sister is a goddess from the creator himself so she is pretty much an immortal from the beginning. View More
My Name Is Lucifer · C5
3 days ago
Damit, Hitlers soul got away.... could u guys give me some space im looking for it. View More
Red Beast · C1
1 week ago
this novel feels like red pack server novel.... same setting and all the only difference is mc power lool View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C19
1 week ago
oki u should get, Madara,hashirama,and tobirama, and mikoto from naruto. esdeath, and Johnathan Mar - Jormungand as sniper View More
1 week ago
sweet View More
Great Age of Pirates · C23
1 week ago
it smells fishy about the ambush, danzo maybe leaked the intel to the clouds View More
Naruto: Dream to immortality · C49
1 week ago
lol gift 3 and 9 for fire is just useless View More
The World Travelling Immortal · C3
1 week ago
half of the chapter is info about the skills remove them bro- View More
Syrme, the dreamer. · C4
2 weeks ago
u could stop by posting every skill, u could just add the new skills View More
Syrme, the dreamer. · C3
2 weeks ago
wtf is wrong the mc he is a f,cuking chicken, doesn't kill his enemies he talk to them, then let them go, like for real. If it where he i would at least take some thing of the guy, like a hand, a legg or just his life. Then we have here elder shen the dude that tormented the mc and he talking to him like he where good buddys with him. Like come on author-kun, if u want a cold mc then dont give a sh1t about the other char and give the poor mc his reveng like daim. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C34
2 weeks ago
Great story bruhhh :D View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C50
2 weeks ago
sweet , thanx for the chapter take ur time and write what u want write YOUR story and not the readers want off ur story. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C30
2 weeks ago

Zann05: Ohh, and please let him summon a sane person, maybe some mc from another book or movie that's always cool headed but not emotionless

Supreme Summoning System · C26
3 weeks ago
Mc should have crippled their cultivation, Then sendt them back to tell the message View More
Supreme Summoning System · C26
3 weeks ago
U better keep Fury as he is, Funny as f. :D great work and take it easy drop chapters when u can View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C63
3 weeks ago
I dropet it not for you havnt postet new chapters i, dropet for the story was fast pased like i chapter mc is a nobody then the very next is some one big, 2 why the hate bro. Like from the very first chapter u made it look like the mc was kind dude then u dich hate on him in every courner 3, if u have plays games the start of every game it teaches u HOW to play the game but u made mc look like en idiot and u tell the mc he is an idiot every time so its not my kinda taste of a novel , i thought yes someone made novel about crafting but nahh i made it look like that at the begining but then turnd it into kingdom/dungeon making kinda mashed and way to fast passe u dont have any foundtion at all. But thats just my opinion god luck forword with ur novel m8.

Ps English is not my main language View More

Blackanimal: Hey I know that I didn't release anything for a week and I know how frustrating it is if a story ends somewhere in the middle after you started reading but I hope you and everyone else trusts me when I say that I do have the intention the let the story reach an ending someday and that I won't drop it without saying anything

But anyway thanks for reading it until now and I hope you enjoyed the story at least a little bit and I would be happy if you keep accompanying us on this journey

The Online Craftsmaster · C58
3 weeks ago
prioritize this novel first. View More
A New Path · C138
3 weeks ago
niccccccccce View More
Naruto: Dream to immortality · C46
3 weeks ago
dropet. View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C58
3 weeks ago
dungeon CREW, u need to use the space bar more. use Grammarly its a great tool to help with writing View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C25
3 weeks ago
why the hate dude like why View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C15
3 weeks ago
why the hate dude like why View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C14
3 weeks ago
why the hate dude? View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C9
3 weeks ago
chapters are to short View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C8
3 weeks ago
NEVER EVER take a man's lemons from him!!!!!!!!! View More
Fiction Worlds Journey · C0
3 weeks ago
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