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that was awesome...... drop one more View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C53
1 day ago
hellllllo up ther u good!! more more. View More
A New Path · C207
1 day ago
you have been mixing he/she where it should be he u put she get this sh1t done right. View More
Modern Weapon System · C2
1 day ago
this is sh1t , and boring as hell. View More
I brought a universe with me to marvel/DC · C11
6 days ago
author-kun, u have errors, by point of view , u switch between him and her. Like when cerci talks or dose some thing u ad him,(her) u should put. Like ''She had seen fatigue and self-loathing in her fore,'' When it should be ''him'' and not her. View More
Game of Thrones: The Golden Lion · C31
1 week ago
hahah con gratzz its just ur novel its to good to not read :D keep up the spirit and we the readers will stick with u con gratzz agein. View More
A New Path · C198
1 week ago
take nojiko and luffy takes nami.... the straw hats are not straw hats without nami, the mother of the groupp. View More
One Piece: The Power System · C0
2 weeks ago

Chaosking24: let Luffy take Nami and let Mc take Nojiko

One Piece: The Power System · C0
2 weeks ago
nice more :D View More
Invincible System start from One Piece · C48
2 weeks ago
wtf its like reading some anime girl mercerney bro ppl here where fucking cold to each other not happy go getters. View More
Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C16
3 weeks ago
why the mc buy old ppl for? to look at, if u think logically they are useless, they don't provide anything in baymard and just use up resources View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C103
3 weeks ago
Alot of spelling errors in this chapter View More
Black Soldier · C32
3 weeks ago
he should send a lot more fighters to kill that family they betrayed humanity View More
The Black Market · C84
3 weeks ago
yeah i know it just like WHY? talk like that. View More

LordAlmighty: Its Dumb as **** but its actually a thing in many cultures

The Path of the Great Sovereign · C174
3 weeks ago
bro why u make the mc ask every time he summon someone they name ??? when the summon should have blank memories? View More
Supreme Summoning System in Another World · C11
3 weeks ago
confusing sh1t ???? View More
The Goblin Nation · C3
3 weeks ago
wtf this about sipping on hot water, is it a real thing in china or its a joke? View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C396
3 weeks ago
oki i hate how the nobel sh1t, talk in 3party view. View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C174
3 weeks ago
If it was me i would creat like an army on the top then the lower u get in a tower like strukture but in side is endless space , put a galaxy the first defense , 2 army, 3 create a micra universe and hide it in a grein of sand and that put it in a desert planet and let it ther , then creat alot of fake things like laptops,etc etc to confuse ppl that try to get into ur mind View More
Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The System · C9
3 weeks ago
But that's the brilliant idea, that a pure-blood don't know what it is, but its muggle so there's no way that the dude that traying to take ur memories know how this thing work View More

the_game01234567: that would give away the identity as in PURE BLOODS KNOW NOT OF LAPTOPS. LAPTOPS ARE FOR MUGGLES

Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The System · C9
3 weeks ago
haha nice ,when dose enter the military business View More
Factory Inc. · C64
3 weeks ago
wtf isn't navi the AI at the start of character creation? now she is BUYING stuff for her guild ? bro is this a game or parallel word? View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C27
4 weeks ago
Thanks as always :D View More
Factory Inc. · C62
4 weeks ago
sweet thanks drop more. View More
Factory Inc. · C61
4 weeks ago
and u said u wanted to go to 1000 chapters, kid don't dream big, Start small then work ur way up.... View More
The Black Market · C54
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
The Black Market · C54
1 month ago

Hoayyo: Great story become good story until the harem part

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C28
1 month ago
When is the mc going to sh1t and stop with this harem collection sh1t if i add one more chick im drooping this novel u startet ut great but now ita more like gota catch all them girls/slice-of life kinda viba ur giving us move on and sh1t already View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Except it's literally impossible for that to happen because these characters are puppets controlled by the author?

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C27
1 month ago
The mc should have eye’s and ears all over the globe since he have 1b coins should buy satalites, safe houses and should expand on bussnise . Srr for bad english im on the phone first time use to coment here. View More
The Black Market · C35
1 month ago
a lot of error u have if u don't know the difference between 1 and many as a cup and cups. like u wrote ninjas Konoha when it was just 1 guy not many. Something to think about. View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C23
1 month ago
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