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Because Kris is a scum lead, we had enough scum leads, we want a nice and caring lead for once. View More

Kikky: I want Kris to be the ML. Why does everyone else want Gary😢

Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C78
3 days ago
Yea, SARFT is legendary for banning novels and demanding changes to movies, animation, and tv. Thatd all SARFT does and its in their name. State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television but its since added Press and Publication to it. I'm Really a Superstar for example got banned despite its popularity. They're absolutely ruthless too. View More

Weirdo: I see... Is the China really control the novel content that bad?? I thought they only control something like "No reincarnation from modern world to xianxia world" genre for tv series, that's why in novel, it's a reincarnated guy while tv series is just normal guy... And Huaxia is historical concept acknowledge by Han people in ancient civilization(Google it just now.), which means they didn't even recognized they country name... Is it so when the so called Huaxia mc face slap whole world using their system, readers can't nitpick it? If that's how China does things, it seems that the country truly is scarier than we thought...

Path of Medicine With a System · C34
1 week ago
Fun Fact: The word cartoon stems from a term used to describe prelim sketches on "Carton" or heavy paper used in story boarding animations. View More

Ahkivgak: In my book. Cartoon is defined as a show, usually drawn that is designed and created for kids but may or may not be suitable for all ages/family (i.e. pokemon and avatar are cartoons, granted really good cartoons but still cartoons) while anime is, again in my terms, is defined by a show that is also usually drawn by recently computer generated or other possible ways I haven't seen yet, that isnt meant for all. It has it's own range of genres that make it similar to movies or TV shows in that it spans all genres from kids to adults, horror, fantasy gore, hentai, comedy, and even more compared to movies. This shows that it can be categorized as a type of entertainment. An example would be type and sub type. Type maybe movies, TV shows, books, novels, just broad terms that span many. While sub types only target specific genres or groups like cartoons, horror, ***** movies, kids books, fantasy books, comedy shows, reality shows etc

Journey Towards Greatness · C1
1 week ago
Not the translator, its the author. They can't blatantly name names in their books since they live in a country that has an arm of government made just for controlling what kind of **** they let get published. They really dislike if you put "America" or "Philippines". And the country is actually named Huaxia, thats the legit name for China apparently. Tianxia can also apparently be used for some odd reason. Romance books tend to get away with mentioning america but thats about as far as they'll go. Oh and books based on business or economics tend to also get away with it but anything that mentions even a smidge of political stuff gets the ol A Country so SARFT doesn't ban them. View More

Weirdo: It's the habit of translated novel.. A lot of them just throw out A country, B country, C country.. Why bother when they describe those person as "F country people is black, tall, muscular, biggest country apart from Huaxiu(Another habit of translated novel. Saying Huaxiu instead of China just to mystified the country name))"..can't they just say African American??!! Gosh, they do a lousy job in covering it...

Path of Medicine With a System · C34
1 week ago
"Do you know the definition of insanity?" -
Rad Pirate Dood View More

Leixein: I throw your words back at you, Who cares. There's no use for you to rant here.

Don't like it? Drop it then.

Every sane person will stop doing what they hate but here you are still ranting like a butthurt 1st-grade kid that doesn't get what they want.

Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Nobody forces you to read my novel dude... Take it or leave it.

The Wish of the Dragon · C84
2 weeks ago
I reread partially due to your comments. They make me laugh and feel good. Even with your evil way of showing dialogue. View More

Leixein: Sorry you feel that way but hey no one is forcing you to read this now right? If so you might want to call the police.

But if not then uhhhh... are you okay? have you taken your medicines? it's like you know it's a poop but you still taste it to make sure it's a poop, then you said "This is a poop I don't even know where to begin, utter poop. Taste like poop nothing else. So boring"🤣

If you think the story is bad then just drop it, buddy. It's simple as that. Not everyone has the same opinion. If they do then there would be no war and the world will be peaceful 😉

The Wish of the Dragon · C38
2 weeks ago
Hopefully they lose their medical license but many manage to snake around it, especially in private hospitals. Unfortunately irs hard to actually get rid of **** doctors since more manage to pop up somehow. Blame nepotism and greed.

Btw im going for a masters so its a six year stretch (4 for my bach and 2 for my masters) and inapologize for calling you a burnt chicken nugget. View More

Hnn17: I find your logic impeccable and without faults. So what happened to the ones that are not impeccable, with faults and failed their surgery and killed patients and break all the rules ?

I mean do they get sued go to jail get de-registered as a doc and weeded out and go on the evening news to be vilify nation wide ? And once all the bad ones are gone what kind of doctors are you left with ?

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
2 weeks ago
One im not a graduate (degrees take very long to acquire) nor have i ever worked in fast food. I also never once said its realistic. Its exaggerated yes but not too far from reality. The sad reality is that there are ****ty doctors in provincial hospitals.

By the way your need to call me a retard calls into question your Intelligence. To think some fucking arrogant nobody twit has called me a retard. Im so totally personally insulted. View More

Hnn17: I just described the chapter dumb*ss, a scenario that so many of you retards are lapping up and accepting as realistic.

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
2 weeks ago
And you've seen the opposite? Youve seen an impeccable doctor without faults who never failed a surgery, lost a patient, or broke a single rule no matter how small and insignificant? Your argument is shallow and your logic is faulty. How in the blue **** could i have possibly seen a situation so precisely similiar you burnt chicken nugget? View More

Hnn17: So have you seen a drunk doctor just about to perform surgery, then he turn to another doctor and say maybe you should take this one im too pissed. Then that doctor held up a steady hand and lied - nah i injured my hand recently so let the new intern with poor grades do it ! ?

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
2 weeks ago
Ive been in a few hospitals (never as a doc or anything like that, business co op) and ive seen both the best in doctors and some pretty **** ones. Ive seen a doctor who was constantly on medication that no one could fire due to nepotism (private hospitals are like that sometimes) and ive seen a doctor who was calm and professional at all times. The world is not black and white, politics and arrogance exist. View More

Hnn17: Thought it was gonna be like Grey's anatomy or a comedy like Scrubs. But turns out author got no idea of the medical field and its a nonsense modern nanny-system novel.

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
2 weeks ago
Because it can't use blunt force without quillons and isnt 10 feet long like a spear? Its used as a self defense weapon really but it used to be really common on the field. View More

Djabilong: There's a good reason why swords are a symbol of status, while spears and bludgeons are actually used in the field.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C17
1 month ago

ever_burning_flame: sometimes i wish there was a down vote option just so i can down vote those who want harem in a novel that shouldn’t have harem

Rebirth in Bleach · C1
1 month ago

Fatty_Cream: Let me express my worthless opinion, and by extent revealing to you, the reader, that your opinions are also worthless.

Harem, yes essentially a genre that creates two things, poor character development and an interruption of immersion. I'm not going to accuse any specific author of doing this, instead ill provide an example from the plethora of garbage I've had the displeasure of reading. The cliche where the girls are dumbed down to be enchanted by the main character, which usually has no defining personality, and also for this escapist fantasy to occur the female character has to clash with her established character which usually is haughty or arrogant. What did the main character do to deserve this? Oh, so he was basically being a human being with decency, but for some reasons this explanation is enough incentive for the opposite gender to develop some sort of attachment to him or her, I don't discriminate. The ways in which authors tackle this problem is by providing justification, though they are often weak ones such as "X has never received human kindness as a result of her background of her family being scheming and so on", though this loops back to the implication of my first argument, in which the character development is impeded due to the character ideology being contrasted to fit the authors wishes. To elaborate further, i shall template this "heroine", she's haughty and was born in a higher societal position, so as a result, she has a superiority complex. Alright with this templates i ask why should she care for someone else's kindness? it is to be expected, she was born in a higher position and those below her should be glad they helped her in any way. Instead, it'd be strange for anything but neutrality or indifference to exist in that scenario. Now it'd be different if the character were to interact with someone of the same standing, the character has to stay consistent unless they already had character development in an impactful way for them to react in a different way. Think of it this way, does the passive spineless fellah deserve the girl, an introverted mess with no defining feature, or perhaps the outgoing person with a key defining personality who makes an effort? I'd argue a harem author would say the passive spineless guy deserves her, as he was "nice" to her one time.

X- Mc
Y- Heroine

Anyways, i went on a rant about how harems are the bane to my existence as they are usually the first indicator of a story going into hell, the reason being that realistic character development is hard enough as is with one heroine but to expect that in every single in other character chasing the MC, who have their own personalities and temperaments, without breaking the readers emersion is difficult to pull off without the weakest of authors just creating the girls to be soulless glorified dolls in his/her's main characters collection.

i'd also like to add those who do not have their immersion interrupted in those examples I've shown are probably people who use harem to self insert themselves into the boring main character archetype, its easy to be nice but its unrealistic for the real world to reciprocate the soulless vessels single character archetype that female harem members provide, as real woman are individuals with actual personalities molded by their environment. If you don't have your emersion ruined by an elf girl with F cup tits who blindly love the main character with 5 other girls with the incentive being as weak as "being nice" then, you, my friend are just lonely. Yes, i used ad hominem in my reasoning as a counter-argument, get over it bro I'm a rad skateboarder who surfs on the weekends, get over it B)

Rebirth in Bleach · C1
1 month ago
You can splash jets in combat mode with ww2 tech you know. Regardless of whether they're advanced its hard to hide while in a combat state. Even laser designations would be good enoigh if you have enoigh SAMs. View More

Ancient0ne: I know JC pays peanuts to mass produce those A20 but to lose 4 of them to significantly outdated technology is a disgrace. The F22 should even be able to get a weapons lock or see them on radar. All in all the F22 pilots for the win, meaningless as it is.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C826
1 month ago

Akhier: Except you are, just not in a language you understand.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C103
2 months ago

Yako125: She has been taught by a Chinese man.
I would be surprised if anyone else in the world is better at math than her. (Totally not a stereotype)

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C98
2 months ago
Im late to the party but NTR means 2 things that are wildly different. Netorare, the stealing of your lover and Netori, the stealing of anothers lover. So technically this was NTR. View More

LolisXever: it's not ntr, the prince is his brother not his partner

Killing Xianxia Protagonists With An AI System In Another World! · C56
2 months ago
China isnt really 100% communist anymore, their open market and partial privatization makes them kinda different. You should ensure you realize the difference though, china can force nationalization of a company where the US cant. Thats the big difference between the communist china and capitalist america.

A true communist state would have 0 private ownership and a planned economy instead of the protectionism china has. View More

True_Sheol: Capitalism is just private ownership and operation of the means of production. Unless you're a serf or slave, you're probably a capitalist. Monetary profit is not capitalism per se, it is just an identifiable balance of accounts after transactions have taken place.

Most transactions are not made using money, but are trades involving influence, favors, goods, or services. Even "communist" governments conduct capitalist trade, even if they don't recognize it as such.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C108
2 months ago
Im guessing they're gonna combine the CEO and President position seeing as those aren't the same thing in reality. CEOs are visionaries and just make promises to the board and set up a plan for the company. Presidents actually do the day to day. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C104
2 months ago

MilkGod: MilkGod's Epic Fact: Minecraft was the most played game (91 million people) during 2011-2017 yet it was beaten by Fortnite with 251 million players. Yet Fortnite has been declining over the years, and thanks to PewDiePie and many other people Minecraft has risen back to the top.

I had to type that 2x Stoopid Webnovel why don't you work?!?!

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C55
3 months ago

Not_Ghibli: Ice magic is so convenient!
Hair messy? Create an ice haircomb.
Legs tired? Ice chair.
Hot day? Ice aura.
Broken arm? Ice cast.
Something in your teeth? Ice toothpick.
Leaves on your lawn? Ice rake.
That time of the month?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C31
3 months ago

Nymus: Nope! Resistance is futile. You are not allowed to stop the Yuri. The weakness shall hit you!

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
3 months ago

MilkGod: Daily fact of the day: All homeless people are technically roommates.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C6
3 months ago
Thanls for the Chapter View More
Adventuring Other-Worlds with the Adapting System · C47
3 months ago

True_Sheol: "Of course, he deliberately took a detour not to look at women in bikinis, but rather, to look at the underwater expressway of the Victoria Construction Company."

Yes, Jiang Chen, I believe you. I too like to visit the beach. This not to watch attractive women in skimpy swimsuits, but look at the water from where my dinner will be coming from.

The water is so blue! ...Honey, why are you hitting me?

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C785
3 months ago
Its a logistical mission as well, how he gonna feed those people? Where are his supply lines coming from? Where the **** is he even going? View More

DKstarcraft: I thought he was a previous spec ops, how the hell would he accept a mission without asking about supplies/transportation or more intel?

Mercenary System · C7
3 months ago
It always depresses me when i find a cool novel and its either dropped or on hiatus. Although you haven't yet reached the levels of flake lord baiswa i hope you'll continue this at some point. View More

Akagami_no_Shanks: Sorry man I was really busy these days, I will update when I have the time but I don't consider the idea of dropping don't worry

Ultimate Antagonist System · C7
3 months ago

DemonRazgriz: Title should be: Sharing a Beer with the Boys

Ultimate Scheming System · C484
3 months ago

Nexusprime117: Thanks! Honestly, I want to upload more but not only have I been busy balancing life but I've been haven't writers block lately. I'll try and upload more but I really can't promise anything.

Adventuring Other-Worlds with the Adapting System · C45
3 months ago
Yessssssss, More. Thanks for the chapter, this novel has healed by webnovel burnout and sent me back into the pit that is Persona 5, much thanks. View More
Adventuring Other-Worlds with the Adapting System · C45
3 months ago
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