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Original Works

  • Witch From A Galaxy Far Away

    Witch From A Galaxy Far Away


    We have modern and magic in Release That Witch, but what about future? A mining spacecraft crash-landed after being attacked by unknown hostiles while probing a strange planet with exceptionally rich dark matter energy atmosphere. The planet they crash-landed on is the setting for the Release That Witch novel, 6 months after the current event in the original. Emma, a young spacecraft engineer, is one of the crew abroad. Armed with a neural assistant system and her trusty dark matter energy manipulator, she has to find her way to look for her surviving crews, as well as a way to get back home. Will future and modern world clash in a fantasy setting? What will advanced technology bring to the table? Will our hero meet the King of Greycastle, Roland, and change the tide of war?

  • Spaceship And Dragon

    Spaceship And Dragon


    A mining spacecraft crash-landed into a fantasy planet. Emma, a young spacecraft engineer, is one of the crews abroad. Armed with her knowledge, a neural assistant, and her dark energy manipulator, she has to find a way to get back home with her surviving crews. Their crazy-sounding plan was to rapidly advance the human race to space-age, build a spaceship, and go home. Will the crew achieve their plan in a fantasy world with magic, mythical creatures, and political turmoils?


"evacuated tube" *facepalm* it's the vacuum tube used before the invention of modern silicone transitors, translator View More
Release That Witch · C1314
11 months ago
If I see a bunch of people arriving with spaceships without killing intent I wouldn't fight them either. Even the nobles aren't that stupid. View More

Karsh: I almost wish that the nobles will start something to give Roland a reason the slap them down and assume total control. Progress waits for no man!

Release That Witch · C1297
1 year ago
no, it was Ashes kissing Tilly, not Tilly kissing Ashes View More

WTFox: It's not the first. Stupid author just forgot he already had a chapter of them sharing a kiss way back. But he basically almost never went back to it, felt more like a token gay couple thrown in for a tease. Heck, it's been so long that even most of the readers seem to have forgotten, looking at the comments here

Release That Witch · C1152
1 year ago
first time Tilly kissed Ashes. Ashes has kissed Tilly before View More

Darker_: Wait, wait, wait... FIRST kiss?! I thought they were past this already!
Damnit Author-kun, don't toy with me like this!

Release That Witch · C1152
1 year ago
particles can be made from smaller particles you know View More

00hanzo328: I thought atoms were made of particles. Science was so long ago lol

Release That Witch · C164
1 year ago
I'm just not going to discuss with you because of how uncivilized you are. View More

rwer: Wow you replied to me! Thanks!

Now that that's out of the way, I gotta say, as the retard you are, you completely misinterpreted what I said, and completely misinterpreted the situation, and you've especially misunderstood the word RESOURCE.

"doesn't matter how much resource you waste if the resource is ineffective."

By your own words witches can't beat demons straight up, and that's true. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT MAKES THEM A RESOURCE.

To the church, their value equates to:
Witches die = more gods punishment warriors.

The thing with the church is that their agenda has instead done this:

The only weapon the church has to fight demons is the god
punishment warriors you dumb f*ck. So yes, they are wasting resources, and these resources are effective (their deaths are supposed to produce gods warriors which are the church's reliable weapon the demons).

Release That Witch · C420
1 year ago
doesn't matter how much resource you waste if the resource is ineffective. If the opponents have assault rifles you would melt all the swords to at least make a few handguns. Witches can't win against demons, history has proven. You don't have a second chance in extinction level events to make the same mistake again, you would do whatever it takes. View More

rwer: Particularly cause all these evil church acts and general abusive attitude kills off scores of witches before the church can even use them? It's just a horrible waste of resources when looking in their perspective.

Release That Witch · C420
1 year ago
it's a spoiler for a fanfiction so people know about it and read it. Please read my entire comments for this chapter. View More

CasualReader99: Why fucking spoil ****. Fuck off. Do it in the forms or some other place instead in the comments section.

Release That Witch · C715
1 year ago
I'm not very happy with how the novel started, the number of followers is low and not gaining well. And I have come too far to fix it. I don't know if I would come back to this novel, it is on hiatus for now. I'm experimenting with a new one. Thank you for reading my novel to this latest chapter. View More

doyle54: it a great story,i love the tech and magic angle.please write more chapters!!!!!!!!!

Spaceship And Dragon · C30
1 year ago
I'm not very happy with how the novel started, the number of followers is low and not gaining well. And I have come too far to fix it. I don't know if I would come back to this novel, it is on hiatus for now. I'm experimenting with a new one. Thank you for reading my novel to this latest chapter. View More

othar: Same question for me.. no more new chapters?

Spaceship And Dragon · C30
1 year ago
I'm not very happy with how the novel started, the number of followers is low and not gaining well. And I have come too far to fix it. I don't know if I would come back to this novel, it is on hiatus for now. I'm experimenting with a new one. Thank you for reading my novel to this latest chapter. View More

corruptus: Did something happen? It's been a while since the last chapter was published.

Spaceship And Dragon · C30
1 year ago

AlexDoan: another witch has been mind broken muahahahaz

Release That Witch · C401
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "Two is okay" Roland thought. "Three is the limit". "Four and absolutely no more". "Fuck it, summon all the witches". "What do you mean there is no more woman, Barov? Let's lower the marriage age to 10 then".

Release That Witch · C470
1 year ago

AlexDoan: the extremely efficient and cruel lady, the traits usually seen in Chinese novels' MC. Putting her and Roland side-by-side to compare and work together is a niche idea. It shows the difference between RTW and the rest.

Release That Witch · C570
1 year ago

AlexDoan: that aim cheat tho. Danny, you have absolutely no chance of competing with this cheat.

Release That Witch · C939
1 year ago

AlexDoan: Ah, Roland, I see you're a man of culture as well.
On a side note, no, don't put it aside Roland, you need something that can fly, like now.

Release That Witch · C930
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "I must say this method of using multiple story lines to motivate the development of the plot will definitely make a stir, but not in Border Town. I doubt that the audience here will be able to see this point."
The author is praising himself, isn't he? Multiple viewpoints, that's what RtW does best.

Release That Witch · C173
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "it was quite easy for Roland to make those naiive little girls plunge themselves into the waves of industrialization"

Loli cultivating industry confirmed.

Release That Witch · C645
1 year ago

AlexDoan: believe it or not, this novel was not here until a few months ago. The translation then was choppy, and the novel itself was taken from another site which drew quite a lot of contempt from its fan. Its rose to the top of the novels in this site is fairly quick compared to the others

Release That Witch · C172
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "Barov, the Director of City Hall, who came to Roland's bedroom for the first time, seemed more cautious than usual but looked very excited."

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Release That Witch · C644
1 year ago

AlexDoan: sh*t is about to go down.

Release That Witch · C417
1 year ago

AlexDoan: yeah, feels like Benjamin's intelligence took a nosedive. There are many ways to restraint the general to make him listen. And he alone can retraint the entire camp of soldiers if he has to.

When A Mage Revolts · C481
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "Messenger of Ashes"??? Translator, it's the Ashbringer :((((((((

Release That Witch · C169
1 year ago

AlexDoan: "thumbing me up" that sounds weird

Release That Witch · C637
1 year ago

AlexDoan: offense is the best defense Roland, attack Hermes directly

Release That Witch · C582
1 year ago

AlexDoan: Isabella is rational, unlike the crazy biatch. She is probably the only one devoted to the true purpose in this church.

Release That Witch · C619
1 year ago

AlexDoan: he was very frugal and knew how to save money from 2 months ago, and then he went and blew his entire royalty into a single purchase, and a useless one at that? Who owns a gun in China to shoot him?

I’m Really a Superstar · C101
1 year ago

AlexDoan: This is like a tank going up against infantries, there is no need to waste bullets

Release That Witch · C501
1 year ago

AlexDoan: Nice, this is the equivalent of a declaration of war

Release That Witch · C422
1 year ago

AlexDoan: so I was right, cannibal mages haha

When A Mage Revolts · C441
1 year ago
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