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  • The Official guide of magical portals for dummies

    The Official guide of magical portals for dummies

    Magical Realism

    This was originally an unfinished story I made quite a while ago, I plan to continue it and rewrite some of the chapters. currently remaking again. i couldn't see a direction for the story ;) well i could, but not a interesting one. probably contains swearing etc, I doubt I'll approach crime too much but may also mention how cruel the world is.


Clwxui: Thanks for the chapter :)


Insect King · C12
3 weeks ago
So i get the killing and all that but why did the world turned into war world III? The logic is weird?

A famous assassin is dead, lets all go to war? Wdf View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C1
3 weeks ago
Actually surprisingly human meat tastes relatively similar to chicken I’m told. It’s because of our limited flavour spectrum. Red meat tastes similar to red meat etc View More

Max_Erikson: Human and Pokémon cooking is different in flavors.

Pokemon - Adventure · C4
1 month ago
That would make it infinite though, at least this way there’s a limit View More

Not_a_Penguin: Steve can carry much more weight than that due to the Shulker Boxs.

I am the system??? · C1
1 month ago
In hospital bed when body was scanned.........


Guad: You do know that 5km per hour is the average human WALKING speed so using it as an agilty unit is kinda dumb..

Living in Marvel World with DOTA System · C2
1 month ago
They remove themselves from the world unless its a magical threat. Physical threats aren’t theirs to deal with. They also know the future... so they know it isn’t that bad if they don’t interfere... and damage the growth of characters. View More

Theus0707: Damn talk about hypocrisy...he says Ancient One can win all fight but is a coward to not use the time stone but he still let the plot play out...because he is lazy...i am assuming he is powerful enough to find who came from the portal and where they are if he wanted to.
Btw...nah nothing!

[DROPPED]Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic · C80
1 month ago
It refers to singular things. It’s refers to a possessive. EG: It (Action) this. It’s (thing) (action). It is/did/took/moved the object. It’s Cape/Cloth/Towel/Cloak Waved in the wind.

:) View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C11
1 month ago
I can understand his point in what he’s saying, although he’s clearly just trying to rile you up. The kind of person that goes onto novels to just complain for attention. Take the fact that he’s reading the novel in being that he likes it instead of his words. And you should probably grow up a little and learn not to respond to children lol. We’re all learning, you got some ways to go before your a full fledged author but it all starts with a few words.

I would personally expect him to see a gigantic door and think to himself... what’s behind there.. assuming its a general thing for big strong bosses to have big doors rather than it being “oh, big door.. what to do.. well, i want loot so ill just continue..” personally I’d see the baby dragon and be like “Yeah..... Nope.” Or at least appraise the thing before you actually try to sneak up on it and kill it xD or are there limitations in appraisal? And why not use speed accelerator before sneaking up on the dragon... surely it would allow him to sneak there faster...

Also... wording suggestion? Your choice: “Ugh.. It’s so fast and ridiculously strong, my ribs are so painful.. I must have broke something...” one of my ribs broken doesn’t work in this context as its past tense. As in “I have broken one of my ribs” “One of my ribs broke” “My ribs broke” (change to “my ribs are” And its broken instead of broke) “My ribs are broken” “I have broken my ribs” “Something caused a breakage/break in my ribs” etc etc.
Many questions, but don’t worry about answering! Keep up with the novel! Fighting! View More

GloomyCat: The content has been deleted

Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C10
1 month ago
Kill all witnesses and nobody would even know he did it, unless there was a way to tell which tutorial they’re in. View More

Kyoang: And for sure he would be hunted by his family, even if the mc killed Arthur that is currently weak, that also applies to the mc. He is also weak so yeah. I don't think he can win against a whole family, so it is useless to kill arthur if the mc self still wants to live.

Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C5
1 month ago
given that theres no levels and theres only reputation points, id be crafting things and observing the dwarf. crafting seems like the most profitable thing on there. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C39
2 months ago
Not just the US, China is also incredibly xenophobic. There's still people there who will try to machete you just cause your a foreigner still.

And even if you don't meet those ones Chinese people can be a little overbearing... like there was a dude that was put in prison because he didn't want to join a Chinese dude for a drink. Because by refusing the drink he damaged the Chinese dudes face. Tons of other countries have similar situations, were a xenophobic race. You look different or sound different or have different ideas therefore you are evil. View More

Eternal_Pathfinder: Aye, the US is xenophilic towards brilliant and capable immigrants of 115+ iq and wealth(which usually also comes with education), while it is xenophobic towards immigrants with IQ less than 90, uneducated, and incapable.

The reason why country clubs lack a large percentage of peoples other than whites is simply due to ethnic density, if we use it per capita, other ethnicities actually fill a disproportionately large percent of country clubs - because the us cherry picks the very best of their people to come over when it has the choice

I Found A Planet · C93
2 months ago
Reading Status: C22
Good novel. Introduces new ideas to the genre. You simply can't complain.

Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in this type of novel. Although I don't yet know if its a system novel of some kind as theres no levels. View More
Gamers of the Underworld
2 months ago
it is inaccurate to say suns are black holes, the death of a sun simply causes them.

As black holes are something that occur when matter is compressed beyond its (something) point, forgot the word lel. which causes it to collapse in on itself infinitely.

That's our best guess anyway. nobody knows what a singularity is, only that there is one and it occurs after a sun compresses in on itself. View More

Kyoang: Be more realistic, even if they are OP laws, does the MC know a lot of it?

If not then it is basically useless as we don't even know how exactly the galaxy, blackholes and such work. We only know what it is and what it does.

The Law God - Artic · C19
2 months ago
this mc is clearly a chemist lol View More
The Law God - Artic · C6
2 months ago
its only 10 ss for me? changing prices for some ppl? View More

Helrym: Story is good enough for me 12 ss no problem here

Lilim Heritage Online · C115
3 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Rather then copy someone else's stuff just make your own :)

Writing a story isnt that hard, writing a good one can seem impossible. Just do it, don't let your dreams stay dreams.

JUST DO IT View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man
3 months ago
Reading Status: C119
Very interesting, adds a lot of new ideas to the world of cultivation. I would think things would progress differently and the cultivators would be far more aggressive but overall I think the story is decent. View More
Eldritch Shop System
4 months ago
Buy 10 desert eagles and a ammo sash, hook all desert eagles on there and activate the speedforce View More

darkoneko: 10% speed bonus when just having it on your person seems pretty good.

Fatal Shot · C4
4 months ago
Well I imagine china spinning it as a nationalist article. "China ruling the world of mathematics?"

Plus#1 on trending, media will likely respond to anything that is news and completely forget about it the day after. View More

themibuclan: Ok I see this as fake

Even if you win math Olympic. They wont go to your dorm, front of your house to just interviewing you

The most possible answer is

That politician is calling the reporter because he want to be famous..

Why? Because I know a engineers who solved aviation problems... And even made a theorem

And respond is not big but above the radar

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C79
4 months ago
cancerous side of the internet? outrageous! this is set in the future! websites like youtube, facebook, twitter etc are already censoring things outrageous. that side of the internet is numbered. View More

Acerlance: Xiao Ai receives experience because she gets to observe human interaction. Yeesh, I wonder how it would affect her if she learned about the dark, meme-y, and cancerous side of the internet.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C75
4 months ago
I doubt bill gates etc would be totally happy having no shares. Though I do agree with u View More

Trek: Man I am really pissed off now, I have seen so many books in which mc gives away shares to his company randomly for no reason. Mc had enough money to pay a salary, even a great salary for years!!! 10% share is fucking billions of dollars!!! How can mc be this naive and set aside 10% for these people? Does he not want to be the richest!???

Rebirth 1973 · C16
5 months ago
Big gae View More

Piggy: Bro, instead of a woman why not a male. I mean gays are pretty common nowadays. Innovate man. Come on. Make it interesting.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C2
6 months ago
he created them View More

0uO: Cat, dog, leopart people ,etc.
They have different body structure right?
Guess bcome a doctor in that kingdom will be one hell of a work load.

Low Dimensional Game · C112
6 months ago
i did, honest :( View More

Lonely_daoist: you bastard, you didn't even read it

Low Dimensional Game · C110
6 months ago
masturbation. View More

Doy2x: Why a hand? I prefer a dong instead. 😏😏😏

Low Dimensional Game · C102
6 months ago
the problem is he is too powerful, having such a dangerous weapon can also cause damage to your own forces View More

rolas: by the way get jar jar binks. he's a walking weapon of mass destruction. not even the death star is as dangerous as him.

The Arrival · C21
6 months ago
Id buy a stab proof vest first, but id totally go for it. Safety first! View More

CocoaButter: Lol was I speaking to you? Getting involved when no one asked for your useless comment. I merely made a comment that coming from a realistic view, no one would go far out of their way to protect someone they don't know and risk their life. This isn't a heroic story. It's that ****** but you and that dude are sensitive fuks who have hero complex and is easily influenced by fictional ideologies. Accept the fact that everyone is different. Being close minded doesn't benefit you.

12 Hours After · C21
6 months ago
Great minds think alike. View More

Sonamey: Is there going to be betting. Because that's what I would do!

12 Hours After · C3
6 months ago
id get some power generation and a base made on the other side first x) tear down the wall and have the construction bots continue. there must be a lot of scrap materials there. View More

Kadiax96: The mc should find ways to move the portal first from his toilet..haha

I Found A Planet · C30
7 months ago
the necklace causes them to shivel up like a mummy and die in pain i think right? considering how people would view him if he did that...? View More


Doomsday Pillars · C54
7 months ago
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