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Never played Absolver, however Dark Souls would be interesting. Thanks for the heads up. View More

Niggross: Sorry bro but the first two worlds are absolver and dark souls 1

Elder Blood Witcher · C1
1 day ago

TalentlessAuthor: Don't compromise good storytelling for a stupid fukin harem. That's not even how the women in the witcher universe operate. I just seen a stupid azz comment that said make the mc have a harem of triss and yenifer and instantly got triggered. P.s sorry for the rant.

Elder Blood Witcher · C16
1 day ago

Haowie: Only Witcher and Cyber Punk 2077, he goes to an anime universe and break my immersion I'll be dropping a negative reveiw.

Elder Blood Witcher · C1
1 day ago
Only Witcher and Cyber Punk 2077, he goes to an anime universe and break my immersion I'll be dropping a negative reveiw. View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C1
1 day ago

Haowie: Dude what the f*ck, kill this nasty disgusting character. Are you actually planning on making them an actual f***ing couple?

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C31
2 weeks ago

Godly_Tangsan: Why would anyone want to be miles he is a fucking nigga monkey zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxzzzzzzzzxxxx

Marvel: My Rules
2 weeks ago

NekoNeko: You want to talk about me not reading properly, right? Then I will show you that you are the one who is the one who is not writing properly!

1. From what we can see, the main character didn’t come back in time or anything with time related but was TELEPORTED back. We can get this conclusion since his look and strength was the same as when he was in demon world.

Now, since MC was teleported from demon world, why can’t other strong creature also teleport to to his world?

Should he just stroll out and not be careful with his surrounding? I didn’t read him do that.

2. Lv1 Min Sung Kang: Newbie

MC could floating words above his head. Now here we are. Didn’t he think that his power is only at newbie level since it say so? Or did he think that his newbie level power is much stronger than other since he come back from demon world? Did he think the power he got from the demon world had made him omni in earth?

3. Attitude

MC went out to go and hunt and he saw a hunter. What do you say in this situation?

Of course it’s:

“Hey, you there.”

“Where’s the closest dungeon from here?”

This the most perfect way to ask someone for direction in a lawless world. There’s no way something will go wrong.

The opponent take out his sword. MC looking at the floating world above.

Lv39 Tae Yong Youn: An Appreciator of firework

He is lv 39 and mc is lv 1. There is no way this lv 39 can beat mc since mc come back from the demon world.

And the lv 39 took out his sword only to pose. There’s nothing to be afraid of so lets ask the lv39 for direction again. And of course with a “there nothing wrong attitude”. He should totally not put on guard or prepare for a fight.

Yep, now that he showed he has the power to beat a lv 39 with lv 1 power and know that this lawless world will decide someone’s life just by their mood, let just go to dungeon then eat. There’s no way someone will track him so he don’t need to hide his trace and even if there is, he can just beat them as he is the strongest since he come back from the demon world.

Yep, this is absolutely not naive this is totally normal. If other know of his power no one will try to catch him and do research on him. The people on earth is 100% trustworthy.

MC saw the dungeon on earth is more hight tech. But since it’s a dungeon it will still be that same as the one in demon world. There’s no way there will be something new there like a trap or something like that which can kill him. There’s nothing for him to worry about.

In the reply you wrote to the world “probably”.

“He got information not much but PROBABLY enought.”

“PROBABLY cause he studied a monsters in real world that...”

Probably, but where in the text did it say that it was enough? He studied all monster just from that newspaper or from that hunter? Did that newspaper contain so much? What if that hunter gave false information? Are we “you” to know that those information is PROBABLY enough?

“I bet my ass he can sense other power”

Where in the text did you write that MC can sense that someone is weaker than him?

“...If the dungeon is hard or easy and plan acordily.”

What if that hunter assembly a group waiting for him outside? And they have someone stronger than him?

My advice: don’t give advice if those are useless.

Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C5
3 weeks ago

Dao_Ancestor: Feels more like a slice of life of an unfortunate MC, you'll like the novel if you like the MC being second to a girl who shines more and is superior but still requires the existence of the MC, needs a few more chapters to flesh out the MC and if he really matters other than being a descendent of a strong family line

So I Am A Demon Descendent!
3 weeks ago

SamStrike_: Just compensating for all those 5 star fake reviews


So I Am A Demon Descendent!
3 weeks ago

FvkYouBoy: Wtver I just won't waste my time on this. Having other people other than the mc have broken skills or powers is just not comfortable for me

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C24
4 weeks ago


I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C24
4 weeks ago

WolfLord: I always find it kind of unfair in these types of zombie genres where people randomly turn into zombies they didn't get a chance to Survivor they automatically turned into zombies was there something wrong with them where they going to die were they perfectly healthy and they were just unlucky.Thanks for the chapter on a good story

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C3
4 weeks ago
Your mc is becoming a softie. What do you mean their souls fused the original bodies soul shouldn't even be able to influence him. View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C2
4 weeks ago

DawnSky: Why you tryina make your mc a fag

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C2
4 weeks ago
Why'd you make him miles Morales tho. Why couldn't you make him Logan, Bruce, or Gwen Stacy instead? View More

TalentlessAuthor: She has not received her powers yet. I can't let you know when or how. All I can say is soon. As for your other questions, you'll have to wait to find out.

Marvel: My Rules · C15
1 month ago

Haowie: Ok let’s give peter a harem. Black cat, Gwen Stacy, Maryjane, and Silk.

Marvel: My Rules · C15
1 month ago
Ok let’s give peter a harem. Black cat, Gwen Stacy, Maryjane, and Silk. View More
Marvel: My Rules · C15
1 month ago

Rkthegreat11: What type of beta cuckery is this reply

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
1 month ago

Zedsdeadbaby: Far too many novels take the beast companion path, and they’re all novels I dropped. To be honest, I’d want something like Solus from Supreme Magus, a talking artifact

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C28
1 month ago

Supreme_Leader: Nah I have no problem with her being a lower class or even a whore. She is a great mother.

I only want her dead because the MC is getting attached to her. Or is already attached to her
which will be a burden.
Beside her dying would truly sever any compassion and love the MC has in his Heart to become the demonic sword.
I came here for a demon.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C6
1 month ago

ErozothDraeor: I did, and I wondered if they do the same in this novel. Why does he need to train, why did he get injured? Why does he need the sword, just take a kitchen knife and swipe one of the lines, who could stand against him. now he fights and still gets injured and i wonder, those eyes up till now, the only thing they did is scare a few girls that like him.

Rebirth in Bleach · C20
3 months ago
Grammer is trash bro, I'm done. It is not hard to proofread your own work before you post. View More
The Adventures with the originals · C19
3 months ago

demonreach: Trash, Best word to describe this dumpster fire...usually webnovel does not put garbage as their main advertisement so I am really disappointed. I wonder who got paid of to allow this story as front row advertisement as soon as you open the app...the one who allowed this trash to be recommended needs to be fired and investigated! First webnovel recommendation that I feel is bad and sets a terrible precedent! Can anyone pay off someone to get their story on blast? Disgraceful

Level 0 Master
3 months ago

TTTT: More and more become like Japanese light novel. Look at how thing like how spoiled Lucy act now or how to make friend like this

Once Human, Now a Parasite · C36
3 months ago

Azathothgrim: This left a bad taste in mouth.

Once Human, Now a Parasite · C33
3 months ago
I skipped this chapter. Author you sir are retarded fpr not going back and editing this to make it sound beilevable. Both of these people are broken and need time to mend there wounds. Now here you go forcing romance on two broken people who've known eachother for less than a week. View More
Once Human, Now a Parasite · C13
3 months ago

Haowie: You should've developed the mc and built the world around him as he grew up, not just skip to 18 years old with a bunch of support characters I could care less about.

When The Moon Calls · C2
3 months ago
Time to lewd Nefertiti. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C440
3 months ago

sergioGM: I have to drop this story. I tried, but the writing is among the worst I have ever seen. You don't read what you write, because first an ability is called X and in the next paragraph is called Y. Many of the characters are genderless, because you use he and she for the same person. If you rewrite this story with the help of an editor I think it can be a good story.

The Law God - Artic
3 months ago

Prince_Ye: Being a half servant makes the mc unique and gives him a mysterious aura around him. Now if you give random Tom, Dick and Harry servants his uniqueness is gonna go down a few levels. Can't take back spilled milk so just make it so they only summon low tier servants. (I doubt author-kun would change plans since author-kun already have advance chapters ready)

Fate/Heroes · C56
3 months ago
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