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thisispettie: Did you really add 5 chapters to the stockpile but no daily? I don't understand

Rise of The Undead Legion · C281
2 months ago

Harper: Next is his Mr Burns plan to block out the sun and sell light to everyone 😂

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C664
2 months ago

Pksr: A three-way with sisters ........ And he thinks he has moral high ground

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C617
2 months ago

ItsNotTooBadYo: These chapters are beginning to be literal trash. I'm surprised we didnt get a chapter detailing exactly how Enderfa felt about the new tool or how our boy Mafa held himself while he was being yelled at. But I guess I'll stay if only to waste my time.

End of the Magic Era · C338
3 months ago

Demonslayer007: A quote or more like a modified version of it to Commemorate Eleanor Skycruiser

"But here am I, riding this steel/Soil 😅 behemoth – the most ominous killing machine ever conceived; a weapon of war with the innocuous name of carrier. It transports our crew and air wing personnel to the Oriental dens of sin. It takes us to the blood-soaked terrain of the Demons. It is, in a single thought, one of the most obscene but amazingly brilliant products of human ingenuity."

Release That Witch · C1446
3 months ago

haloff1: Wrong.
Not several, millions of them.

Radius of the island = 60 Kms
Height of the island = 2 kms (estimation. I don't think the number was ever cited)
Volume of the island (cone) = 0.33 * 3.14 * 60 * 60 * 2 = 7460 km3
Density of crust = 3000 kg/M3
Mass of the island = 3000 * 7460 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 = 2.24E16 kg (16 zeroes)
Terminal speed of the island = 10 m/s (very gross estimation)
Kinetic energy of island = 0.5 * 2E16 * 10 * 10 = 1E18 joules
Energy of Hiroshima's bomb = 63 TJ = 6.3E12 Joules

Plan B = millions of bomb

That's about several times the combined energy of ALL nuclear bombs on Earth .
Mask's estimation sounds right.

Release That Witch · C1422
3 months ago

WagaNaWaMegumin: The amount of ego within these past few chapters is ridiculous

End of the Magic Era · C328
3 months ago

DaoistOne: Imagine she then finds out he wasn't actually her brother, but a mechanical engineer from a different universe without magic or any connection to this one, that somehow got transported into the body of her brother and is now pretending to be said brother while pretending to be unrelated to her.

Release That Witch · C1364
3 months ago

LittleSaberScholar: “When everything’s over, I’ll tell you everything..”

Imagine how devastated she will be when she finds out he was her brother.

Ship sank.

Release That Witch · C1364
3 months ago

Maid_of_Orleans: All hail the Emperor of Man, Rolandus Rex, Keeper of The Light, Lord of Thunder, The Great Sage, Wielder of Metal, and the First and the Last Witch King. May his divine providence bless us in our quest to purge the Xenos.

Release That Witch · C1308
4 months ago

Boy_kun: Nana : "Don't worry. This is not my blood."

Release That Witch · C1276
4 months ago

Jacob0: "I want all of you highly qualified engineers to design a functioning automobile that runs without assembly-made parts and preferably with a magic-powered uranium core." -Roland

Release That Witch · C1251
4 months ago

Dreadgab: I guess the "God" part in "God-Emperor King Roland" is coming true?

Release That Witch · C1223
4 months ago

Zolf: 'how could it be...?' 👈too much reuse of the same formula, author needs to be more creative

End of the Magic Era · C234
5 months ago

FoodSectElder: I am starting to not like this novel. I SWEAR every other 2-4 chapters, some dumbass character provokes mc for dumb reason and this just keeps repeating.

End of the Magic Era · C180
5 months ago

LazyLifeSaMu: Barov: Your Majesty, it seems we are lacking in human resources.
Roland: Really? Darn. Iron Axe, could you go to our neighbor kingdoms, tell them we come with the best of intentions, and ask for their "refugees".
Iron Axe: Of course, sire. In case they make demands?
Roland: *hands Iron Axe a new rifle* Persuade them as civil as possible

Release That Witch · C1199
6 months ago

Dice: This whole chapter was genuinely creepy. Like a really good horror film.

Release That Witch · C1135
6 months ago

Dice: Don't worry about the small details, just keep training 😈

Release That Witch · C1069
7 months ago

Tenzin_sama: Umm sir what is this "Kamikaze Trainee" written on my badge?

Release That Witch · C1069
7 months ago

remichan: Snow Breeze or if you translate it into japanese which is yukikaze, was the destroyer class in Japanese Navy that survive in the world war II. So when Roland said that the name will bring luck, it surely is.

Release That Witch · C1060
7 months ago

MountTai: *152,938 years later*
Roland: "You have no power here."
*evil cackle*

Release That Witch · C1012
7 months ago

k3pa: welp the only thing left now is to marry off the daughter...

Release That Witch · C954
7 months ago

Fuhrer: A young demonling asked his sergeant, on how to differentiate his enemy, sarge answered try to throw your spear behind the cover and see for their reactions.

If it was a squadron of cavalry, then they arw the knigts
If it was a bunch of ragged peasant with bloodshot eyes and moved very fast, then they are the church militia
If it was gigantic human men and women carrying huge shields and fought like they are cosplaying guts then its either gpw or church gps.
If you heard a whistle and bunch of men are charging while screamin URAAAA! Thrn yhey are a displaced Soviet Army

But if they only peeked over and suddenly gigantic explosions and thumderous roars are happening around you, well sht son you just provoked the first army.

Release That Witch · C922
7 months ago
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The Legendary Mechanic · C1
7 months ago
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NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C1
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Rise of The Undead Legion · C16
8 months ago
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NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C728
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NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C726
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Advent of the Archmage · C1
8 months ago
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World Domination System · C1
9 months ago
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