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I think i have as well, several times in the past. View More

stupidwanker: I have surpassed the frailty of my human form and read (according to webnovel) 100.26 percent of the novel. I think I can see the future

Supreme Magus · C383
1 day ago
It was a quote from memories. View More

Ligare: He doesn't even know what it is exactly for, nor how it works. It's unlikely, but how does he know that it's not related to the zombie-creating mist?

Nightmare's Call · C52
3 days ago
Author: "Let evil force awaken you bloodline..."
MC: "Mmm, good stuff..." View More

OwlKing: 😱What the heck he really going to do that ritual!?
😰H-he doesn't even know what would happen!
😨Is he crazy!
😖No no no! Nooooooo!
😱Don't do it your might summon some demon or plague!

Nightmare's Call · C52
3 days ago
This tournament was recordly short, yet boring nonetheless. View More
Nightmare's Call · C44
3 days ago
Yeahhhh, girls on last year of high school is such a little kids... That definitely makes him pedofile.

And fact that he wasn't reincarnated, but awakened his previous life memories totally makes him an 60 year old geezer who don't care about girls even with a teenager body full of hormones...


Stop the crap, he is just a kid with extra life experience and additional knowledge.
No one said that his personality was changed too. Obviously, he behaves more *****, but he still a new person with second set of memories. View More

Mutt: Wasn't it not specified that he was an ***** before he went and became Lin sheng? Perhaps he just isn't a pedophile and would be perfectly willing to pursue someone who he didn't deem as a kid

Nightmare's Call · C41
3 days ago
I don't understand why he won't learn all skills. It not like here is the limit. Everything can come in handy someday.
Deception was actually really useful skill. View More
The First Order · C56
4 days ago

darkoneko: my first reaction to the title "uuh, like those in Half Life ?"

The First Order · C52
4 days ago
This fella giving up on a potential girlfriend just because he is *****? Now, that is bull****. What ***** man would be against hot high school girlfriend? Perhaps it's because he Chinese. They often impotent after starting any sort of cultivation. View More
Nightmare's Call · C41
4 days ago

tacotrap: The dao of Biggra has transcended the 9 heavens and made an appearance here.

The First Order · C17
6 days ago

Kyoang: I say 100% more efficient, take on a disguise and grab a knife! And your customers are coming like crazy!

The First Order · C15
6 days ago

DragonOfTheEND: Well the town is obviously going to protect the ants, they have a whole religion going on...

Chrysalis · C442
6 days ago

Algarum: Do you really think that town would attack ants? They have to choose between they saviors and friends, and legion protectors of humanity which wasn't really helpfull during crisis.

Chrysalis · C442
6 days ago

Ornamental: So, will this be one where the MC constantly utilizes loopholes?

The First Order · C1
6 days ago

bhar95twit: This is a clever as f**k MC😅😂😂

The First Order · C1
6 days ago
That is absolutely not obvious. View More

TomVanDyke: Sorry to hear you don't like the novel.

That said, there's some fairly obvious foreshadowing in C10 and C15, when they talk about Academy spies being everywhere and when Windsong reassures Adept Kadir that only they know Arran's secret.

Adding any more hints would be like putting up a sign saying "betrayal ahead."

Paragon of Destruction · C18
6 days ago

CancerDragon: "I am a man of peace, why did you have to harm me?"

Nightmare's Call · C35
1 week ago

burntpotato: It hits you with a surprise like truck-kun does

Nightmare's Call · C2
1 week ago

Hnn17: Behind every woman in white is a half asleep guy soundlessly screaming. I hope there's a twist to the story at the end of the arc, revealing that he is her nightmare.

Nightmare's Call · C1
1 week ago
Those rings are bull****. They must have damage cap. Otherwise, it's complete bull**** and cheatery. View More
Dungeon Core Online · C148
1 week ago
Why, they would not let love someone who can kill them all after they teached him. No matter the reason.
As for mc, no one is born exceptional; they are teached or trained. Whatever the talent. View More

Dosithee: But confusing chapter. Both The explanation for why mom left and why they are looking for him didn't quite make sense to me. Mom knew he had a forbidden realm? How would leaving and not telling him help? His realm is special... So why do they care? Do they think he is inherently evil? A threat to them? What?

And still Mc is very timid and of average intelegence. This bothers me as I can only see him becoming strong from this point by being lucky etc. But not through his own agency. Rather than "I came up w a new powerful spell". "Or I outwited u in battle" etc all I can see is "because of my realm I am inherently stronger than you." We will see. Everything else about story is good so I will trust author...

Paragon of Destruction · C4
2 weeks ago
Jee, u sure are blind.
There is no mysterious masters or powers, just a boy who found to have a talent in dark magic, so they want to off him, and evil make in disguise who want to use him. View More

Shamial: Nothing stands out at the moment not sure why everyone's hyping it up. World setting seeming more like insignificant filler atm. Nothings happened and seems generic poor person from far away finds old teacher and learns he has mysterious powers people want to capture him for WOOOOW. This is so original you should copyright it.

Just started the novel so I may be wrong but just wanted to give in unbiased opinion coz the comments seem fake as **** at the moment.

Paragon of Destruction · C2
2 weeks ago
Well, is not like you have some dark mana spell that can steal lifeforce, right?
Right, mother****er? View More
Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago

GrayTree: My annoyance with this novel is growing larger with each chapter

Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago
No, they gave a bunch of tentacles. View More

WildVector: So I'm guessing these crabs have only 6 legs? 😎

Chrysalis · C436
2 weeks ago

Dimir_Saeldain: I am deeply disappointed and dissatisfied. This is totally unacceptable. There is no way I can witness this horrendous situation and stay quiet. WHY AREN'T THERE ANY MORE CHAPTERS!

Chrysalis · C434
2 weeks ago
You was inspired by sea floor, right?
It's like a giant shadow sea. View More
Chrysalis · C433
2 weeks ago
I think they will have to go through second evolution. View More

TheMushroomLord: Come to think of it the extreme conditions of each strata might serve as a bit of a road block for the colonies downwards expansion.

I'm assuming the colony can survive the cold of the second strata given they first spawned there, but if different and greater environmental extremes exist further down they may start to pose a problem.

Nothing a bit of core enchanting can't fix, but that's a pretty major use of an already strained resource.

Chrysalis · C433
2 weeks ago
Blablabla View More
Shadow Hack · C260
3 weeks ago

Qnumbra: Fill in the blank Shadow Hack Chapter 2. The ______ of the ______ sect was killled by _________ and _______ was able to survive by relying on ___________ and then sage _______ killed all the _______sect for revenge.

Shadow Hack · C226
3 weeks ago

SkyMart: I'm feeling let down by this novel, the initial exploratory phase of my relationship with it seems to be ending.

Shadow Hack · C185
4 weeks ago
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