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burntpotato: Very interesting and novel read for me. I thought this would be similar to most dungeon-building novels but this is pretty hilarious and unique.

The protagonist is a demon lord starting a new dungeon and with the help of his dungeon core- Bru, he started to hire these 'otherworldly' laborers commonly known as gamers. 😂😂😂

It's really a unique and hilarious look to see the gamers slave their way to work for the MC as they treat everything as a game.

- review from ch 12

Gamers of the Underworld
2 weeks ago

matairow: Loving this novel. So quirky and imaginative. It's the best!!

Gamers of the Underworld · C7
2 weeks ago

HyperDivine: Ohh a system as a martial spirit. Not bad Not bad. This is the beginning of the new er

My Martial Spirit is System · C1
2 weeks ago

BiernasMK: Damn... the idea was great, the first chapters were great but later it bacame just boring... also author made it so magic looks worse then chakra what dosen't make sense as it should be the oposite... he got training for about 25 years with devil, dragon and god slayer magic and these magics propably required insane psychical training so his body could bear the strain of using them adding to it other magics he lerned and his heightened senses he should be playing with everyone short of sanin or hokage level character... and now this transformation of his, propably some kind of dark side of him that he has to beat or accept... i'm disappointed.

Demon Dragon Uzumaki · C22
2 weeks ago

TriggeredEmperor: Scythe pls

Demon Dragon Uzumaki · C20
2 weeks ago

Cham: if Batman summon Kiritsugu he will KILL the JUSTICE LEAGUE, Hawkgirl summoning Penthiselia will make her and Diana more close

Fate/Heroes · C62
3 weeks ago

reader001: I'm willing to bet a thousand Schmeckels that Lerna will be able to shapeshift into a human in the future and become a romantic interest as well.

Spirit Guardian Summoning · C12
3 weeks ago

GGdaybreak: luna x harry x hermione. thnx for chapter :P

Reborn As Harry Potter · C4
4 weeks ago

ScholarBloodless: Woohoo screw humans I'm loving it so far👌🏿

Haven Online · C6
4 weeks ago
Words are dead people are alive. So you’d let your wife sell herself? View More

Silakai: Circumstance doesn't change the definition.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C59
4 weeks ago
So for example if my child needed an organ transplant and my wife and I needed to wait 5 days for a possible doner but my wife decided to go to the mafia,yakuza,gang etc to sell herself for life for a guaranteed organ and no matter what I say she doesn’t change her mind so I stop her in similar way am I good or bad am I latent domestic abuser or just resorting to drastic means at drastic times?? View More

Silakai: It always starts with a single instance. They haven't been married for long at all. If he resorts to violence as soon as she makes a decision that doesn't coincide with his desires then he'll do the same thing everytime something similar happens in the future. I've seen it happen too many times. Also, you're complaining about symantics. He beat his wife to get his way. It's wrong no matter what you call it, and being drunk is no excuse.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C59
1 month ago


The Strongest Beast Tamer · C47
1 month ago

CaptainBoyHole: if he uses a sword i'm dropping immediately haha **** swords.

The Immortal Player · C1
1 month ago

Madara1996: Also when will he go back? My only request is don't pair him again with Rias and her group. Please i beg of you

The Wish of the Dragon · C48
1 month ago

Lord_Shaggy: I want you to break them author. I mean mentally, turn them into a person with mental issues that would plague them for the rest of their life. I want you to portray them breaking down in front of his wedding. I want you to let them watch Issei kill their boyfriends right in front of them, better yet, torture those ****ers. Let them watch Issei lose his virginity, that would be the sweetest part.

The Wish of the Dragon · C25
1 month ago
Toriko world would’ve been better combing his Aura synthesis abilities with gourmet cells View More
Endless Adventure · C46
1 month ago

TurtleManiacc: i love the darkness it always kindness and **** WE NEED SOMETIME DARK SHIT

Pokemon Trainer · C9
1 month ago

Robrave: Weird, right? They have the same soul. Info should already be soul-transmitted all the time.

King of Gods · C1318
1 month ago

kumadam: When I read this kind of novel. I start to miss Weed even more. Should I reread MLS again? I forgot where I stopped..

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C2
1 month ago

Magikrap: I agree. Everyone's whining about the MC being weak completely disregarding the fact that he's only 5 and doesn't have a chakra monster in his gut. I think too many readers have been spoiled by the instantly OP MC's that overpopulate the Fanfic section like cancer. If they want to beat off to that kind of MC, they can find it literally everywhere else on here.

Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C26
1 month ago

Deep_Shallow_Pond: Don't listen to them, they know nothing about plot progression and character building, just wanting instant gratification-
Your story is very well paced and I'm truly enjoying it. :)

p.d: Did Shiki even bother to confirm whether Kushina and Minato have truly died? Whether they had a baby boy or girl?
- I mean she was most likely pregnant and that's the reason why the kyuuby's seal weakened, but who knows~

Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C26
1 month ago

Eonia: Here goes his headstart... doing absolutely nothing for 12 years.

How Much For Your Soul? · C2
1 month ago

Kayox23: For me instead of Precognition I would choose The Almighty I mean it's 20x better no ?

Metempsychosis (ATG) · C7
1 month ago

ErozothDraeor: This is just garbage, "Ill use my powers to make tell me the truth" how many fcking times is he going to say it before doing it, I mean whats excuse to delaying it?

Overgeared System · C26
1 month ago

DWArden45: Maybe write your own story instead of trying to tell others to write what you want. He is going to the academy. How the hell do you avoid writing about it without a time skip which would be dumb considering the politics and knowledge he'll learn there.

Unless it's a question of quality, no need to tell the author what to write.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C108
1 month ago

Klaziki69: *White Tiger God in a faraway place in the Realm of the Gods*: Hm? Who blew up my inheritance realm?! Even my soul fragment was disintegrated!

The Irregular In ATG · C28
1 month ago

ADS: Where is greymon

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C34
2 months ago

Astanhope98: Am i the only one who got the reference this chapter?

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*


Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C8
2 months ago

Agent_Xenon: So there can also be two possible results huh.
Hands down bois, Harem and Twincest is guaranteed.
I am a proud member of the Wincest group.

Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet · C8
2 months ago


Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet · C8
2 months ago
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