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Jia name sounds familiar. Isn't she the ex girlfriend which run over MC original body by car? View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C79
2 days ago
Dont firget Duke's secretary ) View More

ResidentialPsycho: Time to prepare for Faceless. Klein will have way too much fun with that one. I've been looking forward to it for awhile.

I suppose the Desire Apostle's female partner will be the one to reap the Card of Blasphemy alone as her reward this time.

Lord of the Mysteries · C428
3 days ago

PoweredbyPizza: *deleted first draft of the script*

Vladimir: “Save... Martha...”


Director: “CUT! Vlad, As, take five... Scriptwriter, care to explain...?”

Scriptwriter: “Well the thing is, Asim and Vladimi-“

Director: “Dammit, for the last time, Carl... NO. MARTHA.”

Scriptwriter: “But sir, if you’ll just allow-“

Director: “No Carl, for the love of... Asim lost a little brother... BROTHER, Carl! Is his brother’s name Martha? No! It just- *sigh* I swear to God Carl if you pull this for a fourth time in a row next chapter...”

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C61
3 days ago

DattaRaviTejaG: Really?? Its not time yet for those two guild ****ers to meet the MC? They will probably wait till the MC is very strong and demand from him and pull the 'u r disrespecting the guild' card which will make the MC mad and he is a person who repays favours tenfold and hate thousandfold whatever the **** it means and goes down a path of destruction of the guilds and one guild bastard will have connections in the game company and find out the MC's real status and address and come to kill the MC in real life because the MC killed him in the game but kills his mum instead. This inturn causes the MC to be enraged and he being the 'No.1 cultivator in the seven fucking realms cannotm protect a mortal from being killed. He will find the bastard that did this and kill of his entire family and alao find out that his contact from the game company is actually the game boss who is a millionaire and also a disciple of a hidden powerful cultivator who is trying to gain access to another form of spiritual energy(dream energy) through the game coz it is very scarce on earth. This will lead to an epic battle between him and the MC which will last a couple of chapters after which the MC kills him. The MC then realises that there is no one in this realm that he cares about alive, so he breaks through the realm and arrives at a higher world and the real cultivator **** begins from there as shown in other novels.

Please like😁😁😁😁😁😁

Realm of Myths and Legends · C48
4 days ago

Trod: She is probably able to go through since they are in the same party, however she will not get the rewards they will once the quest is complete. It's like how you and your friends can go through a dungeon together, but someone may have a quest to kill the dungeon boss. Only that person will get the additional rewards from killing the boss, despite the fact that everyone went through the dungeon together.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C36
4 days ago
That was Mick's party which was lvl5. Hall and Luna were of a higher lvl than thouse trash. It was not actually stated back then which level they were but you cant have 700hp as tank at mere lvl5 anyway. View More

Archena: how could luna and hall has higher level than MC? there was only 2 level difference back than. And thats on the early level when little exp is required to level up. But now even after MC cleared dungeon kill many boss they are still ahead? Their skill and power also low that they won't be able to grind exp faster with mob. So how ?

Realm of Myths and Legends · C24
5 days ago
Maybe Arrodes is one of seven lights or a close apprentice who got sealed inside a mirror somehow View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C417
1 week ago
I wonder what will the mirror ask him this time, since it already knows he's not gay View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C416
1 week ago
My guess is that nimblewright master fighting capasity is far higher on its own that the single death messenger. As we remember Quialgos managed to defeat one with seq7 sun pathway soul View More

Zoruakun: On an unrelated note to this chapter, I have been thinking since Azik has been mentioned again. Can Klein control the whistle messenger to fight and do his bidding once he is a Nimblewright Master? Would be a pretty powerful and convenient servant considering he can summon and dismiss him at will

Lord of the Mysteries · C412
1 week ago

Ehbon: You know I’m starting to think that the primary power of the Seer pathway is actually Luck. It’s adjacent to Fate, but more about probability manipulation. Would explain how the original ritual Klein tried on Earth gave him the gray fog space, seeing as it was a luck ritual. It would also explain why all the powers of the Seer pathway seem so very similar to powers over Fate, even when we know for a fact that the Monster pathway is the one with power over fate.

Lord of the Mysteries · C407
1 week ago
The secret organisation and evil cult are two different matters View More

MasterBookWormLich: It’s a possibility... seems like the Tarot Club will be considered an evil cult/organization by the orthodox churches.

Lord of the Mysteries · C403
2 weeks ago

Nyooo: The moment when you realize that you are like the members of the Tarot Club, running out of money and can't buy the privileged chapter.. 😭😭😭

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
2 weeks ago

celinetan: In the origin, the title is 'the Growth of NEW HAND'.The NEW HAND in chinese has 2 meanings: first, it means rookie; second, means a real new hand....so, u know why Lovia eat her finger in the end of chapter?😝

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
2 weeks ago

TheWiseOldMan: That 21 “released” chapters really gave an Old Man’s heart a start until he found it cost the more than a sequence 6 Beyonder ingredient.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
2 weeks ago

Seuss03: I just caught up after reading for about two weeks. This is one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading, and I'll be on tenterhooks waiting for more chapters to be released. Thank you for your hard work!

Lord of the Mysteries · C396
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: This is...too much, losing control. Must not listen to the Fallen Creator evil whispers...more...more chapters He said.

Seriously though, thx for mass release.
If only my spirit stones could keep up, now I know how poor Mr Fool must've felt 😅

Lord of the Mysteries · C396
2 weeks ago

ScottyForsythe: ... he is planning to kill the world and make a new one just to strike fear??? Dang. Acting at its finest! I stand in awe

Lord of the Mysteries · C393
2 weeks ago
Actually she's already seq8 while Fors is still seq 9... View More

Darkdelusion: You dare to hate dogs.
Susie will one day surpass you in beyonder advancement

Lord of the Mysteries · C391
2 weeks ago

ResidentialPsycho: Klein, quit breaking my heart! Captain!!!!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C389
2 weeks ago
Maybe klein will do some charity to Ademisaul in Tingen after he obtained the card if that card is what we are all thinking it is View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C388
3 weeks ago

Galactic: Maybe my grandkids can finish the story for me

Tales of Demons and Gods · C478
3 weeks ago

SpamAccoun00001: Holy ****, I can't even begin to describe how fckn awesome this chapter was, especially that nod, at the end, ughhh fricken AWESOME!

Lord of the Mysteries · C380
3 weeks ago

Dene323: Dear Mr. Capim, welcome to tonight's magic show. Sorry, you are not part of the audience; you have been volunteered to take center stage in the upcoming "Vanishing Act".

Lord of the Mysteries · C373
3 weeks ago

BrokenMortal: Why is this so much better than anything else on this site? And why doesn't it have a higher ranking? Thx for the chapter

Lord of the Mysteries · C373
3 weeks ago

Shtriya: So he is going to treat that cat owner's illness.
Klein is going after his senior in trollong matters day by day . Trolling magician 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C369
3 weeks ago
Well, he would have to find a mermaid to advance to seq 5 somewhere... View More

corruptus: Was that foreshadowing of a Desi Bay arc?

Lord of the Mysteries · C367
4 weeks ago

isabant: But his characteristics were of the savant pathway, that cannot be mixed with the seer or apprentice pathways. It might be someone from the secret order, which have the seer pathway in their hands

Lord of the Mysteries · C365
4 weeks ago

1284424205: The content has been blocked

Lord of the Mysteries · C364
1 month ago

SirBonezAlot: Cesimir just mentioned every cheat item in existence,I guess all MC's are secretly getting baited by High-Sequence Beyonders.

Lord of the Mysteries · C364
1 month ago
As expected of a divine figure that it will be able to deal with a clone. And the fool he said to remember. Don't think he has any other knowledge rather than that he just got from this encounter View More

Darkdelusion: Why did Amon say "As expected" ? Did he know about 'The Fool' or only that someone was bothering with true creator's plans

Lord of the Mysteries · C363
1 month ago
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