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Meowhead: Could just be somebody from the church thinking to infiltrate his dreams and check up on him.

Lord of the Mysteries · C756
2 days ago

burntpotato: *Donates 300 pounds*
"what!? 50 pounds are not enough!? You still have to donate a 300!!?"
". .. I recalled when Old Neil did a ritual..."
"well I guess occasionally donating 300 pounds is okay."

Lord of the Mysteries · C756
2 days ago

BurntCabbage: What pathway is the Cliffhanging Evil God? Is it Marauder for stealing the crucial last few words straight out of the chapter or Hunter as He provokes, inflames, and conspires to keep the readers hooked through this worn-out writing tactic?

Lord of the Mysteries · C751
5 days ago

Ozwin: As he steps up the stairs to his lovely house surrounded by servants, Klein is making his first real step into the stage light that is high society.

Klein, truly, if your pathway has taught us anything thus far, it is that life is a play and the stage where people aim to shine... but there is more to it than that for you.

As a Seer, you gained the ability to feel what is coming in the future and gain more knowledge of the present and past, creating genre awareness.

As a Clown, you improved upon those abilities and developed quick thinking and reactions to allow you to quickly adapt to the unexpected.

As a Magician, you gained various methods of escape and improved your combat skills, allowing you to explore more dangerous genres, but more importantly, you truly had the ability and desire to perform only take the stage when you were prepared ingrained in you. After all your path requires others to perceive your performance the way you wish them to in order to develop and that is a key in storytelling, not to mention it is unworthy to show the audience a half baked performance.

As a Faceless you learned more about how to create characters and created the foundation upon which you study the motivations and actions of existing characters. As you reach the ideal of what can be called an actor you advance once more step... But more subtly you have also have made sure not to get too attached to characters and the spotlight.

Now you are a Nimblewright Master, you are at the final step before becoming a demigod and it also marks the blurred step in your promotion on the stage of life. Your skills as an actor have reached their peak, and you have gained the ability to draw others into your performance and acting. You still must be nearby and make appearances though. I feel this is the most significant point you must realize for now and your future advancement.

That is to say, you must distance yourself from the stage more and have others act in your place, if still with your guidance, and present the world and your audience a lovely performance. If your time up to now was spent as an actor and student of plays, your next step that will make you a demigod will probably be the realization of a particular promotion. You were never meant to be the protagonist Klein, Roselle and the others can dream, chase, and lose themselves after that goal. You need to focus on becoming the Director.

Lord of the Mysteries · C748
6 days ago
It's probably the other way around. Puppet awakened and made its owner mutated coz of blood moon. Klein didn't notice it when he got woken up because he was in a hurry probably, then he saw it after he went down from grey fog View More

Aby55: Another blood moon? It seems unexpected and happened right after that Moon Puppet was struck down. Add what the Fool saw when looking at the puppet and I'm now very curious about these puppets

Lord of the Mysteries · C747
1 week ago

PotatOS: Soon there will be a divine decree: "To all believers of the Fool: Please note that from now on praying during sleeping hours is strictly forbidden. Please refrain from spamming 'His' divine lordship with unnecessary or unreasonable requests. Make sure your prayer really requires the attention of a God. Repeated offenders will be blacklisted from the Fool's attention. For minor/non-life-threatening issues please leave a message with the divine answering machine Arrodes."

Lord of the Mysteries · C747
1 week ago

TrueGodOfExp: Imagine he controlled another Faceless Beyonder. He could be two characters at the same time! Sparrow and Sherlock meeting face to face!

Lord of the Mysteries · C734
1 week ago
Whats the publication rate of the original? How many chapter/week? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C733
1 week ago

burntpotato: "It's time to return"

OHHHHH!!!! 😭😭 Volume 1 ended with Melissa and Benson buying a ticket of "Return of the count" and now he's returning in Volume 4 😭😭😭😭

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 week ago

aharon_moody: I’ve missed Benson and Melissa.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 week ago
Not only that, but you can also control them to move"of their own volition". A step above doll roleplay :D View More

burntpotato: I think Emlyn would absolutely love to be in this sequence. Way cheaper than buying a life size dolls. :p

Lord of the Mysteries · C730
2 weeks ago

Suck_My_Huge_Dick: At the beginning of this volume, Klein claimed that he would hunt the blood admiral to start Gherman’s travel...now he succeed. I think this volume is near to its end.

Lord of the Mysteries · C730
2 weeks ago
That's probably so you could sing like a whale :D
Rituals are just the means to counter the power of the potion. Without the ritual the person who consumes one looses control on the spot.
I'm absolutely sure there is some way of substituting ritual with another, similar one which produse same effects, but the ones we seen so far probably are just the most reliable option View More

Surely_Panda: There must be a reason to do it inside basically the leviathan. The mermaid bit was to pull the beyonce's consciousness back. Maybe doing it inside a giant sea monster provide best acoustics ince you turn into a songster?

Lord of the Mysteries · C720
2 weeks ago
He can unsummon himself in an instant, so there is not much to be afraid of View More

Alessan: He’s going down just like that? So bold!

Lord of the Mysteries · C719
2 weeks ago

ozush: Seer — foocking fate, can do nothing about it though
Clown — just pretend that you're fine with fate
Magician — secretly trying to change fate, but tricks barely work
Faceless — nah, just escape it
Marionette — fook you, now I can manipulate your minions, and what can you do about it?

BiZzArO sOrCeRer — EHehEheHE


Lord of the Mysteries · C703
3 weeks ago

Austragus: At this point I somewhat suspect that the Seer pathway is the path of luck amidst misfortune. This isn't the same as altering fate. While the Monster pathway's power of forcibly changing 'fate' makes it seem like bestowing luck, the core principle is that 'fate' is predetermined. On the other hand, the Seer pathway's principle is that amidst the unpredictable and cruel nature of 'fate', hopes and opportunities exist.

"Luck enhancement" in this sense could perhaps be redefined as "No matter how tough the going gets, that there is always a silver lining. One just have to work hard for it".

Lord of the Mysteries · C703
3 weeks ago

JuredLee: recently bought the privilege chapters using the free spirit stones it's not worth it hehehe..I didn't know that it expires a month and didn't know that it's only on this book the privilege work lol..now you know..😂😂
It's kinda shocking that in whatever day you purchase the privilege, it well expire at the end of the month if you buy it on 30 it well expire on next day lol 😂😂😂😂 that's why it's not monthly sub😂😂😂😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C689
1 month ago

MonstrousBirdOfQin: So uh, no mass release this week?, or have i missed an announcement somewhere down the line?

Lord of the Mysteries · C688
1 month ago

Nemisoi: He can't change gender in a true sense. It was said when he explores his faceless powers are advancing

Lord of the Mysteries · C681
1 month ago
He can't change gender in a true sense. It was said when he explores his faceless powers are advancing View More

BurntCabbage: Maybe that's why The World is sitting on the other end of the table instead of the male side with Sun, Hanged Man, and Moon. As a Faceless, he's a master who can crossdress even his own genitals.

Lord of the Mysteries · C681
1 month ago

TomoyaNagase: Bribes? What are bribes? 'tis is just a token of appreciation, I say! *discreetly pushes two crowns over the counter*

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
1 month ago

CKtalon: Changing the name since it's not accurate and also misdirecting people's expectations.

Lord of the Mysteries · C675
1 month ago

Baphonmet: I can think of a newspaper story about a crazy adventurer and three beautiful female pirate generals.
1. Gehrman Intruded into Rear Admiral of Ailment's room at midnight. Happened a lot of verbal and physical conflict, seemingly to break up.
2. Gehrman Stay in a room with Rear Admiral Iceberg for a long time. It's said that Rear Admiral Iceberg was reluctant to let him leave.
3.Gehrman and Pirate Admiral Star had a long journey together. Witnesses said Miss Cattleya entered his room on her own initiative, and leave dejectedly after a while.

Lord of the Mysteries · C674
1 month ago

Esoril: A shepherd can use a max of 7 different beyonder souls, doesn't that mean that if Klein controls 3 shepherd puppets he could use the beyonder abilities upto sequence 5 of all of the 22 sequence!

Nimblewright master is probably at the top of all sequence 5 pathways

Lord of the Mysteries · C665
1 month ago

ResidentialPsycho: The high school girl named Elizabeth liked him! She seemed pretty normal. She was Melissa's friend back in the first book.

Lord of the Mysteries · C627
1 month ago

Randompasserby: You haven't dreamt of spending a night with a Demoness while a whole team of Evernight Church Nightmares watched yet.

You're still fine 🙊🙈🙉

Lord of the Mysteries · C614
2 months ago

GoodWithAToaster: *ehem* Sanguine, Leonard. Emlyn is a noble Sanguine, not a lowly vampire. Thank you.

Lord of the Mysteries · C613
2 months ago

Surely_Panda: I am very curious to the creation of Arrodes. Do far all the sealed items are result of beyonder loosing control. Was Arrodes a high sequencer in the seer pathway that messed up his potion? Did his personality changed at all or was he such a fanboy already while still alive.

Lord of the Mysteries · C608
2 months ago

Padoru_Padoru: Read the previous chapter, the part about ince zangwill waking up and lose his memories

Lord of the Mysteries · C607
2 months ago
Most likely it's not an ordinary owl, but some beyonder creature. Or a rival to our dear Susie View More

Alessan: Beast Tamers can even make animals learn to speak? Impressive for Sequence 8.

Lord of the Mysteries · C585
2 months ago
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