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MerLo2018: We are talking of a veeeery diferente tipe of being well here, depression is one thing and helping someone regaing his/her abbility to cultivated is another thing that only a powerful very high level cultivator can achieved

Celestial Peak · C3
3 weeks ago

Azunyan: Story seems interesting enough. Basically, dude is transferred over to another world. Said dude finds out there is a vr game that uses weapons from his world that was probably not seen in the world he is in. He decides to jump in and play in hopes of figuring out exactly how he got to the other world. Mc as a character isn't annoying, but remarkably average in a sense. Not the fault of the MC, but the author hasn't put the MC in situations where we could see more of his personality or capitalized on those moments where we could see his personality. Out of the 10 chapters so far, I think only one was dedicated to the real world while the other nine were in the vr world. Interestingly enough, the MC is like a super solo player and has had no interactions with other people besides pking. Overall I think this is going to be a fun read, but ten chapters is seriously too short to figure stuff like this out.

Fatal Shot
2 months ago
You literally don't make since lol, because no one said anything about you have the ability to critique anything. The things you guys do are not critiquing you are complaining about absolute bull****. And yes i would say the same to anyone who i see consistently complaining about something they want an author or script writer to do or how there character should be.

GOOD write your own damn book and or produce your own damn movie script.

O and if you don't like you internet either change it, stop being a cheap ass or building your. Anything else.............. View More

DarkSchneider: My friend, if you are bothered by criticism, complain to Webnovel for making these commentary systems in chapters and star ratings unobtrusive, they were obviously made for readers to write critiques, whether good or bad.

And are you telling me to write a book? You mean anyone who doesn't like something should be quiet and if you want to opine it should be a "smart" on the subject? If I want to criticize a movie I must have directed one to do it? Should I start an internet provider company to complain about the speed of my internet?

Mutagen · C14
2 months ago
Dropped the love novel myself it was good while it lasted author. To many annoying character like every time the mc comes around does every female blush and start fan girling like where in the bleach show/novels did you see the any of that.

Continue to write as you see fit though author!!!! View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C92
2 months ago
Reading Status: C68
Honestly loved the book up until the author decided to give the MC hollow powers after the author clearing stated there would be no hollow powers, but there where other things that became annoying like the side character who you loved became fan girls everytime the MC came around which gets annoying real fast.

The MC it's seems already has the most powerful zanpakto which is funny because it was said that the captin zanpakto is the oldest and strongest which is okay because it is a fan fiction.
The MC beat the first kenpachi but still kind of struggles with the captain commander which is backwards because yamma is not better than uno in strictly sword play which is what im stating. View More
Rebirth in Bleach
2 months ago

lsoma: Feel that this story has been getting worse lately...
It was said earlier he didn't want hollow powers aswell now look. This story was actually unique but now it's turning into shinigami and hollow powers like every other bleach novel + he is literally getting involved with every girl in the damn story! what happened to his personality !?

Rebirth in Bleach · C58
2 months ago

LMaltez: This chapter was really disappointing... Hollow powers, really? Sure, it'll give a power boost because MC who was one of the most powerful beings in existence already wasn't strong enough even though he still has so much room for growth and was still learning how to control all of his powers and that's even excluding his eyes which can literally kill with a look at its strongest form...

Rebirth in Bleach · C58
2 months ago

Bhkboudif: Oh my god is a an arrogant rich girl getting punished for her arrogance

Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C9
2 months ago
I would have..... View More

YourGrandfather: Fuck who cares if his name changed. No one would have noticed if it wasn't mentioned.

The World Online · C106
2 months ago
No it's not dumbass lol, that's the yimo general who knows of it. As it was stated the yimo fear the ancestral symbol so more than likely they have a way of detecting it smh. I've only seen a few people who have felt it's presence and you guys are acting like every damn person has recognized it. View More

Middlemost: It's BS everyone he meets is either too knowledgeable or this really shouldn't have been mentioned as a secret to begin with

Martial Universe · C956
3 months ago
Still complaining and reading 😂😂😂 View More

MartyUrsus: Now he’s showing his backpack to rose and thorn great I hope he loses everything due to his stupidity

MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C51
3 months ago
Complain Complain Complain somemore please i hope the author doesn't care about the crying *** comments. If you don't like this book there are thousand of more on this site go find something you like.... View More

MartyUrsus: God stop talking to her and stop being nice gosh I hate her and I’m dislikeing the mc for not haveing a backbone and telling her to leave him alone.

MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C44
3 months ago
How are labeling a cultivation as real or fake, it made up lol so there no such thing as it needing to have certain step as you put it. View More

Daoist93: So here are my suggestions 1) I find his technique of cultivation trash because we all know that a real cultivation technique includes the 3 things to know (the body, the qi, the soul) but it's the part of the soul and without the book it is useless; 2) there from this chapter we can see that there will be a universal war for his race (his people) but for it to become powerful enough to save his people his technique slows him down; 3) your novel is too much Well, especially, do not change, and you want chapters in continuous masses like that.

The Pleasure Lord · C25
3 months ago

Suicidal: Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life!

When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C41
4 months ago
I don't believe the author owes anyone an explanation about his mc or novel, and if he gives you an explanation whether it be detailing 3 chapter ahead or 30 chapters ahead you either take the explaination or drop the novel. I do believe the author know that not everyone is gonna like his novel but you guys are just a small percentage of the people who read it. View More

PettyOfficer: I tend to use fiery language whenever I hate something. I’m a passionate person when I care about something, and usually, when I hate something, I’m excessively angry. If you’re offended, it can’t be helped.

Now, if you want perspective on how others think? Read their comments. They’re on each chapter and within the paragraphs themselves. You’ll see some people who are like-minded to me.

The “mental issues” you describe have no relation to the failures I described. The synopsis said the MC had “unconventional thinking, knowledge, and abilities.” That implies he should be smart and detached. However, the MC isn’t. He looks like he is because the other characters have no real skill or knowledge.

In the end, he’s stuck with people that hold him down. He acts recklessly and becomes randomly ignorant of social interactions. He’s annoying to watch for me.

If you want more on how I think and the author thinks, go read my review. We disagree on points, but I don’t think he’s wrong everywhere. It’s just that he’s thinking from 30-50 chapters ahead while I’m here in chapter 17. I don’t want an explanation 20 chapters later. I want an explanation 3-5 chapters later, or at least, some foreshadowing.

Here’s a quote from the author to show what I mean.

“Now if I have to ask??? You're not the first one but why does everyone that gives a low review barely touched the beginning of the story.”

The beginning is rough, and the author’s story is long. People like me just don’t like the MC and drop out early.

Mutagen · C17
4 months ago
Honestly you do sound stupid because you have been judging the novel in almost every chapter.... Then you come and say you haven't judge it but just judge the mc and if im not mistaken the novel resolve around him correct??? View More

FangMing: When have I judged the novel? When have I judged "the whole book"? Judge the attitude of the MC, not the novel, not "the whole book", I also don't need to read more because I know what his attitude will be and I've seen many similar things. Looking at your profile on Webnovel (comments you make and novels that follow) is not worth having a discussion or conversation with you. That comment you wrote to me is stupid and pathetic.

Mutagen · C16
4 months ago
Please go ahead, that's one of the problem with webnovels alot of readers like to ***** about the way the author is building there characters like if you don't like then **** off and write your own book 😂 View More

DarkSchneider: Sigh... Looks like the MC is really a prince on the white horse who saves women, only that he hides behind his supposed "anti-heroism." I'm dropping this.

Mutagen · C14
4 months ago

a_commoner: I hope Author the reader didn't force you to create a inhuman MC, a balance is always the best.

Mutagen · C10
4 months ago
I honestly don't see anything weird about it, i know a couple of women who could outrun men. Just what it is just because where men don't make us faster. View More

Exallion: yeah, that's true >.< Its just a matter of luck and physique for her case though :D

Mutagen · C6
4 months ago
How did he get backstabbed, He provide any help other than a direction that they could take..... View More

DAIMMY: So the MC got backstabbed welp happens

Mutagen · C5
4 months ago
what lesson would that be????? View More

Codel: I figured this would happen. Hopefully he learns a lesson from this.

Mutagen · C5
4 months ago
and exactly as i stated...... If you need to reread it do so lol View More

AnimeIsLife: And?

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C4
4 months ago
He definitely should not be able to get rid of the effect of the 8th gates even if he places more points in strength bc the 8th gate is literally the gate of death no way around the name gai only lived due to outside interference. Story would become really a piece of **** if the eight gates side of was removed. View More

Lazyy: He'd be able to do that if he actually invested more of his Attribute Points into Power. Power strengthens the body and if the body's strengthened enough, shouldn't it be able to withstand The Eight Gates? Most likely, yes. But it looks like this author likes Agility/Speed more than Power/Strength, so I don't see how this could happen properly without him pulling something out his ass.

Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C7
5 months ago

P.S i just think alot of the young man want harem bc it's something like a fetish to them, one that they'll never act on. View More
Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C5
5 months ago

Ochoa: Guidelines could be epic for the core members...

The Sword Path · C18
5 months ago
Yea they would be the exceptions, you would usually have to types of kings. Those who earned the kingship through feats and those who inherited it through bloodline View More

james0sjr: I think the only exception would be kings who are war mongers

Spirit Cultivation · C11
5 months ago
Alot of people are tired of traditional vrmmorpg games to where he is a solo immortal player who solo every damn thing n by the grace of god wins. Plus there are not alot of books that have them create there own guild on this sitr View More

InvicibleGod: man he should not make a guild maybe join a top guild but not his own
im tired of these crap you should change it to being on his own (one man army) or join a top guild

The Sword Path · C10
5 months ago
More than likely because what the author let on in the first two chapter, he said the npc where already notiifed of then immortals coming and that they where planning to control them. View More

wyldfox: Seriously? Whyvu hide his class rank?

The Sword Path · C9
5 months ago
You acting as if the boss was as strong as the other story you've read, lvl 8 boss which from one hit to it's wing had it's speed crippled, Any other book would have based all of this off there hp. Author did a good in opinion with the drops especially if this is going to be realistic View More

InvicibleGod: u should have solo rewards etc its not the same if u kill it with 100 people and 1 man

The Sword Path · C4
5 months ago
Yes i can understand the actions he used but do you really think giving away a necklass that even he didn't really need to use would increase his relations with the princess.... He already did enough in one meeting like you can't increase to 100 that fast it takes time View More

Terrorofthedeath: The guy will literally die if he doesn’t increase the affinity with the princess and get her fat fragment. He could use other methods but giving gifts would certainly help, especially considering that he used 2 of his chances to get something for the girls. They will definitely feel moved by his action and get closer to him.

Spirit Cultivation · C22
5 months ago
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