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so the mc was retard fanboy View More
Invincible System start from One Piece · C3
2 weeks ago
wwaiting for lemon scene of minerva and haru View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C376
2 weeks ago
get hollow power and rinnegan. then make 6path of pain from vizard,espada and captain View More
The Universal Villain · C5
3 weeks ago
get well soon. and u need to get a full body checkup so that u will know what cuz of ur blacking out and stomach ache View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C0
4 weeks ago
i tot he already used susanoo in earlier chapter when he was defending when tatsuya used his material burst View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C170
4 weeks ago
wew it would be better if u make raikou ichizu's servant View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C136
4 weeks ago
add maya [milf] from his harem View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C133
4 weeks ago
go to korea then fight the mc on the breaker new waves :) View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C10
1 month ago
yeah i agree wwith u View More

OrangeSoda: I don't know about you guys, but I'm imagining him as Tokita Ohma

Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C2
1 month ago

Shirogganne: please ! NO FOR FOUR PENIS ! DONT DO IT

Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C130
1 month ago
Deateoyed his fiance sect rhen finished this s2pid drama arc and go to nxt View More
Supreme Summoning System · C47
1 month ago
Let the old.troll the mc then. Bcu the mx became the nanny of this famfic View More
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C27
1 month ago
The fanfic became boring when he meets zelt nd his life becme ruin buna vampire troll View More
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C25
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The King's Avatar · C1
2 months ago
Crow zero was kne of them View More

Thoth0: Why do those Schools sound familiar?

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C694
2 months ago
Dont forget he got most of the power from every anime View More

LittleApple: first hahah
i dont know Gintohi is powerful i thought he is a comidian

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C258
3 months ago
U mean the nurse who became teacher? View More

Waffles0017: Where is the girl that yuuki fisrt met?

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C627
4 months ago
Yrs i agree. But the 1st was still onizuka View More

Rexus: Korosensei is one of the top 5 greatest anime teacher character. Fight me if you disagree. Huehueheh cant wait to see him in the chat group.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C216
4 months ago
Yipyip i agree with u. Or maybe all the guardian of nazareck View More

rolas: next summon needs to be pleiades. you're mc needs some op maids and an awesome butler man.

Supreme Summoning System · C13
4 months ago
Yeah op ia good. Is that bleach captaingroup right? View More
Supreme Summoning System · C12
4 months ago
Ofcourse tje author wants ye han acting cool 1st b4 solving the issue View More

Grum: Thx for the chapter! Uhh why is Ye Haun acting so passive when he can easily conclude this situation

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C85
4 months ago
The characters name six. But i know it was common in ur country. But in the novel that was horrible View More
Upgrade Plug-In · C1
4 months ago
Reading Status: C20
This is NTR . Dnt read thisThis is NTR . This is NTR . Dnt read thisThis is NTR . This is NTR . Dnt read thisThis is NTR . This is NTR . Dnt read thisThis is NTR . This is NTR . Dnt read thisThis is

NTR . View More
another naruto reincarnation novel...
4 months ago
I knew it. Ntr drop View More
another naruto reincarnation novel... · C20
4 months ago
I smell like NTR is coming View More
another naruto reincarnation novel... · C19
4 months ago
If im not mistaken theres a webnovel like this. And this fanfic was mostly copying it while changinf the name View More

gattala: Brother (or sister)!? you barely keeping this one going and you already starting a new novel... i dont know man, it does not feel like your gonna advance in this novel any time soon, well i think i'm dropping out, even though this story is one of the best on WN its future prospect does not looks too bright :'(

Absolute Stealing · C32
4 months ago
Ok its time to drop now. Reqding this feels like the mc became stupid arrogant selfcentered young master. And he was like acting cool 1st b4 solve the solotution View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C124
4 months ago
How about his millenium fighting experience? And was fighting only a goblin. With like a human body and he was hardly kill it. Ans the goblin was a scout View More

Mystcdra: Just because he was able to fight well before with his previous body, he is currently in a different body and greatly limited to what he can do. For example: If his previous body had around 1,000 stamina but his current body only has only about 80, he is restricted to abilities and movement of a much lower level than previously. It's a major handicap. He has to start over from the beginning to temper his current body. Like an expert athlete putting on roller skates for the first time.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C11
4 months ago
I dnt even understand wat is going on now. Why fairytail charactr shows and became children of mc. This became sux. But thx anyway for finishing the 1st arc so gonna drop it now View More
fate of a MAGE (Fate:stay night) · C22
4 months ago
Feels likw the mc was an arrogant s2pid sh1t View More
The Achievement Junkie · C4
4 months ago
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