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meh gotta agree with Darkzero21 , MC is beta af this chapter... View More
RWBY: The Lazy Nine Tailed Snow Fox · C4
13 hours ago
since this is HxH.. and you have R-18, I have one question.. is Machi from the Spiders in the cough cough... "D-list"? you know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) View More
HxH: KING · C2
2 days ago
people are just snowflakes these days, getting offended by a work of fiction. Ignore them and do your thing. View More
A New Hero in DC? · C9
2 days ago
add some space between your sentences. really hard to read one single wall of text. View More
It Is Wrong To Become Teacher In Dungeon? · C5
4 days ago
your chapters are how many words? like 150 per chapter? that is too low. also , you need to add details, with interactions and stuff. this is not really "Writing". View More
My Journey of Hunter x Hunter · C11
4 days ago
pathetic beta MC... waiting for this coward MC with no balls to get dragon ball level powers for free and suddenly transform into a white knight chad getting all the girls wet just with one word, and basically kills everyone who looks their way. can't wait for the new chapter!!! (JK jk, or am I? ;) _ View More
Waking up in One Piece · C2
5 days ago
rebecca sucks, I approve of others. View More

NulZilch: MC is so sh*it, he needs to be 'tortured' more, lol

As for harem or mono, whatever is fine. But if you have decided to go with harem then i am forced to guess who'll be included. There's already vivi nami robin. Boa, Rebecca, Viola? I only think these ones are important ones in future. Let's see if boa is a love interest. She's fan favourite.

Ultimate Fruit · C22
5 days ago
I call BS that he fell in love with her that fast, oh well. View More
One Piece: Uchiha Style · C9
1 week ago

MilkGod: Author if you release more chapters I'll buy you a hentai body pillow!

An Oc in DC · C17
2 weeks ago
why prime minister ? View More

LIX: My man! Sticking to his ambition of becoming the prime minister.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C139
3 weeks ago
yeah, the thousand-year-old insane hag :) View More

VictorWalker: I only have one question ... will he have kaguya as his wife? please say yes !!

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C2
3 weeks ago
Same can be said about all female characters in naruto. shallow bitches with an attitude :D View More

Nicolas_Matz: Hm I dont know man but somehow I dont think that Ino is a good girl...Sure she has a hot Body but she is a shallow Girl

Naruto: Sexual Strengthening · C10
3 weeks ago
who is the first? View More

Ruined_Leprechaun: The second best girl in Alvarez....

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C293
3 weeks ago
can make the wood fruit produce wood of hashirama's level, cant burn. View More
Delete5454 · C0
3 weeks ago
as expected from the author oh well was about time i purge my library from trash novels . View More
Another TGD Fan Fic · C22
4 weeks ago
take the bitterness out of your system with some krypton & tamaran pssy ;) View More
An Oc in DC · C13
1 month ago
what is the novel's name? View More

Degdia42: Ohh, i read this novel, my eyes broken 😅😟

Another TGD Fan Fic · C19
1 month ago
Nice, called it. now just how to deal with her madness View More
Disney-Traveler · C11
1 month ago
so until what chapter is Ulquiora gonna keep this "What is a heart" attitude? he already understood heart when he died from ichigo from what I remember.. dont really know the end game for this novel. View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C25
1 month ago
guess its time to read translated works again. View More
Mortal to Omnipotent · C19
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Naruto: Sexual Strengthening · C7
1 month ago
novel name so I avoid it? View More
Another TGD Fan Fic · C19
1 month ago
cringe.. he is like what? 20 mentally? and this talk about purity is just... wow.. View More
Another TGD Fan Fic · C9
1 month ago
lul until when will he pretend to be caster? LUL , and here take this stone. View More
Mortal to Omnipotent · C16
1 month ago
Nice, steal her from gilthunder View More
In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C10
1 month ago
derieri already in a relationship with monspet, there is jericho & the druid sisters. Arthur was more like a disciple than a lover for merlin. View More
In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C9
1 month ago
but bro derieri is in love with monspet? go merling & jericho, also there is the twin druid ex-goddess sisters. View More

JoeTwinkletoes: tbh from what people are saying the main two are gonna be Merlin and Derieri. And I’m throwing in Hawks mum BECAUSE I WANT TO! YOU HEAR THAT! YES IM THE FUCKING AUTHOR ILL DO AS I PLEASE YOU PISS ANTS

In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C8
1 month ago
no.... View More

Joshuajabs: So does that mean yes or no to Merlin????

In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C8
1 month ago
true. until when will he be a zombie?? View More

CloudyAlliance: Ive been wondering ever since, why does he keep asking what is a heart? Didn't he say before he disappeared that "I see now, In this palm.... Is a heart"

Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C19
1 month ago
In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C7
1 month ago
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