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no harem, in fact no need for romance. :O View More

xraimon: I might do a harem but probably not, depends what more ppl want

Uchiha Itachi reincarnated in Against the Gods · C6
18 hours ago
DC fanfics are always more interesting than marvel ones. View More
1 day ago
I mean, MC is reincarnated right? will feel weird for him to be paired with nezuko (she is 14?) so go for shinobu, OR nezuko+Shinobu... OR shinobu + Kanroji ;) View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C7
1 day ago
yeaah right, he can always get an immortal waifu ;) View More

Sekz: immortality = loneliness

Dream to immortality · C34
2 days ago
pyrokinesis, its controling fire with the mind. View More
Endless Adventure · C50
2 days ago
good job... View More

cr4zypt: I'm 1st no one speaks..
Come bite me

Endless Adventure · C49
3 days ago

BrokenSoul: is there gonna be romance? or no?

Mystic Demon Slayer · C6
4 days ago
is there gonna be romance? or no? View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C6
4 days ago
sschool in 2k19 LUL Imagine View More
another naruto reincarnation novel... · C36
5 days ago
Nice, Kill everyone :D View More
Endless Adventure · C43
1 week ago
take the guards with him to other worlds plz <3 View More
Endless Adventure · C42
1 week ago
another naruto reincarnation novel... · C21
1 week ago
I meaaan, dis feels forced af. View More
another naruto reincarnation novel... · C20
1 week ago
trueeeee dog****t novel. View More

Vastia: Just one word.... Rubbish

The meaning of strength stopped · C19
2 weeks ago
what you expect? View More

OrdealOfMc: Dude. You're kinda scumy. First you add author notes in the fucking chapter for the word count, and then you make a patron when the grammatical errors can flood the world and the plot is bad, like nothing noteworthy happened.

Naruto Resurrection · C6
3 weeks ago
meh chapters too short tbh and fix format for the previous chapters too View More
The meaning of strength stopped · C15
3 weeks ago
and then he will forgive her right... I say BEGONE View More
· C39
3 weeks ago
will he join phantom troupe? View More
Endless Adventure · C13
3 weeks ago
so he killed a 3 star assassin just like that? View More
Endless Adventure · C9
4 weeks ago
dragon soul oppression? View More
Against the Gods Parody · C15
4 weeks ago
She is not Worthy. View More

achile: Thanks
Sofia slave ?

DC Born Evil · C6
1 month ago
btw author, did he transfer to the mcu or create the whole fking mcu and go in? View More
MarvelWatch · C1
1 month ago
go go go gogogogogogogogoogoggogogogogoogogogogogogogogogo (don't mind me, just listening to some hype music) View More
MarvelWatch · C1
1 month ago
yeah right, they just accept a 9 yrs old to be the strongest in the world, yep. View More
hhsh · C0
1 month ago
so they are ok with a 6 year old having that much talent and power? wow. View More
hhsh · C0
1 month ago
the fk did I just read? understood nothing xD View More
Naruto Awaken X2 · C0
1 month ago
author, is this novel a harem? View More
In the DC World with a System · C9
1 month ago
REEEE don't imprison Hela plz REEE time skip plz REEE more chapters View More
Asgardian Sword God · C16
1 month ago
hol up hol up bro... why you copying a well known novel blatantly as if you wrote it. View More
Hail The King!! · C4
1 month ago
bruh grammar makes it hard to read. View More
Naruto Awaken X2 · C0
1 month ago
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