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Original Works

  • Dreaming Believer

    Dreaming Believer

    Magical Realism

    A dream can be filled with many things. Your thoughts, your being and your doings, However, what if your dreams are powered by something else, not by you but by a source of evil? Follow Jae as he joins a mysterious cult and realizes that everything is not what as it seems. I'm a amateur writer and please do give me feedback and criticism on how I can improve on my stories. Enjoy!

  • The King of Seafood

    The King of Seafood

    Realistic Fiction

    A young boy dreams of following his father's path, the path of becoming a seafood coordinator at Tsukiji Fish Market but not just any seafood coordinator. He must become the King of Seafood. Going to have chapters only on the tenth of June (10/6/18), Please stay tuned.


The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C566
1 month ago
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C492
2 months ago

Tinalynge: This story is amazing, anyone who likes Eastern Fantasy ought to give it a try!

Writing Quality: The quality is much better than the majority of novels you find here on Webnovel. There are no glaring mistakes and it is a pleasure to read, everything flows so well.

Stability of updates: It is a new story so it is very hard to say what the stability will be like, but so far lots and lots of chapters are being released.

Story development: I do not wish to go too much into details about the plot as to not spoil anyone, however, the plot develops at a very nice pace, it never gets boring but it isn't rushed either. It flows at a smooth and pleasant journey where you follow Cha Ming's adventures.

Character Design: really well done! All the characters are incredibly fleshed out and you feel there is a purpose behind their existance rather than just being there for the sake of being trashed by the MC. It is a joy to read!

World Background: Really well described. The world building is made really well and introduced at the right time in the story so that it does not feel intrusive, but becomes a smooth part of the story itself.

All in all a wonderful story, I would definitely suggest you to follow it!

Painting the Mists
3 months ago
Reading Status: C22
This is a very captivating story, currently, I have only read up till the 22nd chapter and I must say, I am impressed, having been on here for over a year, I have read hundreds of original novels and this has been the only novel to want to make me write a review. It has really inspired me by the sheer creativity and depth to this story and I must say, a job very much well done! View More
Painting the Mists
3 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 10.11million
Rating : 9.2(1188)
Chapters : 1250(approx)
Status : completed
Word count : 3.38million
author level : great
No of works : 7
Disscussion : 963
Year started : 2012
Chinese title : 神煌

Divine Brilliance
4 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 10.21million
Rating : 8.5(144)
Chapters : 580+approx
Status : ongoing
Word count : 1.43million
author level : lv4
No of works : 1
Disscussion : 15779
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 神级御兽

Guys! I have a question!
Shall I retire or are these stats useful anymore?

Divine Beast Adventures
4 months ago

earldennison: My Review was deleted somehow. Anyway, this will still be the notice board for future updates of the novel. Please like this review so that it will be on top of the review pile, Thanks.

Technomancer: Genesis
6 months ago
I dont mind using my spirit stones for this story View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C193
8 months ago

Qairi: Short chapters.. Unique idea.. Original.. Readable english.. Minor typographical but negligible mistakes.. Definitely, a class of its own..............

The Other Side of A Cultivation Story
8 months ago
exp View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C263
8 months ago
Thanks author! View More
The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C41
9 months ago
the author probably wants to add some action of face-slapping because who doesn't like face-slapping? View More

unknownblink: I don’t see the reason why jiang chen is putting a mask. Can anyone explain why he need to hide is identity? If he is afraid that the third prince will kill him then he should not have enter the competition because in the end he will still be force to take that mask off.

The Brilliant Fighting Master · C202
9 months ago
Author, I believe in you. Thank you for writing this! View More
The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C33
9 months ago
you have to understand that those who are kind, normally and taken advantage of in our current world, not everyone has compassion and many are only looking for things that can benefit themselves. View More

Interdict: human nature to mistreat those who are kind? what sort of people does the author hang around with!

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C36
9 months ago
Thanks Author! View More
I Shall Defy Heaven's Expectations · C38
10 months ago
A***ww, for fucks sake, we have enough child pedophiles in this places already.

So, you got any videos of your "activities"? View More

Slowbat: i like children that are quite tall if you know what i mean?

System Programmer
10 months ago

KongZhi: Thanks for the chapter Author! Here to support you anytime!

The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C13
11 months ago
Thanks for the chapter Author! Here to support you anytime! View More
The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C13
11 months ago
thanks author View More
The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C12
11 months ago
exp View More

lealkill: dude.... dude

World Domination System · C91
11 months ago
EXp View More
World Domination System · C91
11 months ago
EXP View More
Becoming A K-pop Idol · C43
11 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
Just voting because I don’t like romance novels …
But it seems nice. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline
11 months ago
Lastly, I would like to to thank the author for writing this View More
The Inheritor · C31
12 months ago
I love the author View More
The Inheritor · C31
12 months ago
I love pizza View More
The Inheritor · C31
12 months ago
exp View More

soesastro: The story starts out great with so many face slapping. Yet, although the main character has read ao many books, he still oblivious oh how to act a decent manner. At first it seems great, yet the author repetitive scheme to face slap the other characters just makes it duller and boring.

Library of Heaven's Path
1 year ago

MysteriousOldMan: Hi, This is my new novel besides
"Having Confidence in Another World" (shameless advertising)
I edited and fixed some errors for more comfortable reading experience.. I hope you guys like this novel.. Always leave a comment on each chapters or give a review for me to get motivation to write more..(ง'̀-'́)ง

Monster Invasion
1 year ago
Firstly, If you would like to say that this novel is only trying to "lure you in with the promise of an OP mc", at least read the fucking novel. Secondly, This is a very creative approach to enhancing the novel since the Author is a newbie, there are many novels that have barely-readable English, why not go comment on those. Thirdly, Give the author constructive criticism and feedback on how he can improve on the story and the way he writes and not just straight up demeaning the Author. It's people like you who make many ******* authors drop their stories, making many readers, like you and me, not be able to read them anymore. View More

Ksitigarbha: The content has been blocked

Monster Invasion
1 year ago
The Samsara Cycle · C6
1 year ago
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