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Niki_Dhar: No. Pls not grffindor.

Harry Potter: Malfoys Rising Star · C22
6 months ago

Seregosa: Thanks for all the outstanding work you've done for this novel. It was rough at the start with all the pinyin and whatnot, but the quality peaked later on and it was very easy to read. Good job!

Now we can only wait and hope for a new translator team to continue this novel. If we get one, I do hope that the translation pace will increase to at least 10-15 chapters a week so that we can get something good out of this disaster. This is a novel that deserves to be translated, a much better one that many other super popular novels on this site.

Plundering the Heavens · C425
8 months ago

A_MuRZ0: this is getting ridiculous. And the fact that there is no response or any reaction is worse than no updates.

Soaring the Heavens · C532
8 months ago
A notice pls View More
Soaring the Heavens · C532
9 months ago

Tugster: This novel is like a Japanese ln except the mc ain't spineless

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C92
9 months ago

Vash_the_Stampede: Yep, only rich people are extremely handsome. All good looking poor people are shot to death as soon as they are found

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C60
9 months ago

Vash_the_Stampede: Man, handsome guys get all the breaks. When I try to give children candy from my dark windowless van I always end up having to answer so many questions to the police

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C29
9 months ago

Neverfound: Thr only reason why i prefer chinese harem novel rather than japanese harem novel :
MC is not a dense motherfuckin vegetarian

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C15
9 months ago

ConsumedByDarkness: This is really a scam at first I thought that after unlocking privilege I am free to read what I unlock never thought that I still need to pay extra ss to unlock chapters of the privilege panel. But, even so I still use ss to unlock the chaps afterall I've wasted lots of ss for the privilege.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C149
10 months ago

Immortalreader: This doesn't have NTR... Some stupid ***** ruined such a good novel's release rate.... **** you!
If not for this, this novel would certainly have been the best in the whole of the web novel in this bloody site.

Soaring the Heavens
10 months ago

Hlekwa: This is well written I like the fact that the Mc does not feel that every woman has fallen in love with him. He is ruthless, cunning but loyal to his friends. And when he escapes or survives difficult scenarios it is

done in a believable way

Soaring the Heavens
10 months ago

Prettylillis: Really wish he had become a scout, would have been more spicy

Dark King · C97
10 months ago

Maelstrom11: I think it was way better than lnmtl

Dark King · C81
10 months ago

GamezNoob: Yo, take a chillpill. First , correct your grammar mistakes, second, didn't you read it's just one guy translating because he is a fan ?
You should thank him instead.

Dark King · C65
10 months ago

Gabus: that's weird , they didn't receive any info on alchemist, mutated human beast etc and they are send in the wild? how can they hope that they will survive?

Dark King · C49
10 months ago

Guardial: And now back to several chapters ago... The book said that before he was frozen, he was accepted to Harvard at the age of 12. He should be at least 15 now. (Excluding the 300 years on ice if course)

Dark King · C29
10 months ago

Trash_Buffet: If you fry 2 fish initially, then flip one over and replace the other one, at the 2 minute mark, you'll have 1 fully fried fish, and 2 half fried fish. Then you can finish frying the last 2 during the last minute.

Dark King · C7
10 months ago

A_MuRZ0: Any notice would be appreciated, dear translator and editor! Just post 'gone for 3 weeks on vacation' or something to let the readers know it's not dropped.

Soaring the Heavens · C532
10 months ago

Aastron: Oh no... Privelage.. Damn.. Paying SS to open chapters using SS. A double payment system.... 😭😭😭😭

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C94
10 months ago

Zhoaandzong: I thought FY was gonna clean the house but looks like he is more wise by revealing the flaw in our thinking.

Reverend Insanity · C559
11 months ago

Redanxelar: OK so let me guess. Class six cheats or does something bad to a member of class nine (even though class six is way better and doesn't need to cheat to win). Our author who knows nothing about basketball and thinks you only need to be fast and talk to play basketball, will make mc play and win the match with the help of the boot (even though the mc just said he wanted to keep it a secret).

The Almighty Ring · C8
11 months ago

ThrustThunder: "All that was left were his feet wrapped in warm socks."
So in order to use his Magical Equipment, he will appear Naked?
That kind of puts a damper on having Awesome Armor is no one can see it...
"At 1pm, there will be a basketball competition between our class and the sixth class! After lunch"
Wow, what timing! I'm sure our Hero will do the Smart thing and *Not* use his Invisible Shoes of Physics Breaking and give away his secret just one day after deciding to keep it all a secret!
Oh wait, this is an Asian Novel. Have to show off to an entire School worth of people and hope Plot Armor saves us from any negative repercussions!

The Almighty Ring · C8
11 months ago

SpinchPrise: I'm sure you would hate it when the author will keeps dragging about finding the ring.

The Almighty Ring · C1
11 months ago

TanyaSilver: Finding a ring just when the mc needed a game pod on the same day. Now this is what i called the famous ultimate plotarmor to speed up the story. Gaming stories has gotten less enjoyable after a few years. Let's hope at least the world building is nice.

The Almighty Ring · C1
11 months ago

WindsOfTheValley: Didn’t Hong Dali buy 33 million worth of property? Why is it 3.3 now?

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C20
11 months ago

Blue_Sovereign22: The content has been deleted

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C2
11 months ago

samsta101: Couldn’t have, or else how would he still be so weak?

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C2
11 months ago

cloudnet: Story is super great. Only issue is why the fck did he just remove all the effects on streghthening is body before. Its not like others will know it. Also it didnt have a suppression. In reality, He just made his life harder. This is the only issue i have with the author. Always likes to make MC weak as hell again and start from the bottom. I almost stopped when he went back to rank 1 before. Hopefully this doesnt continue when he goes to other regions.

Reverend Insanity · C454
11 months ago

lifesketcher: Please move this to premium so that the chapters are more regular! D=

Soaring the Heavens · C525
11 months ago

Silakai: I'm confused. How does his ability give him an advantage as a geneticist? I know that he can see the paths of genetic evolution, but geneticists appear to be alchemists for the most part. His ability has nothing to do with making potions. Either he didn't explain what geneticists do very well, or I really missed something.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C47
11 months ago
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