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Original Works

  • In Another World With Anime System (French)

    In Another World With Anime System (French)


    [Novel écris en français]-[Novel wrote in french] Suivez la vie de Nils Zatras après qu'il soit réincarné (contre sa volontée) par le dieu qui gère la Terre dans un autre monde où magie, peuples et monstres issues de la fantasy sont les choses les plus communes. Pour l'aider dans sa nouvelle vie (et survie) dans ce nouveau monde, dieu lui offre le "Anime System" (entre autres)...

  • In Another World With Anime System (English version)

    In Another World With Anime System (English version)


    Follow the life of Nils Zatras after he is reincarnated (against his will) by the god who manages the Earth in another world where magic, peoples, monsters and beast from fantasy are the things the most common. To help him to live (and survive) in this new world, god offers him the <Anime System> (among other things). I'm not an english native and i lack in spelling, grammar and vocabulary so please don't trash me too hard for this, a french version (i'm french) of this novel exist so if this version is too unreadable you can try the french version with a translator, it will maybe a less horror show than this but i'm not sure^^. I don't own the anime and manga characters and powers showed in this fan-fic, only my poor writting and broken english. Cover is not mine as well.




    Just a guy reincarnated in Hunter x Hunter world with few wishes granted. I don't own anything in this novel except original characters. English isn't my first language so don't expect a very good writting quality. Release rate will be random since i'm a lazy person. Tags: op mc, harem.

  • An Elementalist at Hogwarts

    An Elementalist at Hogwarts

    Book&Literature Harem Bleach Magic OP HarryPotter MaleLead Hogwarts Grindelwald GoodDumbledore Elementalist


    When Henry Marth, a rich, handsome and playboy but lazy young adult save a strange black cat at the cost of his legs and his handsome face he lost everything, his friends, his girlfriend, even the love from his parents, he finally saw how superficial everything in his life was and ultimately sinked in depression. Only movies, tv shows, mangas, novels and his now only little companion at four legs made his life supportable until the day of his house burnt with him inside, but it's not the end of his journey, no, it's just the beginning. I don't own Harry Potter nor Bleach and the cover isn't mine either. English isn't my native language so there will be errors. I lauched a Pat reon https://www.pat reon.com/The_Grindelwald You can read extra chapters who will only be posted on Pat reon Just remove the space if you want to check, thank you for the support if you decide to become a pat reon.

  • Arkadia


    Fantasy Academy Harem Magic

    Crest Zolan, a 15 years old teen is on the verge to start his teaching of the magic arts at the Landford Academy, one of the most prestigious magic academy of the Bahrein Continent, the largest continent of the Known Lands, as known as Arkadia. I don't own the cover. My English is garbage tier, I already know it and I already use Grammarly so there are not too many things I can do about it, sorry. My Pat*eon: https://www.pat*eon.com/The_Grindelwald Just remplace the "*" by a "r" if you want to check, advanced chapters will come later.


Brian_Gallacher: Had potential but ruined. Mc became to op way to quickly by relying on dragon balls makes story boring for me. 140 characters 140 characters

I am Krillin!(Completed)
1 week ago

Hanshi: Please use 'to inner thoughts' instead of "that are for talking".

Itachi Rebirth: A Shinigami Tale · C8
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C36
This is not good, it's just a mc who only spam his jutsus like retard like a lol player spam spells in urf...
Only to read when you have nothing else to do, pointless fighting, no character developpement, it's the story of someone spamming jutsus on the battlefield, all enemies are dumb, in chapter 2 enemies are dumb enough to not even trying to cast justsus or throws shuriken/kunai at the mc, no they just run mindlessly at him and back when he cast a jutsu and they do this again and again until they died, they do not even try to attack him from differents directions when they fight 2v1... View More
《Infinite Stamina》
3 weeks ago
The omake is longer than the chapter... View More
RWBY: A Wolf's Fate · C4
3 weeks ago

Weirdo: Author, please don't do fourth wall breaker joke, it's not funny... Just do your normal stuff, this new joke is not a good match here..

The Uchiha-Senju Immortal · C25
1 month ago

Grimsight: sorry to ask, but could you stop breaking the fourth wall?

The Uchiha-Senju Immortal · C25
1 month ago

HeartRend: I'm finding these fourth wall breaks more and more annoying. Story loses its immersion. Now ur trying to turn it into a semi comedy like deadpool and I personally am not enjoying it. Hopw you bring the story back on track quickly

The Uchiha-Senju Immortal · C25
1 month ago
thanks for the answers and keep the good work View More

Voltigod: I will assume you didn't read up to the recent chapter, so I won't spoil, but I set the system as a visual representation of MC's strenght. The system, although it sounds he is getting very strong by it, he actually does not, yes he does get stronger, but in the larger view, eill not matter much in upcoming battles. And I won't kill everyone. There will be some deaths, but not like mass genocide just for some Levels. That is all I can say.

From Rebirth to Perfection · C3
1 month ago
So he wants to kill everyone, why? just to grow stronger? again a mc who can't becomes stronger without level up? View More
From Rebirth to Perfection · C3
1 month ago
So the mc can only take 2 punchs before he is out??? the mc is only a weak ass... View More
Lightning Dragon Zeus Newgate - One Piece · C0
2 months ago
because the MC don't have a slight of talent? View More

notlair: Why is the mc so weak though,

Kakashi and Itachi at his age can already kill pro heros for breakfast,

Also don't associate it with kakashi and itachi being prodigies, the mc has been having spar with his father, add the fact that he has a system, a freakin' SYSTEM,

My Ninja Academia · C7
3 months ago
Can't even write your own review that you have to copy paste review of others? View More

RaYak: So this is kind of similar to The King's Avatar. We got our MC who made a promise to stop playing a certain MOBA if he lost and he did so he moved onto another MOBA which is League of Legends. He is great at it and that's all there really is to it rn. I mean there are some interesting characters, but they haven't really been fleshed out yet. BTW MC is in highschool 3rd year which means that he is going to a university next year. There is some conflict with his parents about his love for gaming, but I don't think it will be a plot point. Based on summary it seems like he will become a professional gamer for League. Any it was a fun read, but nothing really special. It took about 10 chapters to cover one match of league when it was being focused on so these 22 chapters should give a good dose of what to expect from the story.

League of Legends: League of Unknowns
3 months ago
This is stupid and the constant change between first and third perspectives are annoying. View More
As I Wish For · C2
3 months ago

DarkWalker_1987: 7 for me becuase i dont want three eye freak.

The Sharingan Hyuga · C58
3 months ago
Did Naruto can gain stats points without the use of the "book"? By fighting and training? Because still now he only became stronger thanks to the "book". Same question for the master points. View More

NarutoOutsutsuki: Your comment is very difficult to understand, could you explain yourself better?

The God of Harem and Pride - Naruto · C13
3 months ago
He only get 3, one of each type. View More

Zerot_Solar: Nope don’t hear them(the people in the comment section), if you bring more things from One Piece World it will be odd and mess with the power ranking like you are doing here giving him basically 3devil fruit from each type(9Devil Fruit in total)... 🧐

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C2
3 months ago
Did a he just f*cked a 15 years old little girl??? View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C92
4 months ago
The content has been deleted
Dragonball: A Human's Tale
4 months ago
It should be at least 90 at this moment since I remember he put 20 points in Intelligence. View More

FReeeeeeLightnovel: Intelligence stat is too low Izuku put more than 10 stats into intelligence plus his innate intelligence is at least 1 so 10+1+60=71 at the lowest

My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer · C15
4 months ago
It' 9 years before Naruto's birth so basically 22 years before canon. View More

WolfLord: tsunade in the original timeline was over 50 years old she kept looking like a granny because she kept using her seal at her age which rapidly aged her cells then she'd use the medical ninjutsu to heal herself and make it look younger so if it's 8 to 9 years before Canon before Naruto she would be between 40 to 41 years old

iFanfic: just another common fanfic with a system.(currently in Naruto) · C0
4 months ago
Jiren's power was 11 000 000 000 000 000 000... It's just became ridicule. View More

NorthernWind: The fact that I'm fairly certain that isn't even a trillionth of what their power levels are displays have stupid the power escalation is. Remember when 1000 was good?

Dragonball: A Human's Tale · C3
4 months ago
In the last 3 chapters his training was very harsh, no wonder he will soon become the number 1 hero... View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C63
4 months ago
Where's Kakashi and why it's Luar who gives orders, hell nothing makes sense since they left BKHA world. View More
Primordial Saiyan: Chaos God Slayer · C23
4 months ago
Running a marathon to mesure speed is one of the most stupid things I ever heard... View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C4
4 months ago
So for you I don't have the right to review a novel if I didn't read all the chapters released? I don't have to give my thoughts on what I've read?

I even said that "to the chapter I reached" so of course I only gave my opinion on the chapters read, I wasn't harsh or anything, I didn't gave you a too bad rating and I only said that Vahn was pretty caged by his own harem, hell you said it yourself in the chapter 272 that Vahn could have a life with more freedom if he stopped to care too much about his harem, of course it's his own choice but you can't deny that at this stade of the story, Vahn's freedom was quite limited.

Of course your novel have almost 1100 chapters but it doesn't means that the early chapters are inexistants so we can review them. If I had rated your novel 5 stars and told that it's a very good novel with very well developped characters (it's my honest opinion about it, I really think you made an amazing work on the characters building), did my review would be deleted because I only read 275 chapters?

Sorry if I sounded mean or harsh in my review but I didn't lied, his harem clearly told him to not enter in the dungeon, he was also told to relax, to not train too much so they order him, every character of his harem put their burdens on his back, it's his choice but he still carry everyone burdens. He is spied by the "Network", they gave informations to everyone in the network about his displacements.

Maybe I didn't chose the right words in my review but I didn't bullsh*t, It really gave me the feeling that Vahn is like an animal in a cage.

Of course my review was my own opinion since a review is subjective and not objective and of course my opinion will probably change if I read more chapters but we didn't review only the last chapters but the first too.

Sorry if I sounded like an assh*le in my review, it wasn't my intention. View More

Einlion: You're trying to review a novel that is almost 1100 chapters without even reading a third of them. Seriously, nothing you're saying is even remotely constructive, nor does it really help to inform the readers about anything other than your opinion. The review section is not supposed to be used as a blog board. As someone with a novel of their own, I had expected even a basic amount of professional courtesy from you.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago
Reading Status: C57
The novel is rather nice and written in a proper English, the downhill is the MC, he is so dumb that it's became ludicrous, his charisma should be equal to a stone one, he don't have any talent in anything and sorely relieve on plot armor. The MC is by far the worst character in this novel. View More
Paragon of Destruction
5 months ago
The mc make continually the worst choice, he is so dumb that it's become painful to read, by far the most retarded mc I've ever seen. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C57
5 months ago
What are you talking about? I just said that her visage's features and presence are otherworldly, I never said he wanted to f*ck her or something like that, she's not sexy or hot or something like this, she's 11 years old for god sake, don't insult me of pedophile because your mind interpreted something I didn't wrote. View More

Haise99: 11 year old girl who reach perfection really?
Is that you reference as pedophile?🤨

An Elementalist at Hogwarts · C17
6 months ago
Thanks, corrected. View More

non_refert: Hurted is NOT the past tense form of hurt. For example: "She asked with a hurted expression" the correct way of writing that would be "She asked with a hurt expression". (Wrong) "... I hurted her feelings...." (correct) "... I hurt her feelings..."

An Elementalist at Hogwarts · C16
6 months ago
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