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The bad luck might be getting into situations with girls that would cause misunderstandings. View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C79
2 days ago
Have his fans still not seen his face? Despite there being group selfies with him posted on other people’s moments. Also with his ‘like-like’ dance being famous. View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C60
4 days ago
Probably an orphan View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C28
4 days ago
Imagine him asking to the same girl out only to be accepted after the 99th rejection.
Ugly girl: ok I’ll go out with you.
MC: Sh** Dream on. My left hand is better than you.

*Ding* You have failed the task. Please start over again.
MC: No!! View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C1
5 days ago
Why would an S-rank’s brother worry about money?
His annual salary would be less than the S-rank’s monthly income. View More

Rebel: What kind of S-Rank's brother hangs out in a 8-man team that sacrifices 2 temporary team members

Only I level up · C36
3 months ago

Rebel: What kind of S-Rank's brother hangs out in a 8-man team that sacrifices 2 temporary team members

Only I level up · C36
3 months ago
The guy has plot armour so his overall actions in the long term will only produce positive results. But honestly for a noob who doesn’t know how the system functions. The most obvious thing is to increase strength, because it provides the most obvious results. View More
Only I level up · C17
3 months ago
Yong Biqi sounds like the MC of a romance novel, by that logic everything she did is acceptable. After all the Lu brothers have killed their share of people. I feel sorry for the twin sister though. She didn’t commit any sins yet she got the harshest punishment. View More
The Devil's Sleeping Beauty · C147
3 months ago
It’s his own chunibyu. He can’t remember nor accept half of things he actually did. View More

Empyrean_Asuka: Why does he sound surprised even though he created it?

Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C172
3 months ago
Shang Ting: Husband where are you going? The entrance is over here.

Mo Xie: the entrance is here but the exit is over there. I can’t bear this comedy show any longer. I need to quickly go to the end and take over the pagoda View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C171
3 months ago
But surely at a higher cultivation, he can absorb faster and so can heal his father quicker than at his current state. View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C1
4 months ago
Same for me. I’m the type of reader that unless the childhood friend is unlikeable, then they gets first dibs. That’s why I was on TeamOnodera (Nisekoi). View More

Dr_Dee: Yo that Anime pissed me off because of the secondary characters. That other Male childhood friend got screwed over by that other female childhood friend in the end. Felt bad for him.

Endless Pampering Only For You · C69
4 months ago
It seems to me that the room had incense or some other aphrodisiac scent, which influenced him. It might be planned by his twin. View More
The Devil's Sleeping Beauty · C5
4 months ago
When is she gonna drop the bombshell, that she's pregnant? View More
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C372
7 months ago
Zeke= Zhi, and had plastic surgery when he was recuperating.
Anna is alive, and hopefully sane again?
Zeke was building up his power, and trying to find out who the real enemies were?
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C370
7 months ago
If this is the last volume. Then that means the LiangShuya and YianXiaoling couple romances will be quite short. View More
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C362
7 months ago
Where is Mr Mu? Doesn't he want to make her his woman, why is he not stalking her like they always do? Doesn't he want his son to see the woman he always dreamt about? What kind of background check was he shown? He hasn't even realised that Tianyou is his son. View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C107
7 months ago
He Lingxiang, if you mess with Shishi, you mess with Youyou. Youyou might just use a frustrated father to deal with you. View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C106
7 months ago
It would be funny if he wakes up one day and the world reverts to normal:

SYSTEM ALERT- Host has completed his mission and will return to his crappy life as an average looking, average male living off his landlord. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1472
7 months ago
LOL, Mingyu doesn't know what he's getting himself into. He's got 2 older sisters now.
The balance has been broken and he's gonna end up being their butler in the future. He won't be able to date without their permission. View More
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C327
7 months ago
*Plot Twist*
Yun Tianyou is a reincarnated cultivator, who is the real MC and will have his own sequel. XD View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C96
7 months ago
I was expecting to get some voice buffs and play all the characters himself. XD View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1468
7 months ago
Lu Xia: Mo Sheng kiss Rong Xin
Rong Xin: I can't accept I have a girlfriend.
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C321
7 months ago
It's not that there aren't any good ones, but I'd rather watch a 90s anime than a new chinese 3d animation. Chinese novels are very good, but the wuxia/xianxia comics are too kiddy and the story doesn't flow very well. The 3d animation look abnormal and often like claymation, compared to anime. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1467
7 months ago
Chris is one of those typical seniors you get in these stories, he's just a filler character who is a rash older student that is just a fielder that gets a few hits every couple of games. View More
The Hitting Zone · C192
7 months ago
Wait in line Mr Gu, you’re only the 4th male lead in this story.
Leads ranked in importance to Yun Shishu currently:
1. Youyou
2. Youyou’s twin
3. Stepfather
4. Nice celebrity
5. Youyou’s Dad View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C90
7 months ago
Poor Dr. Zhou, the author pretty much calls him ugly doctor, every time he is mentioned. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C22
8 months ago
I wonder if Mingyu will be jealous when he sees his sister get close to her twin?
But I think their personalities are complementary. MeiXue is like the moon(silent, cold, beauty) and Yuxi is like the Sun (bright and happy) View More

minglmy: I can't wait for Yuxi and MeiXue to meet up ... It will be such amazing moment for LAL and KJ to be whole again with their kids

Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C319
8 months ago
Could it be that she never tried to kill anyone but her scare tactic ended up causing an accident with Zhi’s mom? Her son is the only one that likes her but he’s incompetent. Kang Jun is the only one she likes because he’s a ‘legitimate’ family member but he doesn’t like her. So she’s all alone in that family. View More
Perfect Match, Secret Marriage · C318
8 months ago
Jake and Zeke, remind me of Tsukamoto and the captain from the soccer manga/anime “Days”. Jake might not be the future captain because he’s too cautious but he will be the ace. View More
The Hitting Zone · C188
8 months ago
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