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explain! View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C730
3 days ago
She really is desperate View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C720
1 week ago
probably the worst chapter so far. The author clearly didn't put much thought into this one. These Beastmasters are suppose to be human being, but the author treated them like some random agro in a game. In this chapter you can clearly feel a disconnect between the author and the actual story. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C341
2 weeks ago
Damn. View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C693
1 month ago
Humble bragging View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C252
1 month ago
It's heading towards the racism route, but it is not yet there. If it does, I'll have no problem erasing this from my library like many others before it. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C245
1 month ago
Aaaay, baddassery at its finest! View More
Mystical Journey · C1221
4 months ago
This author do this all the time, but only a few readers seem to be able to notice when it is not so blatant. It makes no damn, what's the point of reading when you can't comprehend what you are reading? This author is a king of fillers. View More
Reverend Insanity · C977
6 months ago
Peak master trying to act all powerful and mysterious and ****, psst. He done brought his whole squad; they should have stayed hidden, kinda made him lose a bit of face there. View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C545
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
The Path Toward Heaven · C545
6 months ago
Drunkard and Chief Monk be like, "they crazy yo, lets get out of here!" View More
Nightfall · C954
6 months ago
The man is truly lazy to a fault! View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C526
7 months ago
thanks View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C738
7 months ago
Quite an atypical way to start a story, but the more impressive thing is making it so interesting, hats off. View More
Caracara's Hunt · C3
7 months ago
So far I'm loving the way you are unravelling the story and the characters. View More
Caracara's Hunt · C2
7 months ago
Very good! I'll definitely keep reading. View More
Caracara's Hunt · C1
7 months ago
Swift! View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C511
7 months ago

Ninetales: I've released a total of 15+4(Sat, Sun), 19 chapters. I wanted to release Sat and Sun chapters first so you guys can make use of the sale for more chapters. Like I said, these are unedited chapters so pardon me if the sentence structures are bad, if there's anything you find wrong, feel free to write a comment down, I will be scrolling through them to check. Chapters should resume Monday but it might be unedited as well. Give me honest feedback on whether I really need an editor as well so I can make arrangements too!

Tales of Herding Gods · C614
8 months ago

Ninetales: Tried my best to not end at a bad cliffhanger too

Tales of Herding Gods · C614
8 months ago
I still don't trust Mace. I don't believe I'll ever trust her ever again, neither it seems will Daedo, smart kid. She might still be in deep cover. View More
Daedalus · C57
8 months ago
10s of thousands of years in the future if humanity survives, cameras will be obsolete. I doubt that we'll even need auxiliary electronic meant for entertainment and the likes, those things will be imbedded within us. View More
The God Virus · C1
8 months ago

Blazesaber109: Bro have u been reading from chapter one ...... cause I don't think u have!!!!! This isn't just a run of the mill webnovel it's a masterpiece of epic proportions that has only just began... Skully dude can't WAIT for the next chapter keep up the good work!!!!😍👍🏾

Daedalus · C53
8 months ago
I like this! Who is right? Who is wrong? Different lenses, same information, different point of view. Exciting! View More
Daedalus · C53
8 months ago
Translation quality is not up to par with the writing. At least do a better at editing these chapters. View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C470
8 months ago
The Drunkard and the Butcher seem to have made a deal with Haotian and his goons. Things are truly getting hopeless for Tangs. View More
Nightfall · C817
9 months ago
Thanos' method was more 'fair', if one could put it like that. View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C5
9 months ago
exciting stuff and a somewhat logical set of reaction after reincarnation. View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C2
9 months ago
No rich person is THAT nice. He is a snake. View More
God of Money · C25
9 months ago
People are dumb. View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens · C65
9 months ago
Author plz rein on the bullsh!t a little bit. View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens · C56
9 months ago
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