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  • Greatest Swordsman In One Piece

    Greatest Swordsman In One Piece



    Mike found himself on a new world when he woke up. In this world there are people who are strong enough to shatter an island with a single fist or freeze the sea with a single touch or defeat an army simply with a gaze. Mike will carve his own path in this world with a sword and his will power. . . . . . I do not own one piece or any of its characters. I also do not own the book cover. I am just shamelessly copying them.


What the ****kkkk author. The realm teated everyone fairly for the previous 900+ chapters and then u decided to pull this **** now. I mean if the realm gives such OP abilities to everyone then everyone can be a genius. You just removed the best selling point of your novel. That is.... high risk=high reward and low risk=low reward.... View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C965
2 weeks ago
This chap just ruin all the good feelings built up in the previous 100+ chapters. I mean he at least has the right to get angry at his mom for acting like a ***** and wu tong has no right ti interfear here. I mean would she not do the same if it happens to her View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C129
1 month ago

FoodSectElder: Chinese title: 我的成就有点多
Date started: 07/26/2018
Rating: 8.4
Chapters: ~527
Word count: 1.33 million
Status: Ongoing

Author: 虫2
Number of works: 4
Website: Qidian

Novel is tagged as "都市" and "都市生活" which translates into "Urban" and "Life". This is the same as his other novels which translate to English as "From writer to superstar" and "Superstar producer". All of them have some sort of system as well.

My Extraordinary Achievements
1 month ago

SamStrike: I have read till chp 80, it only show on what chapter you left, not how many you have read.

3 months ago

SamStrike: Anti-hero mc? To me it seems like a hero-complex mc that saves all the women he finds

3 months ago
Wtf everything i have been reading is destroyed just like
what do u mean they were never afraid of the zombies, they were running away like their ass were on fire. There were 4 slow zombies and like 10+ people and the zombies were slowly kiting them from behind. You call this not afraid of zombies. And the two girls are getting more and more annoying. They dont have the right to even demand his secrets, but the mc tell all his secrets just like that....bye bye. View More
Mutagen · C46
3 months ago
The author seems to forget that yuki is not a human. Why would a fox want to adopt a dragon. Why would a female animal show affection to a child of other species. Her first reaction should be to eat it. Its a good novel but i am dropping it because its becoming more and more different from how i imagined at the beginning and this dragon adopting deals the last straw. It doesn't seem like an animal kingdom anymore View More
Golden Fox with System · C18
3 months ago

VlyeWho: Was interesting for a couple of chapters till the annoyingly lazy MC kept getting in the way. Most of the chapters is filled with talk that could be shortened or cut out yet it's there for word count. Females keep being involved for some dumb reason even though no romance, System seems to be getting dumber as it allows him to become even more lazy and trick the system to being unproductive which goes against it.(bad writing) I don't know how someone that got a system to get stronger would continue to be lazy and play games and read when they have superpowers, he reads novels and play games that have powers yet doesn't care that he has powers, seems like a forced reason to be lazy.

Seized by the System
3 months ago

Narcox: really hate it when the MC is very lucky or unlucky i would to see a MC with normal loot

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C16
3 months ago

Nyko: Yeah, I thought so myself.
What you are saying is probably true.
However I'm pretty tired of reading the same old so this is like a breath of fresh air to me.
As you say I'm glorifying it, but I'm not really lying either. I believe reviews are supposed to help the reader understand the novel and look forward to it, so I'll indulge in such melodramaticness for now.
Sorry if I ticked you off.

Dark King
3 months ago

Unknown47: I don’t think master Zhao knows that around 55% of face to face communication is through body language so even though I wasn’t there in person I can pretty much tell she was bribed to stay by arran’s side (like my previous thoughts of this money grubbing btch)

Paragon of Destruction · C24
3 months ago
Why do i get annoyed every time i try to read this novel. Yeah i get it, they escaped together, they went through many things, but why is the mc taking care of them like his childrens, like giving money for their every needs, improving their strength, making their decisions and asking nothing in return........And they dont act mature like they should, instead they rely on the mc for every thing, they dont even make their own decisions. And is fireball the strongest spell in this novel, bcaus they solve every fight with fireballs. When is his magic gonna improve, all he is doing till now is moving from one place to another and taking care of some mature guys who act like kids. I cant even imagine how they survive till now, View More
When A Mage Revolts · C244
3 months ago

Awham_Esom: Happy

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C2
4 months ago
Whats the meaning of the test if he already told him the answer. I mean wont kakashi be angry. Its a test kakashi arranged for his students, he should at least respect that and stop trying to help naruto in every little thing like a stupid fanboy. Its getting annoying. And he is treating pokemon like pebbles by giving it for free to everyone. Is it going to change, if not i will be very disappointed. View More
The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C29
4 months ago
And if it was just the 10 blueprints(30 gold. A big guild has around 2 gold now, so its the amount of 15 big guilds) and 100 level 10 mysterious iron rank equipment( it will cost more than the blueprint) its ok. But discount on every item she buy form him, thats insane, is she his fucking mother or something. And i can predict she is also gonna get many offers from the lifestyle players he is gonna raise. Its even more insane. All this just for an advertisement. Good job mc, so intelligent. View More

PatriarchZero: He is considered the best blacksmith in the game now, so i think he has quite the reputation. I think everyone knows he has the ability to support many lifestyle players with the money he make. So i don't think this trade is fair. He is so stupid. If He doesnt even have a reputation who will join his alliance even if a strong guild advertise for him. Sooo stupid.........

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C84
5 months ago
He is considered the best blacksmith in the game now, so i think he has quite the reputation. I think everyone knows he has the ability to support many lifestyle players with the money he make. So i don't think this trade is fair. He is so stupid. If He doesnt even have a reputation who will join his alliance even if a strong guild advertise for him. Sooo stupid......... View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C84
5 months ago

Hnn17: 1000 reviews all at ch0 lol, this must be the work of Exp Sect greatest elder.

Warlock Apprentice
5 months ago

Thor: Boring story with nothing to look forward to. Simple predictable dull mc just kept getting lucky on his generic cultivation path. The chatroom idea is inconceivably stupid, considering human nature of interpersonal relationship.
I consider the story so far absolute absence of ******* or any kinds of excitement. I saw occasions that the author tried to create surprises but seriously most, if not all, of them are lame. The story progress ******-mindedly with so little complexity as if it's designed for kids or idiots.
Maybe things would get better in mid story, but I can't continue downgrading my intelligence with this kind of novels.
For those who enjoy the story, sorry for my harsh comment.
For those who haven't started reading, think twice before proceeding.

Cultivation Chat Group
5 months ago

PigBussy: Overrated with too much plot armor.
Jokes are not funny anymore and when you expect the MC to solve the problems seriously, it becomes a joke and plot armor x1000 activates.
Boring and bland.

Cultivation Chat Group
5 months ago

Lonahora: OVERRATED!
To be short, everything is redundant, snail paced and low quality to begin with, while poor comedy seems to be the main theme.

That being said, perhaps all the flaws I see in it are because I'm not part of the author's intended demographic.

Cultivation Chat Group
5 months ago
Reading Status: C376
Only for those who loves low comedies. Never take the novel seriously or you will feel like killing the author. It was going good at the begining and all the cultivation stuff was nicely arranged. But it all goes downhill when the character ' senior white ' was introduced. After that there is no character development at all. Its the story about getting lucky and upgrading with no common sense. Mc makes all the stupid decessions. All the old cultivators have no wisdom. It becomes a low quality comedy novel. Which is so frustrating because the story was beginning so good as a modern with cultivation novel. I don't know why many are enjoying the comedy here. Because i find that the excessive comedy scene is destroying the novel. I have so much more to complain about the characters but i'm too lazy to write, its too much View More
Cultivation Chat Group
5 months ago
So why is chu chu going in the time city. Is it a group packet every time the mc gets a lucky oportunity. Its getting annoying, she is getting all the good things for free since she start going with the mc for no reason. Is every strong cultivator such a good person that that they give everyone such gifts. I mean she is getting everything without paying anything. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C543
5 months ago
Can i ask a question guys? What is Li yinzhu doing in space. She is already unconscious and releasing freezing air all around. Is it a universal order that she has to stay near him even if she turned into an ice cube. Or Is one of those legendary plot armour about to happen. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C540
5 months ago
Is mc brain getting smaller and smaller as his cultivation increases. I mean he was making some preety good decissions when he was a mortal but now He keeps makind stupid decissons. He is keeping a girl who can turn into ice any moment and a superhuman kid who is just 6 years old with his weak parents and he hope that all this cultivation **** will remain a secret. Why don't he just kill his parents and save them the sufferings. I mean these kids are tickling time bombs that can explode anytime. I mean what if when his mom lights a fire and then the ice loli just swallow it, what's he gonna say? Or what if her disease flars up and turn the house into ice, then his parents are preety much dead and there is nothing he can do. I am even amaze at how they are still alive with how rackless he is. At least buy a seperate place for the cultivation stuff. And all this lolis and stupid girls without common sense was enjoying in the beginning but its getting annoying now. There is no character development at all. I mean they are all old monsters but i don't see any wisdom in them at all. I can understand if there is few of them, there are always exceptions, but for all of them to be so stupid after living for hundeds and thousands of years. How did they become cultivators if they are so stupid. There is no change in the mc character from chapter 1. And his 'good guy' mode is nice but its too much. He showed that he can be ruthless to his enemies when he just became a cultivator but it seems like it just vanish now. He is having less and less courage. But is it just my eyes or all the low level cultivators vanished everytime he level up and he again become the weakest. At least i need some character development. I know this is not gonna change anything but i just wanna release my pent up frustration after reading this novel non stop without sleeping and seeing it just going downhill as the chapter increases AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!🥴 View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C501
5 months ago
Why is he becoming so stupid. His seniors warned him its dangerous even for cultivator but he just ate it because he fears his mother will scold him. Hey i thought this is a good novel. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C254
5 months ago

Vanhellsing: Honestly, this novel should be one of the main novels in the site like where they do multiple releases in a day.
Its an awesome novel with lots of comedy and intelligence. Not many cheat engine for cultivation like in other novels but here it's totally opposite(so for diehard fans for super-ultra speed cultivation this ain't for you). Except for super fast Cultivation powerup, here genuine effort and proper mind(and money) are used by MC. Don't say this is bad novel for some ****ty reasons

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain
5 months ago
So there are no other basketball players who can teach him other than his noob sister. I mean the author is just trying to force things to happen between them. There are real basketball players there but instead of making them teach him he make his sister who doesn't know much teach him. And the reason is because he is a noob. Yeah great....this chass president keeps popping up in every scene. I give up View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C96
5 months ago
The MC seems like a side character to me. The one who does all the hard work to make the MC become rich and powerful(in other novels) because all he does in the novel is making new cards. He has no emotion, no social skills, he doesn't even know who are famous in the card industry, doesn't know how to earn money, how to interact with others, he doesn't care anything about the world other than making card in his rundown room. While his friend knows everything so I think he is just a side character to earn money and power for his friend. He is just a brain dead person. I got so angry as I start reading this novel. View More

Archena: 1 star because author think readers are idiots. So he make MC a fking dense stupid moron as if he is mocking the readers. MC won't understand how much talented and powerful he is. In later chapters, people will be awed by his talents, but he doesn't understand what people are saying to him, he thinks people are making mistakes so he don't listen them. He don't take the benifits he would recieve and complain how he is poor. he is so poor that even after earning in millions he won't leave the initial 150 dollar house. he don't neeed comfort, protection or fear of house robbery. He just always remain poor because he spent them on experiment.

The Card Apprentice
5 months ago

AzureConqueror: I'm starting to think that Copper should be the main character. He's rolling in money, he got the girl and everything seems easy with him only needing to create create the card play plots and find ways to sell it without his identity being exposed.
Chen Mu on the other hand has to mass produce the card play sets, and everytime he saved up a lot he gets a new project which he just coincidentally has just enough money to buy the materials, which leaves him with almost nothing left and back to being poor.

The Card Apprentice · C55
5 months ago
For ****' sake you should cultivate more for your life ****head View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C104
5 months ago
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