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Hey, I really like your story, and I feel like there aren't nearly enough Beezlebub fics out there. As such I would like to offer to edit this, as I feel it would due it a lot of good to touch it up a bit. View More
《Strongest Furuichi》 · C15
5 months ago
Paragraph 2 sentence 6. View More

SovereignBookEater: 'taught' ---> 'thought'

Naruto world reincarnation · C1
11 months ago
'taught' ---> 'thought' View More
Naruto world reincarnation · C1
11 months ago
10/10 your unique writing style always wows me. View More
Test001 · C57
1 year ago

HungryForChapters: Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!
To protect the world from going to workstation!
To unite all peoples with damnation!
To denounce the evils of logic and knowledge!
To extend my reach to the students of college!
For chapter!?
My updates blasts off at the speed of molasses!
So surrender now, or prepare for the whooping of asses!

Fuck yeah!
That's right!

An Author's Wetdream (Overlord Fanfic)
1 year ago

Razinal: Me too and she's pretty from start unlike hermione.

Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C4
1 year ago

Nirvanic_Soul: What's this, another Luna fan??
Good to know that someone has the same taste

Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C4
1 year ago

shenxies: I prefer luna, but ok.

Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C4
1 year ago
When I first started reading you enchanted me with you vivid world building and complex characters, but lately it seems you've lost that spark and are not but a sell out, pumping out chapters for money, and tarnishing the legacy you built. View More
1 year ago

PeacefulUser: Fu*k! I do not have a formed opinion about this novel! It seems written by an 8 year old, but at the same time it seems that this child is mocking us with a superior intelligence! There is a serious problem with some chapters, sometimes 2 ~ 3 chapters pass without absolutely nothing happening! But the comedy is spectacular, and it's the "random" type! The system, as predicted by the title, is "buggiest", sometimes in a very funny way and sometimes in an OP way. If you want to start reading this, I suggest patience in the first few chapters until you get accustomed to the author's style. Anyway, a novel I recommend measuring the pros and cons

The Buggiest System v1
1 year ago

YulongYuXianTaiyin: It's funny how he made a world for himself, "in which he was alone", and yet one of the tags is 'Brotherhood'.
Not that I'm complaining, since that was a key factor for my interest. This looks pretty good. Hope it holds up to my expectations

Death Scripture
1 year ago

TheGentlemenWorld: There once was a old man living in a certain town. He was peerless in strength and nobody dared to defy him. One day, he walked in a bar, grabbed a bottle of hard saka and chugged it all down. Suddenly, in a drunken rage, he yelled "Wuxia novels suck!" And he ran out. They found his body 2 days later.

The Brilliant Fighting Master
1 year ago

Not_A_Drugdealer: The year is 2119. It’s been 101 years since the last update. My brain is preserved and awaiting more updates. I reminisce about having a body. My grandchildren promised to continue my legacy and read up to the end. If they can’t live Ling enough to see the ending maybe their grandchildren will continue our legacy. To whoever may stumble upon this ancient text Godspeed my fellow reader.

Way of the Devil · C263
1 year ago

Fadhli: So Garen is like Bella in Twilight?

Mystical Journey · C579
1 year ago

Peacecraft: So er, no one is gonna mention how the most popular wine seems to have been brewed from the water collected from a Jacuzzi where many Dragons were having a month long orgy???

Antagonist Gets A Plot Armor · C33
1 year ago

anitahegerland: There's a 50% chance the baby will remember this entire conversation so you've already ****ed up there

Dragonborn Saga · C4
1 year ago

HolloH: was freaking out when I couldn't remember or find info on Hilda or Lord Jannxxxx. took minutes to realize its a novel not 100% cannon, god i'm a dumb***...

Dragonborn Saga · C4
1 year ago
So long and thanks for all the fish.
Ps: I would love to get notified if you ever decide to pick this up again, is their any way for you to make this happen? View More
Hero Or Else · C33
1 year ago

basabookk: Hello, I've been busy with work :(
Don't worry I'll be releasing new chapters soon :)Thank you!

1 year ago

WTFMeow: RIP Meow Ninja!!!
Sponsored by ~~~👍🖒👌👊🖕🖕🖕
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Tks for every chapters & support patron!!! 
Donate Sect shall rise among others???
Damn... TOO Many Sects 🆘♾🆘
Oh lol LOL OTL Sect................
TROOL SECT. More/Moar Sect.
Face Slapping Sect!!! Shameless Sect.
| • 3 •)
|🖕 )
I fill u up by randomly putting fillers between chapters.
RATIO of 4 filler in 7 chapter to maximize profit without human rage quitting like Neet or Otaku in Life... no offense ?!?
Thats why, I said I am a Filler to trool uuuuu to max.
😎True Name = Filler of Heaven's Path😎
My life is full of boredom. As result... almost 80 novel is caught up to recent chapter. Everyday reading 80+ new chapter cost +++++ when premium novel ranked 1st cost 12 Spirit Stone. I know i need a Clone Sect.
Hmm.. Meow?!?
Got 3 facebook
2 Twitter
1 google
3 email account...
9 account... yet more than 10 premium novels.... must must make more clones!

Monster Paradise · C475
1 year ago

Monlord: Don't kill Alkaroth !

Reincarnation System · C5
1 year ago
Reading Status: C28
So far I've really enjoyed this novel, for the most part the character's actions and motivations are logical, with the dynamic between Ben Li and Wang Xie being my favorite, and while I'm not quite sure where the story is leading as long as the quality remains consistent I'm prepared to accompany Ben Li until he finally sits upon the throne as the nemesis of all squirrel-kind. View More
Antagonist Gets A Plot Armor
1 year ago

baakaaboy: "She was sure he was a good guy!" First impressions are important, although sometimes wrong.

When A Mage Revolts · C569
1 year ago

Avorraim: Benja, a "good guy"

When A Mage Revolts · C569
1 year ago

simdimdim: That makes you a what? cannibalistic shadow fossil or a OP MC druggie?

When A Mage Revolts · C447
1 year ago

firestorm5: Haha I almost died when he said that last line

When A Mage Revolts · C447
1 year ago

Pingo: I want to see him making a gun with bullets based off of the crystal ball... Imagine.

When A Mage Revolts · C447
1 year ago

Megumin: Spidermage spidermage does whatever spidermage does.

When A Mage Revolts · C447
1 year ago

FillerArc: I'm just the mage next door

When A Mage Revolts · C447
1 year ago

A_Shameless_Loli: BEGONE THOT!!!

A Mere Fate of Mine · C33
1 year ago
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