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Original Works

  • Pokemon - Genetic Evolution

    Pokemon - Genetic Evolution



    What happens to a completely Normal person, when is born being not so Normal. Lycan is reborn in the world of Pokemon, though he don’t know how he is reborn in a fictional world no less. He has no desire to be normal anymore. Watch as he search through the world of Pokémon not only training and making his Pokémon grow stronger, but being strong himself. (Well I have a small plot in mind, but I might change it along the way depending on the readers options, so don’t care about giving your opinions. If there are too much flames then I shall simply abandon.) Please Note that the Mc is A Grey character, and the story is recommended to 15+ above viewers. Disclaimer - I don’t own Pokémon and any character in it.

  • Devil In Progress (Naruto Fanfic)

    Devil In Progress (Naruto Fanfic)


    I have tried to be good but my very existence don't wishes for it. Its not my fault, neither is the environment. I think no matter the process, the world wish is for me to be a Devil. So I accepted! Just what type of Devil that's for me to decide. - Disclaimer: Familiar Character you see here belongs to their respective owner and company, and I don't Own Naruto.

  • Devourer of Worlds

    Devourer of Worlds



    So what happens when a person with 0 moral nature get a chance to be overpowered. He don’t have responsibility, he killed his parents. Neither does have love, they are just human shaped meat bag for him. It’s a story filled with Death, Destruction and Selfishness. - He will do what ever he can to achieve his goal, to not be weak. No mater the result, no matter the cost he shall pay them if he can achieve his goal. While he may help others when he can, he will also kick another down if this means he will survive. - Tags - Anime/Books/Movie Crossover, Ruthless Mc, Selfish Mc, Intelligent Mc, Ai, System. Crossover- Harry Potter Naruto -

  • IS this life? If it is then Goodbye.

    IS this life? If it is then Goodbye.


    I wanted to be with my parent, my loving sibling, enjoying our wonderful life. But someone decided to kill them all, it doesn't matter who you are, I will kill you, you awoke me from my dream, so I will be the nightmare of this world. You claim you wish for peach and your action was the peaceful solution and future, I disagree. A Man wish for peace and power, you became pawn for someone's power struggle, hoping for your peace, you destroyed mine. Don't blame yourself, because in this twisted world it was a mater of time before I had woken up, after all this world has "Warrior or Victim and nothing in between exist."

  • Soul Eater (RE Monster)

    Soul Eater (RE Monster)

    others Fanfiction SoulEater Xover DarkMc

    Eating knowledge and power of various world, I will grow strong. How strong, probably enough to KO Saitama in One Punch - 1st World - Harry Potter 2nd World - RE:Monster 3rd Word - Pending - Just a idea that was in my brain for a while. I don't have a routine, so it just when i feel like it so expect irregular updates.


paulmmmmn: The ones who broke luffy's trust
1 nami
2. Ussop ( correct me if wrong)
3. Robin
4 Sanju
The ones who haven't broke luffy's trust
1 zoro
2 copper
3 franky
4 brook
Correct this list if wrong

One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C13
3 weeks ago
While in a sense yes, but The Straw hat we’re going to fight Kaido.
And if Sanji stayed in the crew, Big Mom would have hunted for the Straw Hats for reining her plan.
So they would have to fight 2 of the 4 emperor.
Blackbeard is already their enemy so the straw hat would have 3/4 Emperor against them, when they couldn’t win against a single one.
His sacrifice could prevented one of the monster, massively increasing their surging chance. View More

Ryuu23: I do not like Sanji. If I were in the place of a hero, I would never have taken him to my team. And not only because he would constantly molest the girls on the ship, after all, this is not an anime where no one sleeps with anyone. But he also betrayed Luffy because of the family, this fictitious marriage. To me, he is disgusting, to be honest.

One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C13
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C60
I don’t have much to complain about the story, it was ok.
But then you added time travel.
And you weren’t mysterious about it, you tried but failed.
I am currently in chp 60 but it’s getting boring, if this continues my patience will only last for probably few more chapters. View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey
4 weeks ago
same here, story is going in a pcae that i find hard to understand. View More

Blasphemer: What the **** is happening man

Gate to the Multiverse · C15
1 month ago

Blasphemer: What the **** is happening man

Gate to the Multiverse · C15
1 month ago
You do realise the “One above all” literally means the being above every being.
His existence makes him the strongest in Marvel world no matter the cause, and is stronger then everyone, there is no one stronger, while “The Presence “ is its counterpart of Dc. View More

Kal_Cross: There are many universe in the multiverse who’s to say compared to other they aren’t weaklings and besides like they said each floor would have a guardian there could be someone 10 times as powerful as the one above all as the guardian of the 100 floor

My Name Is Lucifer · C32
1 month ago
The Tower is probably reference to Tower of God.
While the bar is is nearly a perfect match with Light Novel “Trafford Trading Club”. View More
My Name Is Lucifer · C32
1 month ago
Thats him. View More

dEvillu: Lu sheng - i need peaceful solution
Let's just cut their hand and feet
As long as they r alive

Way of the Devil · C347
1 month ago
its really irritating spending so many SS, and getting only enough Ss for 1 chapterd per day. View More
Way of the Devil · C347
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
1 month ago
Hercules would be my guess, if it was sword instead of a spear. View More
Fate/Heroes · C54
2 months ago
Garou isn't a character that is evil.
He is just a brat who is strong.
In One Punch Man he attacked hero because he didn't like them, but he didn't kill them.
Some of his decision are borderline bad, but NO where near evil.
So him not killing is not he can't, but won't. View More

ooKIng01: why hasn't garou killed anyone ?
It would be considered self defense. They have tried to kill him and they are not heroes.
Never the less, great story.
also a love interest would be interesting to see, either with Himiko or Spear.

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C14
3 months ago
Thanks for the Chapter but,
Seriously Damn! View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C9
3 months ago
Just damn man View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C6
3 months ago
Reading Status: C2
I read 2 chapters, and am already bored.
First and foremost, the Mc is acting as a big shot when he is not.
People are getting stupid.
A child of age 6 is convincing his father to kill another 6 year old child.
A child is as cliche as it sounds making every villain dialogue and behaviour that a teenage villain should have.
And that is in the 2nd chapter, I don’t want to read more. View More
Qilin Guardian Douluo
4 months ago
I am not trying to make a long novel with many chapters.
I am bored and trying to write a story with overpowered MC.
I don’t want you people to know who others are, for me they are just cannon folder, which I will toss away in next chapter.
I need you to understand Mc his reasoning and character.
As for character development, a novel with 20+ chapters don’t need CD. View More

fluffbunny: Please slow down the storyline a bit and try to add character development instead of just abilities. Otherwise with this pace the story may get a bit boring.

Soul Eater (RE Monster) · C4
4 months ago
? dropped View More
One Piece: World Traveler · C27
4 months ago
Reading Status: C14
I liked the concept of Omnitrix to Devil fruit power, but that’s it.
Grammar is trash.
Logic is trash.
There is many unexplained questions that needs to be answered.
My is over emotional, is too much childlike.
It seems like a story written by a 12 year old in steroid, yea bad. View More
4 months ago
Reading Status: C26
I quite enjoyed reading this novel.
I can see many reference of different ff, but the author has tried his best to make the story as believable as possible, changing the different or taking power for granted mentality own of the story.
Will follow you, for some time.
Best of luck. View More
One Piece: World Traveler
5 months ago
Reading Status: C5
A big disappointment.
Seriously, the story introduction said him questioning everything, and I expected it to be a logical story, but I find a complete sh#t with 0 logic.
His parents own 40% of the world.
His parents are friend with CCG Mc parents.
And he is stronger than 9 Stage cultivator, but is still making friends with mortal just for happiness, when he was supposed to be a cold hearted scientist?
The only reason I am writing this is because the synonym is lying. View More
a scientist in the world of cultivation chat group
5 months ago

person814: Oh no next chapter is premium😢.

Low Dimensional Game · C131
5 months ago
Reading Status: C5
From the first few chapters, while not perfect reasoning it is a interesting read.
While this is like a typical Cultivation Novel with Anime Crossovers, if there is enough and constant update, I see potentials in this story. View More
Ultimate Antagonist System
6 months ago
1st View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C0
6 months ago
so after 1 week of waiting, we get a chapter that is completely irrevelant. Great job. View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C43
6 months ago
Why the risk?
Couldn’t he get a mythical zoan like how he got his other fruit. View More
One Piece: Electromagnetic Rise · C16
7 months ago
In the canon, it was due to a mistake. Why is Mc doing the same mistake that will bring detectives after him.
He could have just reached Rank 4 without problem if he just played along its them. View More
Reverend Insanity: New Beginning · C21
8 months ago
Paper isn’t a logia, it’s a paramecia. Logia is elements like fire, water (which is default due to being weakness of DF), mud, stone, ice etc.
paper, rubber, paint, Poison such are in paramecia categories. View More
Justice (Naruto X One Piece) · C8
8 months ago
The content has been deleted
Justice (Naruto X One Piece)
8 months ago
Yandere View More

Cykrosis: Don't tell me itori is gonna try to kill gypsy and ends up getting killed herself

Vampire Primogenitor in Tokyo Ghoul Universe · C26
8 months ago
Thanks for the Chapter. View More
Vampire Primogenitor in Tokyo Ghoul Universe · C26
8 months ago
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