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Thanks for the chapter~~ View More
Rebirth of A Dragon God · C35
23 hours ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
The Perverted Evil Cultivator · C192
23 hours ago
He has plenty of children..... Who's gonna take care of them in the new world.... View More

swaran: What happened to his family after he died might as well bring them all here

My semen is the strongest resource in this cultivation world! · C2
1 day ago
What the first guy said. View More
Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner · C10
1 day ago
The content has been deleted
Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner · C10
1 day ago
The awaited lemon scene appears~ View More
Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C45
1 day ago
MC: I am a wood!
Akainu/Ace: Eat my fist!
MC: Aggh, I'm burning! View More
Delete5454 · C0
1 day ago
In a game, having low luck can still be salvaged. Having low luck irl? Fck!~ View More
New Vegas System in Remnant · C1
1 day ago
A genius sex predator. Hmhm View More
The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls · C14
1 day ago
is this yuri/straight/nopairing? View More

invayne: Hello, all I am the author of this novel. I just want to say this is probably one of the most favorite novels I have ever had the pleasure to write and read and I have read a lot of novels. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. I just really enjoy writing about Ah Chun and her trip through her path of cultivation. The trials and tribulations that she will have to go through are well worth everyone's reading time. So for all my fans out there thanks a lot for reading this novel and experiencing the story of Ah Chun with me!

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens
2 days ago
First heroine get. View More
The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls · C10
2 days ago
It's good so far.~ View More
The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls · C9
2 days ago
repost? View More
I found alien technology · C0
2 days ago
is this drop? View More
Supreme Harem System · C38
2 days ago
5 ryu~~~ View More
I will soar the multiverse · C8
2 days ago
5- ryuu~~ View More
I will soar the multiverse · C8
2 days ago
Let it always be yuri man~~~~ OwO View More

invayne: Shameless Author writing a review. Yes I know I am Shameless. I'm am writing this to let all readers know that this has a little bit of everything for everyone. The romance in this novel is both Girl/Girl and Boy/Girl. Meaning there is a Male Lead which is a romance target. So if you are looking for a good read that has a little bit of everything a whole lot of comedy in a twisted take on Cultivation this will be right up your alley.

The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls
2 days ago
it was already good, why add time travel so suddenly. View More
Overlord: Blue Citadel Alternate · C11
2 days ago
I thought it was a mistake repeat post at first, glad it was not. Thanks for the chap~ View More
The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C26
2 days ago
So the mc have bipolar disorder or something? View More
Academia. · C31
2 days ago
Overlord: Blue Citadel Alternate · C9
2 days ago
Even the author has problems with his characters.... View More
5000% Discount On Monster Girls ( WB-JPN ) · C9
2 days ago
Slime~~~~~~~~ View More
The Clash of Legends · C0
2 days ago
too many copy and paste. fck View More
Mythical system · C12
2 days ago
So summon has no loyalty :/ View More
Gods Battle · C34
3 days ago
Qingling is Bailongs lucky charm. View More
The Perverted Evil Cultivator · C191
3 days ago
Capture her, heal her so she won't die young. Maybe bring her along for the ride. View More
Tenno Mercy · C5
3 days ago
Cocoa, that fake robin? View More
One Piece: Marine's Life · C1
3 days ago
thanks for the chap~ View More
Travel of New God Through Dimension {High School DxD Arc}} · C6
3 days ago
It's called a plot hole for a reason. View More

hendro122: Is Sasha really that naive ?, Instead of being a hunter, if she is that naive, she has long been dead in the forest

The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C0
3 days ago
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