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Original Works

  • The Adventures of a Lesbian in Another World

    The Adventures of a Lesbian in Another World

    Fantasy Romance Comedy Yuri LGBT R- 18 Slife of Life

    My life is nothing special. It's pretty mundane actually. I may not be qualified to be called the "Campus Goddess", but I'm just a step away from there, let's not forget the fact that my family is filthy rich. Due to this, I've got plenty of suitors. From rich young masters to CEO's of big companies. There's just one problem, I prefer the campus goddess over them. Yes, I'm a lesbian. Yes, I got rejected. Pretty harshly too. Now, let's forget about the past and talk about the present...... What do you mean you're gonna capture me and sell me as a slave!? How did this even happen!?


Where are you author View More

HedonistEmperor: Most likely after finishing with High School DxD I write about Sekirei

Futanari Through The Multiverse (+18)
19 hours ago
1 then 5 View More
Path to become a God: Eros · C1
1 day ago
Path to become a God: Eros · C1
1 day ago
felt the same. View More

Rairaidani: Two chap feels like one chap here, it is just my feeling?

Amoral Village Head · C51
2 days ago
You trashed it so much it didn't make much sense. View More

SilentNecromancer: If you are talking about the chapters, then its because I trashed the unimportant ones.

Concealed Conqueror God · C15
3 days ago
That is still short. Especially he spent most of that time on a mission with Erza, not so much with the other members. View More

Gale_Onigiri: He's been there 2 months.

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C8
3 days ago
Who said he was? View More

swordzero: Author PLEASE do the point scaling properly. 258 points it's like your not even trying

System in Another World · C31
4 days ago
He is like a kid that likes to act mature and stuff/ View More

Akabane: He acts like an aduIt but isn't he only 15 lol

System in Another World · C25
4 days ago
His brain is barely connected, I guess? View More

shypunk: he was already borderline mentally damaged

System in Another World · C9
4 days ago
It's fine, he is barely in the "manipulative asshole" category. As for Rias, less sexual for now considering the age. More sexual around Kouh time for Rias or for those older. View More
Mob devil's guide to surviving DxD · C0
4 days ago
"A phenomenon that occurs only when a peerless genius is ****" I laughed so hard at this line XD View More
Peerless Son Of Heavens · C1
5 days ago
wow View More
Transmigrated as Shen Fei · C15
5 days ago
So, this fox is an ass man? View More
Reborn As The Demon Queens Pet · C19
6 days ago
Rebirth In Naruto world English version · C18
6 days ago
Yep, make sure to explain that she is legal if she is. You might get banned by webnovel otherwise View More

Hunter1: Make her legal first then yes

Concealed Conqueror God · C10
1 week ago
dang. View More
Psychotic villain in the anime universe · C2
1 week ago
can you tell me what timeline he is currently at onepiece? View More
Journey to a Thousand Worlds · C30
1 week ago
nice View More
Add A Little Lightning · C9
1 week ago
Next chapter, please! haha View More
--.-.---.--- · C0
1 week ago
Is he gonna have a lover or be single forever? View More
The Demon’s Summon · C0
1 week ago
Another one bites the dust!~~

Webnovel strikes yet again. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C0
1 week ago
She can be a futanari anytime anywhere~~` View More
Shapeshift · C6
2 weeks ago
next chapt? View More
Corruption Continent (18+) · C1
2 weeks ago
next chap author?? View More
Reincarnated As A Mob Who Pleasures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) · C0
2 weeks ago
The mother is the fck slave while the daughter is licking pet? View More
Sex Stories · C178
2 weeks ago
Nice~ View More
Transmigrated as Shen Fei · C5
2 weeks ago
No more? View More
Lust Paradise · C15
2 weeks ago
Didn't Nami had small breasts in the beginning? View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C16
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C179
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C179
3 months ago
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