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Original Works

  • The Revolutionary's System

    The Revolutionary's System

    Fantasy system Reincarnation Fantasy Overpowerd MC Male and Female MC

    A revolutionary dies in his world. Betrayed as he learns he fought for a cause that never existed, as he danced like a puppet for the people he fought against. After his death, he swore that he would let nobody chain him down again, and he would fight for true freedom and equality. And so, the God of Revolution offered to make him his disciple, offering power and a chance to fulfill the vow he had made. To which the main character responded FUCK YOU!!!


0- because the system wasn't on him at the time, and he was so far away from it View More

FatCat: The cat is back bois. How many DP do you think Ves has accumulated now?

The Mech Touch · C1002
2 days ago
I wonder if they are going to try to trade Ves as an "appeasement " to the vesians after all the chaos he caused their forces as part of the vandals View More
The Mech Touch · C1009
3 days ago
I doubt it, as Ves is supposed to be a future agent and collaborator. If they kept dumping their assets to cover loose ends without good reason, they would have no assets left. View More

NAJ_P_Jackson: Ves should stop to think how ruthless Flashlight has been in this operation. Has it ever occur to him that Leland may get rid of him once this mission is done just to tie up loose ends?

The Mech Touch · C997
1 week ago
Maybe her man form develops female genitalia? View More

Hhlop1: Wait.. if she sleeps with a man, she becomes a woman. But what if she topped the man in her man form?

Release that Man · C23
2 weeks ago

Feng_Sha: with that strength, id probably stay as a dude. and better yet no period and cramps...

Release that Man · C9
2 weeks ago
Yeah, if I was the director, I would be just about ready to have "broadcast difficulties" and remind that news anchor to do his job professionally View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C562
1 month ago
Nah, I think that the seller is just full of BS View More

Snapplemonkey: I think Ves' biggest concern is that maybe their third party manufacturers are creating fake gold editions of his mech and selling them outside the system.

The Mech Touch · C578
1 month ago
Isn't there also that weird core that the mad doctor genetically implanted in him. View More

darkoneko: "Am I some sort of human battery for these ghosts? " well you have some mystycal flower connecting you to a higher realm so... yeah ? probably ?

The Mech Touch · C294
2 months ago
So what alien organ gets added to him in this escapade? View More
The Mech Touch · C277
2 months ago
Royal road is a different site. They are a lot more PG though, so they pull a lot of novels. Honestly the reviews they get are not all together too great. View More

democh: Are you not posting here anymore? Also theres plenty of stories thats more detailed in sex scenes but nothings happened to them

A Goblin's Evolution · C59
2 months ago
Someone needs to teach him a lesson. View More

Killboy2110: Alright who wants to join together to smash the peanut?

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C499
3 months ago

Killboy2110: Alright who wants to join together to smash the peanut?

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C499
3 months ago
I feel bad for this guy, getting caught up in all this View More

BiggestDaddy: I have a feeling Gao moumou is the author venerable white was planning on kidnapping to make a movie

Cultivation Chat Group · C464
3 months ago

BiggestDaddy: I have a feeling Gao moumou is the author venerable white was planning on kidnapping to make a movie

Cultivation Chat Group · C464
3 months ago
Anyone think that Zhu Ning will finally have a heart attack after her blood pressure causes her to spit blood. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C491
3 months ago

Futafan: Wait what tribadism? Nine Lanterns is a lady? Big eyes, thick brows, slender body, impressive chest muscles???... Oh... Those weren't muscles were they....

Cultivation Chat Group · C248
3 months ago
Maybe Qiao Nan knew about her sister following her and set a trap? View More

dhadham: .... Why is 'Qiao Nan' silently listening to the garbage muttered by DJ and QX before get mad? Why not at the beginning? Who's she? If it's not the key to the back door and the Madam did not recognize her (i'm just assuming since she didn't call her name and sit still while others call her 'Qiao Nan'), then she's not a Zhai, but then, what's she's doing there? I'm so confused!

Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C233
3 months ago
Definitely higher than an incubus. View More

Daoist_Zheng: How many point is her charm stat? I'm quit curious.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C537
3 months ago

NVani: Nah. Money is power too. So is your hack. In fact, it’s way less cheating than your hack.

Shadow Hack · C28
3 months ago

Harper: We shall beat the monsters to death with our fat wads of cash

Shadow Hack · C28
3 months ago
I hope everything is alright. Get well soon and thank you for the update authors friend View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C485
3 months ago
Yeah, I think that dinner would make the cold war look like a Sunday picnic.... View More

SnowFlake002: I support papa Tingfei, but I think they won't be able to eat properly in the dinner. Because, the rotten orange will be very very smelly for sure.

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C482
3 months ago
I'm placing my bets an an ultra rare root/herb/mushroom growing deep underground for centuries View More
Elixir Supplier · C395
3 months ago
They probably won't say it directly but will say something like "your younger daughter is an excellent person " then the discussion will move from there to how the family acted View More

chiiiiiiiiii: well even if zijin is the first person seen, his colleagues will probably explain the situation to him

Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C138
4 months ago
Will the MC finally just let loose and tear these idiots in half View More
Elixir Supplier · C352
4 months ago
Our MC is perfectly calm, until they touch his herb cabinet. Honestly, he needed to use his connections sooner to teach all the rich a**holes not to mess with him View More
Elixir Supplier · C329
5 months ago
So, how many chapters till he kicks Zijin out of the house in a rage? View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C91
5 months ago
Good luck hiring her. The hubby will break down the door in a rage and beat the people senseless View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C380
5 months ago
Now the question is, will our MC crush this arrogant brat, or will this be a villain that always seems to survive View More
Elixir Supplier · C316
5 months ago
I think that dude suffered plenty. Dog got a small knife wound, while the other guy ended up in the emergency room View More

Saltberg: Dude he stabbed your dog with a KNIFE I would rip his heart out and grill it if someone did that to my dog :P

Elixir Supplier · C242
5 months ago
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