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Rowan: cool concept in HJC to be fair. I muscled through a fair way, then the logic went downhill and I bailed.

God Of Slaughter · C3
5 months ago

HimeSama: But this is one MC I really like. No matter what Hermes said or what others believe about him being a good person only because he promised his mother, I still believe he's a genuinely good person. Even someone doing good deeds to be a good person is a good person. What's important is that he believes in doing those good deeds.

Silent Crown · C152
5 months ago

Jshay: Hot cakes I tell you. No hot cakes don’t sell this well. It is like crack. Everyone keeps buying it. Get your crack story here everyone. My titanium dog eyes can’t believe how amazing this book is. The best book ever. Reprint 1 billion copies.

I’m Really a Superstar · C1596
9 months ago

muricami: There isint a thumbs up in my emojis so I'm saying it thumbs up

The Desolate Era · C21
9 months ago

Shinta: If i say I am second. No one will claim they are first

I’m Really a Superstar · C1568
11 months ago
I wasn't around for GT but I remember WW View More

HarryTheGreat: Who among you here since IRAS in GT and WW? Its been a long journey guys and we're still here haha

I’m Really a Superstar · C1563
11 months ago

shinsoo: It can be done this way?!

I’m Really a Superstar · C1546
12 months ago

Kedledoeimange: But I could argue that the diremonsters need to eat humans to live yes they have other meal options but humans are their chosen option. Humans however don’t need to kill diremonsters to live, they do it to get stronger and even for entertainment. You could also argue that they eat diremonsters but they don’t need to they can eat regular food as stated before. The humans in this novel could literally live on without bothering the diremonsters. I would also like to state that if Ji Ning had died it would be justified for the humans to want to kill Serpentwing but all he lost was an arm which he regrew and he even gained some benefits. Serpentwing however lost his son, no I’m not saying that justifies him killing Ji Ning but they should at least spare his life as this whole thing was caused by Redtips death at the hands of Ji Ning. The hypocrisy is the humans doing something that they have justified with their reasons but when that action is returned onto them, them saying that the opposition isn’t allowed to do the same even with those same justifications that they had to do that action.

I don’t know if this made any sense as I haven’t read over it and I probably have some holes in my argument but this comment is a result of me thinking that it would be unfair if Serpentwing dies. If you think that all I said is meaningless and sounds like a 13 yo wrote this... then you are half right as the latter part is true. It sounds like that because it is.

The Desolate Era · C21
1 year ago

MrDre: Nobody else noticed senbonzakura? Basically yue ying is a female byakuya

Godly Model Creator · C185
1 year ago

L3zl13: A lot of woman are practicing that method, but I didn't know it had such a deep meaning...

Pursuing Immortality · C65
1 year ago

Arisan: Ok ok I just had to but this whole time, ever since I saw “Prisoner of the Golden Headband” = Sun Wukong, all I can imagine is Mori Jin—

[Mori Jin is pulling his hair!]
[Mori Jin is laughing at Samyeongdang! (An old bald fart)]

Omniscient Reader · C27
1 year ago
Whoa, here with good timing! Thanks, Legge! (44) View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1493
1 year ago
You'd probably be shocked if I told you the word!
All the people reading the comments would be shocked!
The very concept of an internet itself would be shocked! View More

Ayobami5: It can't possibly be Face smacking right?

I’m Really a Superstar · C1470
1 year ago
I was shocked that you left out a certain word!
Legge was shocked that you left out a certain word!
Chang Yu was shocked that you left out a certain word!
The whole Webnovel community was shocked! View More

Ayobami5: Okay guys let's play a game list of the commonly used adjectives, PHRASES, OR WORDS from chapter 1.


I’m Really a Superstar · C1470
1 year ago

Helpful2468: Vomiting 🤮🤮🤮 my eyes. Dear translators what did you made me read. I need bleach now please.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1903
1 year ago

Tarrab_le: Ning: 'shocked' "I can't believe he blocked our final trump card. We have no other choice, use our secret final trump card."
Iyyere: 'shocked again' "I can't believe these natives have actually forced me to use my last secret secret final trump card."
Me: 'horrified' "F--k, the hell, just stop spamming those last trump cards. It's just like those mystery novels where they say that 'I knew that you knew that i had known you would use that'. Fck just stop dragging on. "

The Desolate Era · C1442
1 year ago
Definitely View More

merhaba: He massacred our expectations, I think that counts.

The Desolate Era · C1406
1 year ago

merhaba: He massacred our expectations, I think that counts.

The Desolate Era · C1406
1 year ago
I'm shooketh View More

Zhang_Rhapsody: "Take care, elder brother Svastika." hahaha

The Desolate Era · C1405
1 year ago

Mesocy: its LIT

The Desolate Era · C1389
1 year ago
Ah, my youth! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1449
1 year ago
To be fair, his oath didn't say he couldn't spend MORE time with Ning. View More

Xzibit: If you check it carefully, it has been more than a thousand chaos cycles since Ning has taken azurefiend as retainer. I wonder what is he still behind Ning? As per his oath, his time has expired already.. Or maybe the author has forgotten... Lol

The Desolate Era · C1278
1 year ago

GoodWithAToaster: Haha all the ladies love him. He just needs to start a boy band and then he’d be a true pop star and idol for the masses. But, he should let someone else name the band. Knowing him, he’d probably end up naming the band “The RainbowNorth Fairies” or something like that. No bueno

The Desolate Era · C1274
1 year ago
It's you or me/
To merge is my destiny/
I'll catch you when you chase me/

Lycanhubby: HEGEMON!!!! Gotta catch ‘em all! HEGEMON!

The Desolate Era · C1233
1 year ago

Lycanhubby: HEGEMON!!!! Gotta catch ‘em all! HEGEMON!

The Desolate Era · C1233
1 year ago

Primodius: Probably in seclusion trying to make a breakthrough😄

The Desolate Era · C1078
1 year ago
Seems like the back row would help you avoid the disadvantages better View More

WidelyGrinning: I know how. Be the only one to do your homework and remind the teacher about an upcoming test or something. Hint: make sure you are always sitting on the front row before attempting.

I’m Really a Superstar · C1434
1 year ago
I just remembered little snakey snake existing...I miss little snakey snake :( View More
The Desolate Era · C1050
1 year ago
But this is a "long-distance," "stealth" attack, which seems like the exact kind of sneak attack he'd have a problem with if he's not about hiding his intentions. View More
The Desolate Era · C133
1 year ago
I wouldn't call Daolords of the Fourth Step a THREAT to him earlier...accidentally squish him like a tiny little ant, maybe? View More
The Desolate Era · C996
1 year ago
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