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System magic. View More

zerodissolver: im not a medical student but im pretty sure taking almost all those internal organ will surely affect the daily activities. considering the system are making the most of his bodies for training and fighting, isnt this contradictory with that purpose.

Seized by the System · C21
9 hours ago
Love this story, annoying that only a chapter per week. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C436
2 days ago
I think because of Song Jia. View More

talyn7: Cowards! Hiring an assassin for a simple competition! Hmmm. Unless it's related to...her??

The Favored Son of Heaven · C272
2 days ago
Thank you. View More
Warlord of Chaos · C37
3 days ago
I'm feeling the title should be Bandit in the World instead. View More
Ninth In the World · C128
4 days ago
Tsk shameless... View More

Cliff_Kun: I'll shamelessly take the first

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C62
5 days ago
Glad to see him in. View More

Nazarach: Huh, first ^o^ who would've though 😅 thanks for the chap - and yay for brother thunderous :D

Sword Among Us · C178
6 days ago
I don't think it's anything on MC's arrogance though. Would have been as simple as releasing his aura to score the Ba Ji sect his strength. View More

irlsgirl: I'm glad to see the Ba Ji sect masters being called out for their arrogance and disrespect. Huo Donglai, please consider cutting ties with that sect and just stick with Cang Dragon: more room for you to make progress.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C154
1 week ago
Interesting that Song Jia is not threatened by Lin Ling, given how attractive she is. View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C260
1 week ago
Thank you. View More
Sword Among Us · C174
1 week ago
Thank you. View More

sheuel: Thanks 🙏

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C353
1 week ago
Thank you. View More
Warlord of Chaos · C28
1 week ago
Seconded. Powerful chapter. View More

Hodge_mcmxxii: Thanks for the chapter!

The Favored Son of Heaven · C252
1 week ago
Thank you. View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C248
2 weeks ago
The Legacies now make more sense. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C349
2 weeks ago
Yes, good chapter. View More

Am3lia: Such excitement! Shame we have a cliffhanger, my heart won’t be pumping like it is now when I read tomorrow

The Favored Son of Heaven · C234
2 weeks ago
And another thanks. View More

Francisco: Thanks for the chapter :)

The Favored Son of Heaven · C231
3 weeks ago
Can undead ships sail up waterfalls? Because if not i wonder how he intends to get back. Unless the kraken is going to lift them. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C347
3 weeks ago
Thank you. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C346
3 weeks ago
Poor truck-kun, he just wants to reincarnate people, always misunderstood... View More

TwlLlghT: Countering bad luck for being hit by truck... no isekai route then

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C124
3 weeks ago
Calling them houndhead men is getting jarring. The translation should be kobold, meaning the lizard type instead of dog type sometimes called kobold. They have eggs and system refers to them as dragon type creatures. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C92
3 weeks ago
Thank you. View More
Ninth In the World · C84
3 weeks ago
I too have clicked a few more turns only to find that an ungodly amount of time has passed.. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C59
1 month ago
How quickly power corrupts.... View More

Sorenmageofmareth: He wasn't a violent person my ass. This was retarded. This whole situation was retarded. The massacre over a bun was retarded. Picking a fight with the kid was dumb. Not just leaving was dumb. The kid escalating like that dumb. Ugh. Ruin g a guys life and putting him and his employees into the poor house over some buns dumb.

I can turn into a fish had much more sense. Massive property damage happened after some gangster wrecked his shop and and car and we're trying to thrive him out of business.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C32
1 month ago
Yes that annoyed me too. View More

Sogar: Pretty sure it's leeches not grasshoppers ... not sure why it changed.

Fatal Shot · C80
1 month ago
And again, thanks. View More

Francisco: Thanks...

The Favored Son of Heaven · C196
1 month ago
Except Nicolas thinks sherlock is really that rich and powerful so probably thinks everything he was told was true. View More

Reptile_Not_Alien: Is this playing hard to get tactic from Nicholas's pov?

Gamers of the Underworld · C31
1 month ago
No one ever learns. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C392
1 month ago
Completely agree. Story is getting better than initial premise. View More

Shoddydragon: First and really wish for a mass release!!!!

The Favored Son of Heaven · C188
1 month ago
So some time has passed..... View More
Supreme Uprising · C717
1 month ago
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