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Problem is the beyonders that surrounds the nobility. Unless Audrey can use her powers secretly she would be found out pretty quickly View More

Alessan: To act as a Hypnotist one very likely has to Hypnotize or cue people. Cuing the arrogant nobility into donating to the bursary and helping the poor will be absolutely perfect.

Lord of the Mysteries · C873
5 days ago
Yes, but it’s dog sh*t you can smell from miles away then look directly at it and still step on it. View More

shelwyn: Mc isn't too bad, it's like stepping in dog sh*t, avoidable but it happens sometimes. Lmao.

Nightmare's Call · C34
1 week ago
Gosh, we already have two. Do we really need another? View More

Konkey_Dong: Who's gonna be the next mentally ill superhuman?

The First Order · C116
3 weeks ago
Yang Xiojin and Lou Xinyu are my favorites really want to see them more. View More
The First Order · C115
3 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
The First Order · C115
3 weeks ago
Nah mate for me its 100% wanting to die View More

Konkey_Dong: A balanced state of mind is like this.
25% wracking your brain to think of happiness
25% trying hard not to die
25% filling yourself with stopgap feelings of hope and sh*t like that
25% wanting to die

The First Order · C113
3 weeks ago
Haha, lets betray one of the few S grade suppers and have her hate you. Good suggestion my silly little demon! View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C595
3 weeks ago
I feel it’s part inexperience and part hubris since he thinks he’s the hero of the sanguine. View More

Randompasserby: I really appreciate Emlyn's portrayal as intelligent enough to realize some problems with simple observation but ultimately far too inexperienced compared to the pros.

Better get to learning soon, little moon. Before Gehrman had to bail your ass and leave you with several traumas 😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C794
4 weeks ago
Condolences to the gold which was left behind😢 View More
The First Order · C93
1 month ago
Wasting time Mark better be careful. View More
Mutagen · C293
1 month ago
Za warudo View More


Dark Moon Era · C14
1 month ago
Clearly no one in this outing are right in the head after seeing how they act. View More

Aiya_Yoko: All this time, how could they not realize that there is in fact something wrong in Rens head, maybe just maybe, or definitely something is also wrong in their heads... :P

The First Order · C47
1 month ago
Don’t gift please, they don’t need or deserve it. View More

Robbyhello: 12:01😙

The Legendary Mechanic · C550
2 months ago
The sea goddess is leaning towards neutral. I don’t think she’ll backstab for now. View More

DBrata: According to alignment, both evil and good can backstab you
The only matter if they're order or chaotic
For order, any contracts and promises are fulfilled
Though for evil order, they may insert a loophole
But considering that the contract or promise is legit without no loophole, the chance of backstabbing is low, unless they want to slide toward chaotic

Abyss Domination · C194
2 months ago
Why not all of ‘em View More

SmilingReader: Or a super volcano 🌋

The First Order · C26
2 months ago
But I’m out of stones! View More
The First Order · C20
2 months ago
Yeah almost failed mine just turned 11:59 and turned it in. View More

Chasing_A_Dream: To my people who are struggling in their exams, don't resist the new chapters, relax and enjoy. For once you truly enter your exam shall you fall into the abyss. :)

Abyss Domination · C187
2 months ago
Cook the ghost some food and it might forgive you. View More
The City of Terror · C412
2 months ago
We don’t talk about the “incident”. View More

Chaoticmike: 3 years ago? What happened 3 years ago?

Mutagen · C114
3 months ago
Cool, use her more pleas View More

AnonCommander: You know this was a slightly different sort of chapter. Felt weird getting into the head of someone more normal and seeing them react so emotional after realizing what happened to him, something that he considers basically just another Wednesday. Somehow i felt a bit of a connection with Miranda despite only getting around to introducing her now

My Sister The Villainess · C54
3 months ago
Nah he ded.🤯 View More

dorspking: rip disfigured man, hes probably still alive anyways. han xiao mustve had a mini map with him, this man is full of cheats

The Legendary Mechanic · C519
3 months ago
Why is everyone complaining about people being emotional when the apocalypse started a few hours ago? Just them deal with it before judging them. View More
Mutagen · C12
3 months ago

DrunkGin: I guess HX can't stand it when someone insults a member of his harem.... Even if it's the dudes...

The Legendary Mechanic · C471
4 months ago
He could become a trap. View More

BobbyWibowo: Give it up Godoran boy. Sylvia is one of HX's lolis. You have no chance.

The Legendary Mechanic · C467
4 months ago

Saverius: Exceptionnal holidays

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C177
4 months ago
And that’s better? View More

Epiclurker: Really, it pretty much sets up the arrogance that will likely come into play during the next few chapters.

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C214
5 months ago

Randompasserby: I'm really really counting on Fors to rope her in to the club before Xio does something stupid and get corrupted by those finger munching lunatics 😕

That would be such a shame, she has pretty good sense of Justice.

Lord of the Mysteries · C405
5 months ago

myeyeshurt: the solution when observing the predecessores is clear..... if he wants to become proficient with cosmic jing it seems his only choice will be spending 9 years staring at a wall....

The City of Terror · C371
5 months ago

Foolz: So lonely he has to talk to his computer

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C62
6 months ago

Varania7: I vote Susie for main female protagonist! XD
Who's with me?

Lord of the Mysteries · C112
6 months ago
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