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in my mind Merika= America and Heavenly state=China talk about making a place sound heavenly also round table conference lmao what is this the table with king arthur are we in the castle days lol also china has child labor forces and alot of other dark **** not so heavenly and personally i dont give a crap about the turtle and what it means if anything i would think its awesome to have a big freaking animal of any kind and this novel also mentioned us caring about our winged dragon lol its called a eagle and even then if i was to care about anywinged creature it would be a lame ass eagle but a Griffon if where going mythological View More

pokeperson1000: This is a fictional world. One where America seems to be subtly hostile with China. So what if the government officially can’t dictate the actions of those in the movie industry? They can still urge and encourage them to do so, and if those in Murika’s movie industry have a similarly subtly hostile mindset, I don’t see why they wouldn’t cooperate with the requests of the “higher ups”

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C271
2 days ago
lol hey guess what i dont fkn care if you cant read it so go fk yourself and keep your retarded comment thats about my fkn grammer and **** to yourself and talk only about the fkn book or others people comments about the book not peoples fkn grammer you cant read ok move the fk along dont ***** about peoples grammer because i for one dont fkn care enough to make this PERFECTLY READABLE for fkn scrubs like you who actually fkn care enough to ***** about peoples grammer instead of actually talking about the book etc peace out fuk tard View More

Marlbrough: Tl; dr. It is impossible to read your retarded rant, especially when you don't know how to structure your text and use punctuation.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C185
3 days ago
lies imposter get em boys drag out the non believer XD View More

Dess: hi all, i'm your long lost tl, dess xD

The Devil's Cage · C1284
3 days ago
lol that can be a reference to all novels at the start you will see alot of comments but look at how many there are near the end and you can see how many people really like it unlike this sites crappy rating system that allows 1 person to make a rating of 5 stars count every day he feels like saying a book is 5 stars lol haters will dump 1 star and move on becuase they hate the book while people who like the book will rate it 5 stars multiple times for as long as they like the book end result you got most of the crap on this site more then 3 stars lol not to mention the site it self deleting our bad reviews for there books to make them look better lol View More

sri_kalyan_mulukut: There was a time when this comment section was a long scroll down. That was during the totem arc. Afterwards.....

Mystical Journey · C1016
4 days ago
lol believe it or not people also read to pass there time and or to not read the good stuff so when you do the good stuff will feel even BETTER to read after reading a turd long enough lol this story is **** plain and simple the author has misused the system idea he made he used the reincarnation into another world as hell and keeps resetting the mc over n over and over again makes the whole world always out to get him every time and now the mc in this arc is having Power RESETS MORE TIMES THEN HE HAS BEEN IN OTHER WORLDS so its all been FILLER every power reset in this world means everything has been mostly filler he starts of using will power bam no future there so goes with peacock method to get willpower and uses eagle whatever but then drops it for the one the red dumbass gives him but then drops that for the egle one but then gets crippled and uses the power of mecha energy to use beasts to fight for him but then drops that and does self body modification to achieve power but then drops that and focuses on his mech energy then out of nowhere he gets a gene transplant just thrown in like a package deal and gets gene potions that boosts his stats to a degree and where told that there are potions like this with slightly lower effects being sold lol then you guys arnt there yet but later on in the story he focuses on his martial arts again and learns a sword technique lmfao but then he gets a sword with a technique that is only ment to protect him from the sword that is stronger then his entire training this entire arc lmfao see ho wmany power resets there are and how much filler and stupid crap that happens so many systems of power have appeared in this one arc and the dumb ass author just hands mc a blade that made almost all of his training from b4 pointless lol he even mentions how mc shouldnt rely on external things to boost his power like potential points or resources etc but then just gives him that blade lol so stupid and you may also ask why would i pay for this and my answer is i dont lol for stories that are good and i truly support i pay for but for all the other trash that i use to pass the time and or make fun of and take a crap on like this i read from other sites for free i dropped this novel almost half a year ago and im just now starting to read from where i left off because i dont need to realy remeber anything that happened from all his other reincarnations becuase they have almost zero connections to the story lol all i need to know is what worlds he has been to and how he got potiental points and how he got his power in those worlds thats it lol so im going to read this till i have to wait for more chapters and i will drop it again until i get bored enough to remember this Mystical Turd View More

JhonBrown16: I get ******* of speech and all, but you guys need to chill on the constant trash talkin of this novel its a buzzkill to see all the harsh comments after every chapter. Dragon_God constantly repeating that the MC is pathetic and the others constantly repeating how the previous arcs were better. Its getting old guys do us all a favour and stop reading this novel if your going to hate on it so hard or stop reading till the arc is done and then do 1 big hate rant comment if you dare b.c by the end of this novel you will have realized why you are reading this book... its because you enjoy it otherwise you would have found another novel to entertain yourself with and quit torturing yourself and us with your constant bellyaching/criticism over a novel that is ahead of the translation by far. Comment if you want to discuss the chapter's flaws, interesting points or ask questions, but please try to limit the pointless hate.

Mystical Journey · C1002
4 days ago
oh im talking about it in the perspective of a player as we know so far NPC in this world train there powers slowly by actually training as was stated in the early part of the book so mc already has the bonus of being able to grow WAY faster then others sense he can use slaughter exp to lvl up downside is that he has clear weaknesses his rogue class is good at range and mostly at night vs single targets not to say that he cant fight groups just its not his strong point by adding wizard class he can gain AOE spells to help in group fights and other spells to help in various situations like stacking buffs his sneak plus invisibility would make it much harder for others to reveal him and at least invisibility helps out in the day time etc etc so adding a magic class on top of a physical class will help him alot in the long run vs him speeding his way with just a physical class View More

Draj: actually, if u think its fair since wizards can decremate a lot of people/monsters with aoe and multi profession can make them more flexible which gives a pro in abilities and faster in killing targets but its just in case of soran though cuz normal people cant assign points/ have status

Abyss Domination · C68
1 week ago
either your chinese and are defensive which i would lmfao if you were but people come here to read stories that intrest them like oh i dont know most of the stories right up until the fkn racism pops up then we the readers have to constantly try to ignore all the fkn racism in these stories but then are some who have read so much that they now feel to give back to the community and the author by expressing HOW FKN RACIST THERE SHIT IS and by doing this maybe just maybe some where deep deep down so far down way back to there fkn ancestry they can not be fkn racist thats why we post about how racist there crap is yet read there stories its to fuel our hate of racism and ****ers like you that ***** about people like us that actually care more about people that are racist telling us to quite literally shut up needs to actually shut up sense you dont care enough to agree with what is Clearly In alot of there books then you dont get to say anything about what others say about there books and people and also These comment sections are ment to be used to comment about the books and respond to others about there responses and guess what that includes the fkn racism in the books View More

Marlbrough: I don't care. If you ranting about racism of Chinese authors and still using Webnovel/Qidian, you're a hypocrite.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C185
1 week ago

Dao_Overlord: If you think about it, this novel’s bloodline gene logic is retarded. I mean people who live in the Americas were colonists so someone from USA could (potentially) have the same gene as someone from Germany or Britain or France, etc. Just as the Japanese can’t have different genes from the Chinese since Japanese people were originally from China. So Author is racist against his own country

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C185
1 week ago
im just going to twist the story in my mind the well mannered japs which our mc clearly represents has exposed the vile nature that is china to the general ha ha ha ha ha stupid fkn chinese people and there stupid tricks our mc to good for that View More

NoveliEnthusiast: Oh the humble and sincere Chinese being racist again

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago
i wish there was a reader that was hired to read there material b4 it gets translated like the whole book then if its OBVIOUSLY RACIST then ban it from being put on the market for translators that way these fkn crack heads will think twice b4 publishing there stories thy have two option go local and remain that way or go global and not piss off the world with there self centered bs View More

Soulvalkyri: why can't china and Japan forget the past and move on fracken bunch of idiots

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C182
1 week ago
also omg why cant the japs be more spiritual people in these fkn chinese stories like exorcism why is it always fkn ninjas its like china was but ****ed by a ninja sense it became a country and now there upset that they got f in the ass by jap ninjas and now using them as targets in there stories sigh View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C182
1 week ago
even more racist is how the racist author describes fkn black people , these black people excel at martial arts that have been modfied from BLACK magic and are extremely strange and vicious usually with the effect of curse , REALLY FKN BLACK MAGIC AND CURSES wht the fk is author smoking really every fkn black person is good at fkn voo doo racist mother fkr its like in this single chapter he's named different races FROM REAL LIFE and just throw them in here and started jerking off about his monkey genes being superior i have you know you pissed colored cracker that your dna is only 3% different from a fkn monkey /at the author not the person im responding to View More

Lewd_Cat_Goddess: Kinda disturb by how lacking and awkward Indian genetic martial art are mentioned. Yoga is merely an exercise routine with no significance in combat.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C182
1 week ago
lol i imagine his crap would be elixers for 3rd grade metahumans to power up lol at that point View More

BabyJeezus: just wait till he is at the 5th level.. then he can literally fart out money

The Almighty Ring · C554
1 week ago
lol yea lol i mean think LOGIC right 1 luck is almost the worst luck you can have in the entire freaking universe lol if he just put like 10 points just 10 lol his like would be 10X Better lol thats a Big freaking number compared to what he has right now lol its like tenchi muho GXP lol View More

AyMine: this what happen when you abandon your luck stat.

The Legendary Mechanic · C475
1 week ago
i would like to say as im reading this the idea of a Second profession isnt that bad lol what i see as a con is that it will take him longer to level up thats it lol so it will be harder for him to reach the peak as they say but the PRO is much greater lol a second profession means more Ability Points and skill points and there is also a synergy between his classes and thats intelligence he gets more skill points from both classes based off of his INT rogue main is dexterity second to that is INT while Wizards MAIN IS INT pro is that he will have more skill points then normal compared to those of his own level meaning he should be able to deal with larger number of creatures etc with tht like they talked about the skill called sneak if i recall and it said that when the skill lvl reachs 200 even in the day you could disappear imagine getting that sooner it would make fights at anytime easy r etc etc etc also makes it easy r to take down single yet more powerful targets not saying it would be easy but more achievable View More
Abyss Domination · C68
1 week ago
lol i assume they do it randomly or they follow there ancestors recipe lol like ok this man awakened this gene inject him with this gene and he will train and power up his genes and when they get to a certain level they fuse or what not etc View More

Shadowxhunter: You know. The author never explained how the other find and fuse their gene

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C169
1 week ago
YES BRING IN THE MC SIDE KICK FROM EVERY XINXIA THE BELOVED FAT FRIEND XD but for the love of god stop killing him XD lol View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C164
1 week ago
who knows maybe to get into that higher level of education he needs his clans permission etc etc idk XD lol View More

scorpionbloodking: And why not just destroy the clan and go off and away with family?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C141
1 week ago
im going to re define what was said in this chapter to make it be easier to believe ok so he claimed that the titan is weak and not able to defeat him well it wasn't exactly him he was talking it about but Sun wukong , sun wukong managed to defeat those who decided other fates blah blah blah while titans in mythology as a whole lost there place of power against other gods only titan that was the strongest titan was chronos but even he was killed by his own son Zues etc while son wukong couldnt be killed at most they tried to seal him away which is why when the titan in this chapter tried to seal him away just like in his mythology the will buried in his genes aka the will of sun wukong gave a burst of power to fight against something that also happened in his legacy etc etc you can just think of this fight of a battle of will and legacy etc etc and a easy power boost plot device setting useing mythology now as for him saying no gene is perfect thats also subjective to what genes we are talking about and how strong is it like for instance every person has there strengths and weakness or just strengths like the stone monkey its focus is on the Body mainly the resistance to things and as bonus they have the flexability of monkeys lol and the speed of a monkey to lol there monkeys lol and they are stone monkeys so via the law of physics mass and speed blah blah = a higher degree of force so they also pack a fkn punch but the main point of it is there defense and flexibility while titans on the other hand as described in this story they have in born strength giving the size of there bodies they have higher resistance giving the size of there bodies aka more muscle etc they can control some type of energy etc but there focus is the size of there body thats where they get there power because of that there also known to be slow there only tough because of there muscles so the strong point of a titan is there STR they average out on DEF and there weakness is there Speed and the cherry on top is there ability to control a type of energy they have a clear weakness lol etc etc etc i could actually explain this way better but im gonna go back to reading View More

Heretoc: The amount of bull**** in this chapter... First he claims that Titan is weak and is still not able to defeat him. Says no gene is perfect, then goes and brags about his gene. Says that they are equally strong and them gets caught without being able to do anything. Breaks his finger and says that strength of whole body defeated his finger or something. 🤨🤨

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C129
1 week ago
im going to dumb my self down and assume the angel gene gives you 4 wings and not 2 lol View More

Towel: So he broke his wing and then Frank was able to proceed to fly away and stay in the sky the rest of the chapter? Don't think the author understands what breaking something means...

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C120
1 week ago

TianXia: Yo know i was denying it, saying the author is not racist in the beginning where it is gene and martial art. But after that is racism everywhere, for those who called the author racist before, you have respect to foresee it before it happen.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C109
1 week ago
i dropped this novel like 2 months ago lol because i sensed massive racism upcoming and dear god was i right lmao just wow how much racism can be compact together lol freaking nazti Religious god complex genes lol and there also White aka american lol and yellow is better then white says the god complex chinese monkeys that feel its better to **** a monkey then have mixed relations with anything else am i being racist maybe but im also just expressing what these fucking monkeys are saying in there stories XD fucking pissed stained skinned bastards i feel like everytime i read a story and the author expresses his racism in im giving the right to express that back to them via there fkn books upvote if you agree View More

PandaLightning: IKR I’m half Japanese I’ve never met a Japanese person who felt compelled to be subservient to “white people”. Thank you China 🇨🇳 for once again throwing japan as a whole under the bus into a hole 🕳 and straight into the abyss once more.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C106
1 week ago
Reading Status: C445
I have a feeling and i know others have already said that the reviews on this site are in fact Fake as in Qiuden deletes bad reviews and keeps good ones well here is me giving a bad review because i FKN SAW ONE DUDE JUST ONE HAVE LIKE OVER 10 REVIEWS 10 I STOPED COUNTING BUT EVERY FREAKING REVIEW IS A DAY APART AND RATED 5 STARS AND ITS ALL THE SAME FREAKING WORDING LIKE HE IS A FKN MACHINE SET TO MAKE A 5 STAR REVIEW EVERY DAY and if they allow the same persons review to affect the overall rating and not by the majority hate to break it to everyone but most people dont review a turd more then once so the idiots that stay and give 5 stars reviews on the turd make it look like a golden turd if quiden cut out all the freaking reviews made by the same people and only allow one review and for us to see our review at the top of the list again only for us to see at the top for others it be the newest review etc then it be a much more accurate system and not clearly lopsided to favor the people that always rate 5 stars and say the same thing over n over n over n over again like a MACHINE fyi this dude review is just him saying the fkn synopsis in a different way again no relations to what he read just what the fkn synopisis is View More
Elixir Supplier
2 weeks ago
ok so 1st thing this story is a ****ty one to me anyway 1st its a game where people go in and become martial artists etc wow what a game changer something that is different but almost exactly the same as a xinxia stories so garbage level right there only thing game about this is that they made it into a game wheres the numbers again NUMBERS there was again NOOOO CLASS SELECTION ETC so FAIL AS A GAME vrmmorpg always have class selections if you dont have that then it fails as a leveling game and you might as well called it fkn virtual fighter or call of duty etc just another ****ty story game go back into the past bs have fun everyone that cares about this View More
Sword Among Us · C10
3 weeks ago
i would like to say we all know mc has a skill called possesion or whatever and the last creature he used it on was a bird for agility but that was a couple HUNDRED CHAPTERS AGO why no mention of him getting something better now etc also many other skills that have been fkn dead no mention of him making new talismans again its like the class dies no mention of him making anything production classes in this game are dead nothing matters apperently to dropped gear from the past 300 chapters only thing i have seen of use to mc and otehr users is food buffs thats it mc has amazing production materials and there just sitting there like garbage also what about the skill Sacrifice i understand the mc doesnt want to use it much because of its negative affects on dropping the creatures lvl by 1 when using it but why not just capture a freaking random high level mob and use it as FUEL for the skill and when that creatures lvl drops enough where its no longer good to use on him then just get rid of it and use it on a new random high level mob simple easy way to use that skill without any problems lol also same with posession every like idk 10-50 lvls change out the creature hell he can even use the creature he changes out as the next one to sacrifice b4 discarding it etc i can do alot freaking more with those skills then this clown also his class which is fusing magic beasts is a dead class without creatures from that hell place sigh View More
Taming Master · C300
3 weeks ago
yep every time words all of a sudden change from what they where b4 you can assume that the translator changed and alot of words have alot of different meanings like when it comes to devils you can think of them as having high magic power or having devil power or having magic resistance or anti magic stats given there nature and surroundings which are rich in the energy coming from hell or just a place rich in magic energy that causes them to have a resistance to it and ability to harnest a large amount of it compared to other races etc i can go on about the rpg lore and what not but in essence some words are better than others and some words that have the same meaning can be confusing like in this novel there is magic already so intel stat affect the magic power of the user which affects the ability damage of magic related stuff so when they used the term devil energy it was easy for me to understand that its different type of power then just any old mage and magic resistance was easy because it means you resist magic now that can be confusing to sense does it resist all magic or just devil energy they could have just made it devil energy resistance if it was a stat made just for resisting devil energy but then they changed everything now its magic power and what not and now i don't know how to feel about it because sense magic power causes magic damage sense thats wht fkn magic is how does anti magic a ****y name compared magic resistence also anti means against and resists means to fight back i feel like fight back against magic power is better instead of being totally against it anti magic means you are completly against magic as in you cant use it but you are also very immune to it while resistance means you are against it but you can still use it so ****ty translation for choosing words to define this View More

LazyMonk2287: It made more sense as magic resistance than anti-magic.

Taming Master · C284
3 weeks ago
i would like to say is that once again the translator prob changed AGAIN as in this is the 3rd new translator because the original words for anito magic gear was just fkn Magic resistance which made sense anti magic is just another term for it also the original name for Magic Power was fkn Devil energy yes magic power sounds better now but they just swapped out words all over again and this keeps getting annoying every new stat that came from fkn devil place has just been renamed all because of some dumbass translator cant stick with the original terms that are used its annoying as hell sigh View More

Kamitenbatsu: Anti-magic/magic resistance reduces damage from any creature ~from~ Devildom. If you will recall, when he got in early and had the 99% magic resist he was only taking 1% damage from anything in there, which was how he was able to farm so much so easily, and how he was able to beat his poor retainer into submission. :)

Taming Master · C284
3 weeks ago
i gotta say there has been a time skip of months and there had been no news of any of his skills going up in grade or any mention of new skills outside of just one that he got from doing a random hidden quest etc i mean mc mentioned that upto lvl 100 you always get 2 skills every 30 lvls and after that you gotta look for them yourself etc well why hasn't he looked like there still the tower of summoners he can check out he stills has freaking contribution points for that etc sad man just sad like 70 levels of no progress with his own skills just using the same crap over n over m over its like the game ended at lvl 100 and now its like who levels the fastest wins the game View More
Taming Master · C189
3 weeks ago
believe it or not but for a game like this for a LARGE AMOUNT of people to afford that kind of loss there would be wayyyyyyy less people playing the game if they wanted the gold to have more value they would make other game mechanics that would consume gold on a massive scale and to add more realism like fixing your gear costs more money fix stuff and make stuff to the point that if you sold it it would we worth ALOT of gold money would come in to these type of people that could then cash out or invest in there business in game etc etc etc there are plenty of ideas that are far better then just dropping all your gear when you die View More

kirua21219: Not really think about it it is a virtual game where currency is as good as real gold.

Taming Master · C29
3 weeks ago
yea that idea is stupid and flawed to hell like you farm your gear you get a build going you go out and fight and you die 1 time bam lost all your crap and hope that when you go back its still there etc View More

jeebjanson: Does anyone else think it’s weird that when you die you lose ALL your items? I know it’s a trope, but...

Taming Master · C29
3 weeks ago
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