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dxwebnovel: November 2019
I paid 1000 as and this dude only unlocked 2 new chapters. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Dual Cultivation · C265
1 day ago

Xola: Dear Santa(Author)

I wish you drop like 20+ chapters this Christmas.

Your Reader

Dual Cultivation · C262
5 days ago

Darth_Xiane: See this! I gifted this story: a pile of crap. ☢☣☢☣

Seriously another filler chapter of:
Kill them all.
Cause we're superficial jackholes
But why?
Cause that's the cultivator way...
Okay oh well
okay sending out a kid to murder you all.
Chapter end

Tune in next time for more useless posturing people doubting the girl can do anything and a cliff hanger ending of her ripping out someone's spine through their nostril and everyone being shocked for 3 chapters.

Dual Cultivation · C262
5 days ago

Savnay: I must praise the author for the good flow of story it was really an intriguing story, that i must say, but non the less greediness something that is quite corruptive has finally entangle in your charisma of the book... Authors write for love its an art driven by thoughts and a clear view to win over and interest your readers but when malicious thoughts are included it overpowers the clear view and cloud that art such that your readers do not necessarily appreciate your works anymore but also see you with the malicious intent circumambulating your core

Why am i saying this its not that am against your privilege chapters nor am against you making money they are some book that i also do read which also have the same criteria but the scenario in this case has been deteriorating . Even as a reader while reading your work might be a level high but with such kind of perception in the mind makes the book uninteresting.

As an author try to create that rapoo, a good relationship, between you and your fans quench their thirst create that mutual benefit make them feel that at the end of the day their spirit stones have been worthfull

There some books whereby their fans request a mass release and the author, may god bless him, grants the wish of his fans its just an example of a good relationship and understanding between the two

So the author of this book al ask you not when was the last mass release ..that al not ask but will ask you when was the last time you were pleased by your fans when was the last time you tried pleasing your supporters ?????

Dual Cultivation · C262
5 days ago

RottenPotato: Last chapter: disciples left the sect!
This chapter: disciples continues to left the sect!

Fucking useless author! Just how desperate are you to increase your chapter count? Most of all, the grammar sucks.🖕

Dual Cultivation · C261
1 week ago

RottenPotato: Why is this novel still not taken down by Qidian?

Dual Cultivation · C260
1 week ago

RottenPotato: Are you an idiot? Or are you an idiot? This is a contracted work, and thus must have a consistent release. This novel used to have daily releases and now what? A chapter in 2 days? 3 days? 4 days? I don't fuckin care if you enjoy it or not, I only know that the quality went down but is still passable. But, quality is quality and release rate is release rate. The updates are so inconsistent that it makes you wonder why it's still on the platform. Qidian don't know **** about consistency, or maybe they just don't care cause it still brings them money.

Dual Cultivation · C260
1 week ago

Hentai_Sauce: Someone please spoil me

Dual Cultivation · C258
2 weeks ago

Mri_Kel: I think you might be ranting in the wrong novel...

Dual Cultivation · C234
1 month ago

Mano3: See this! I just gifted the story: Another middle finger with both hands

Dual Cultivation · C229
1 month ago

Erwin_gio: Usually this novel has a lot of comments,
but after the Fire Nation attacks.
90% don't want to open premium chapters lol.
at least the readers are smart people and the novel is abandoned.

Dual Cultivation · C227
1 month ago

DualHost: Nice Qidian you're the best showing them how it's done. Thanks for teaching me how to dual host. I hope you don't find if I host some of your novels on my website need some money from ads.

Heavenly Jewel Change
2 months ago

Quake_Midaro: Gotta be honest I am loving this but the pay wall is ok when it’s a 1 time thing but a constant pay wall is annoying there’s no sense in dumping $20 to read a few chapters then have to do it all over again after you catch up I mean come on if we wanted to dump a lot of money into reading we would just by LN’s from book stores saving a money in the process.... yes you don’t want you stuff to be pirated but putting up a constant pay wall means less and less readers because of the back to back privilege blocks in the end I think I’m just gonna drop this story it’s just not worth the money $60 or so a month just isn’t worth it so thanks for the story so far but I don’t think I’m gonna finish it the cost is just too high for a LN what I’ve spent for 15 or so chapters here I could have bought 2 volumes of something else

Dual Cultivation · C219
2 months ago

Azerna: It is just that the comment are deleted. Same as the review.

Dual Cultivation · C218
2 months ago

CreampieKing: The heavens have let me down since birth. Being born with broken meridians I strived to be the best martial artist, till the day I encountered a regenerative medicine. Since then I have been knocking down all the haughty heaven chosen and demon level geniuses. May the world know my name, for I am the strongest!

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C167
3 months ago

IcedBaby: A rival that didn’t decide to kill mc the second he hears of him?

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C104
3 months ago

Requien: Why the fu ck should i stop at this point and who the fucckk are you to tell anyone what to do if you cant take comments dont read them same retarded logic as yours

Dual Cultivation · C213
3 months ago
Nothings happening View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C63
3 months ago

SPURSmcGOD: Privilege is not worth it.

Dual Cultivation · C199
3 months ago

bayernman12: Screw it, lets just keep laughing at those poor souls who purchased Privilege to read this!😂😂😂😂

Dual Cultivation · C199
3 months ago

bayernman12: A moment of sil......just laugh at all those who wasted precious SS getting Privilege for this!😂😂😂😂

Dual Cultivation · C198
3 months ago

KaZe_DaRKWIND: How this is still at rank 7 is beyond me

Dual Cultivation · C198
3 months ago

Kurozora: i like this stuff !! MORE FILLER PLEASE !!!
please, you need to make more filler like this for privilege holder.. the content are awesome. the next chapter should be about buying some cabbage the next one should be about drinking tea..


Dual Cultivation · C198
3 months ago
Cringy View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C38
4 months ago
Wtf, why people still giving this novel stones?! View More
Dual Cultivation · C192
4 months ago

khazmodan: The author really
Just "dont give a s-h-i-t " to all your complains.
So basically its pointless to support the votes.
I think the reason why he said that he want use to help vote to rank 1-2 is so that he could make a behind deal with W.N. we just been used and kept as slave so he still can milk our SS daily.
Correct me if I am wrong..
Who knows..??!

Dual Cultivation · C192
4 months ago

Primal_silence: Why do I feel like cheated I have paid 500 stones and still have to pay for chapters and the privilege is 3 chapters before others but if u carefully think we actually paid 500 stones for just three chapters.
And which hardly feels any proper way of doing things like this where we after first 3 chapter we get 1 chapter only like when normal reader get.
Thinking carefully it feels like scam.
Just giving my opinion

Dual Cultivation · C192
4 months ago

Ouhbaba: You received exactly what was advertised, how is it a scam? You're just dumb for agreeing to a terrible deal and you now realize it.

Dual Cultivation · C192
4 months ago

thisisjustatest: You are not cheated, you are stupid, it take 10 seconds to know that the "priviledge" is a scam with google "webnovel priviledge"...

Dual Cultivation · C192
4 months ago

KxV09: Really an impossible goal, but we must hope for the impossible!

Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C32
4 months ago
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