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Ahh those minor details View More

vishal_agarwal_19: She told him everything except one thing which is the most important that she is a werewolf.

The CEO's cute girlfriend is a werewolf · C26
3 days ago
Or miss use of sugar and salt View More

greeeen: lmao, that "strange muffin seasoning" must be Marijuana.

The CEO's cute girlfriend is a werewolf · C19
3 days ago

Java_Dream: No my friend, they just warm each other in most ancient and efficient way

The CEO's cute girlfriend is a werewolf · C4
3 days ago
Then you propaly also know about the otherworldly always cold and arrogant male lead and how our female lead is always soooo strong but in the hands of the male lead is like a play thing View More

poker_face_kun: I have read lot of comics with similar beggining. The step sister and lover of the main lead gets betrayed and killed by them and then she is reborn again.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C1
3 days ago

poker_face_kun: I have read lot of comics with similar beggining. The step sister and lover of the main lead gets betrayed and killed by them and then she is reborn again.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C1
3 days ago

Helrym: It's quite amazing as he has a power level of 600 while a normal surpass with full sacred gens has around 300 and has so many pr9blems killing this ordinary monster kind of makes no f sense at all

Super Gene · C893
2 weeks ago
But only if they experienced a rebirth View More

reinesse: i bet the green one is not the most supreme quality. i mean, all the best things goes to the main character. typical novel logic.

Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C64
2 weeks ago
I mean for future chapters. The prices is always based on how many words have been written. 200 per stone I think was it.
I did not need to pay a think properly because I read it around 10 min after release View More

koolsalad: its only 10 ss for me? changing prices for some ppl?

Lilim Heritage Online · C115
2 weeks ago
Story is good enough for me 12 ss no problem here View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C115
2 weeks ago

nemery11: MC got nerfed 😂😂😂

Lilim Heritage Online · C112
3 weeks ago
I agree
They always written as strong female leads but as soon as the otherwordly handsome arrogant cold did I say handsome male lead comes. They are they molten butter. View More

bloo: Such a good story so far. Every single female MC story on this website is some cringey love story. Thank buddha for this.

Dark Star Survivor · C39
3 weeks ago
She never fought for real every time a dangerous situation came she lost consciousness. Also she was never trained to fight humans she was only a little bit trained to fight a almighty alien race two different thinks View More

Fimbultyr: Yeah this bugs me too... A soldier, fought hundreds of years and now struggling so much...
Even if this is a new word... There should be more things she could have done...

Dark Star Survivor · C20
3 weeks ago
On one hand I like it that you do not know so you can use your imagination. Before something jade white skin. Sandal wood eyes and so on View More
Dark Star Survivor · C17
3 weeks ago
No range weapons you mean no Mecha? View More

Fimbultyr: thanks for the chapter.
no raged weapons?

Dark Star Survivor · C13
3 weeks ago
You mean Survival View More

LemonGrenade: Unnecessary? Literally all the organs we have were originally meant for the wilderness!

Dark Star Survivor · C3
3 weeks ago
Is he consuming the other concinous in order to power himself up? View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C102
1 month ago
Sharpshooter and .martial arts... well gives a view how we can already expect the mc to go into the world. Shoots when enemy is to strong and yells how smart he is. Fights with his fist when they are weaker then him and compliments himself how strong he is. View More
Stronghold In The Apocalypse · C1
1 month ago

RothsGab: I feel like Aurum will become a yandere for some reason ..... Oh well

NoGift · C6
1 month ago

Blankpaper: Play with me

I want to be with you

As long as you need me, I won’t leave your side.

Why do I think she is going to become a lady, lady killer

NoGift · C6
1 month ago

Renegade032: Well our little Princess Mechanic Maple is not interested in tournaments...not to mention she's dirt poor atm...

Han Xiao did mention that she's the most OP mevhanic there is but only on the later stages...

Everyone will know how scary Mechanics are after she gets enough money to whale the blueprint gacha...xD

The Legendary Mechanic · C426
1 month ago
I think face slapping is fine but these stupid forum conversations are unessary in my opinion and annoyinh View More
The God Virus · C53
1 month ago
Dear author hope your doing fine. Hope your mother is feeling better. Hope everything will go well. But I can say out of my own experience kidney failure is not the end. Know it lost mine 5 years ago. Wish you courage for the time ahead. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C93
1 month ago

dummy122510: GAY!

The Legendary Mechanic · C413
1 month ago

ScorpiaEvergreen: Li Yingjie: "I can't do it! It's all your fault, Boss! Take responsibility!"
Ling Lan: "He's your responsibility, Shiyu."
Li Shiyu: "Nope, he's yours now." *whistles nonchalantly*
Ling Lan: "Grr... this is all Lanfeng's fault!"
Li Lanfeng: "What did I do!?"

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C610
1 month ago

Willowy: Li Lanfeng acting like a dad meeting the new neighbors and trying to keep the kids in check.
Qi Long being a loyal dog who hasn't accepted Lanfeng as a dad.
Li Shiyu came a long way from being a pure cinnamon roll to a black-bellied babysitter.
Li Yingjie an abandoned dog no one wants to take care of (since he's not potty-trained and would probably poop everywhere)
Ling Lan displaying the generic heroine trait of being dense.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C610
1 month ago

Tdaye1: Oh yeah it’s DEFINITELY LI LANFENG’S FAULT. it has nothing AT ALL TO DO WITH YOU, LING LAN!!!! Lol!!!

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C610
1 month ago
Well on the other side what did they do don't they also go into the dungeon to retrieve resources and kill the monsters and try their weapons?

Learn like a child feels more like he gets corrupted by human morals and ethics chains that will hold his true potential down View More

amylhia: Well you can't call him crazy because from the start he had no sentiment love,hate,lust, he know nothing of this it's a machine (for now since he become a human he will start to learn like a child i suppose) ^^

Reincarnating Into A Fantasy World as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal · C25
1 month ago
Why not wouldn't it be fun to read 3 shouting chapters View More

shrel: please don't add in power levels, we don't want this to end up like DBZ..

Chrysalis · C114
1 month ago
I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass! View More

Tyler89558: *Collapses tunnel entrance* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Chrysalis · C1
2 months ago
If it was DBZ half of the page would only be "aaahaaaaaahaaaaaaah""its over 9000" View More

Fatearththeory: Is it me or has the pacing in this fight turned into DBZ speed? 😂

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C589
2 months ago
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