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So does Flacon want to kill Yang Ming because of his connection with Liu Weishan. Seeming as the 2 people accompanying Dr. Benjamin are probably his son and his son’s wife. View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1391
2 weeks ago

QuasiParagonW: Lordbluefire, please accept my humblest and sincerest thanks for all of your hard work these past 4 years. It is thanks to you that I got to read such an amazing novel. You have my eternal gratitude. I have no doubt that any of your future work will also be successful! In my book, you are the true Ancient Godly Monarch! Cheers boss!

Ancient Godly Monarch · C2052
1 month ago
As my first novel that started me on my path of reading cultivation novels, this one will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Lordbluefire for the wonderful journey of this novel. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C2052
1 month ago
He killed them and their Empyrean that was backing them. View More

mexin007: Hey what about the Jiang clan who were responsible for the death of Qin Wentian in Azure Mystic realm.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C2040
1 month ago
How about you scram you damn loser. 😁 View More

straybullet77: Wtf is use of summary when everyone is reading every chapter the author releases... And we already know that this novel i coming to end soon.... And who told you to write summary of every chapter release.... Scram....

Ancient Godly Monarch · C2038
1 month ago
A little less than 30 chapters left before the novel ends. View More

OriginPi: Wonder how many more chapters before this ends?

Ancient Godly Monarch · C2014
2 months ago
HOTD Mature Parody · C0
3 months ago
It’s not about making a novel but about useless comments that don’t affect the author in anyway but he’s still posting it for chapters before and ones that come out but I guess you didn’t catch that. View More

kurono98: Then make your own novel and make it free,lets see how long can u last without resources

Dual Cultivation · C217
4 months ago
You really have nothing better to do huh. What a sad little man. 😏 View More

DeadSoil: deleted reviews (34) let's see how much you can handle. Another hypocritical author who deletes ratings because it's true, pathetic. You can delete this too that I can continue until you get tired. Just like your protagonist and your novel you are full of rubbish.just don't waste your time reading this novel, the author got greedy and started writing one filler after another, the novel is now about nothing more than people doubting the protagonist and causing trouble and then he decides to give some beat and then follows the same thing infinitely.

Dual Cultivation · C217
4 months ago
Because they still haven’t seen the face of the “new patriarch”. Only LL herself knows about the “new patriarch”. View More

MJAgo: Why in the hell did he not use the appearance of new patriarch to order them easily without wasting all this useless talking????

Dual Cultivation · C212
4 months ago
Honestly there is no point for a tournament since he’s already the strongest person besides the couple sovereign realm people on the continent. If there’s going to be a show of strength it’s more than likely going to be when those assassin dudes and the golden lion guy try to take the one girl with the special body. View More

BrokenMoon: You know what Little brother (DC author),I really hate this pill thing,can you at least show us Main character Strength (For example showing them on competition)

All we've seen this past few weeks are only pill forging/sex/ and lame drama.it's so boring that sometimes I won't evem bother to read the newly released chapter.

You can check out peofane prince of domination and Against The God LN if you're out of idea on what to write.

It's popular and good LN that most read nowadays, I'm telling you Little Brother, I even visited ATG/Profance princenof domination Website many times in case new chapter are release.

You're likely to be smart,so i believe you understand by now what i mean by telling you this much.

Dual Cultivation are good in the beginning

But it slowly Degenerated as times passed

Now, make your decision My little brother,

Don't disappoint us anymore :).

Dual Cultivation · C197
5 months ago
No because if you even bothered to remember at the beginning of this novel. He turned all the women sex crazed only for him. All their partners could no longer satisfy them in the sect and that was only from his massage. So they aren’t just looking for pleasure, but something to fill it in while Su Yang is away and while they’re waiting for their children to be born. View More

MJAgo: These two women are just seeking pleasure for themselves and now they can achieve it with each other and treating MC like a tool that can give them pleasure so this is not love, this means they are not completely faithful to their man and just want pleasure... you think when a man go to the war for several years. His wife will be looking for other persons to satisfy her needs? No they will wait for their man to show him the love they have for their man.... and when he returns they will both satisfy each other with much more passion... separation will not turn a woman to the lustful person and force them too become lesbi*n, it'll only happen when they are not in love with their man.....
So now i think mc doesn't need to come back and should throw them since these girls can satisfy each other (which will definitely put an impact in their child mind in future)

Dual Cultivation · C184
6 months ago
And you just keep this useless opinion to yourself, since the author can write whatever the hell he wants. 😁 View More

Roguehunter: I skipped this whole chapter, author just keep R-18 content to mc pls.

Dual Cultivation · C183
6 months ago
I don’t think so. I’m certain that the primordial demon bloodline is from his father whereas the candle like bloodline is from his mom. It states in this chapter that their bloodline rears demons when in previous chapters long before QW would state how the candle like bloodline would suppress the primordial demon bloodline. View More

QuasiParagonW: Haha oh I don't remember how I knew the demon bloodline was from his mother, I didn't mean any offence. I've been reading this novel from like 3 years ago when there were only 130 chapters available on Gravity Tales XD. I would dare say I'm from the 1st generation of readers! Back then Lordbluefire had another alias... Kurodreamer if I recall correctly

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1791
6 months ago
So it’s been like 2-3 Sundays now. Where are the chapters my man? View More

Venerable_Eiyuu: I didn't dropped the Novel, I clearly stated there that I'll still release one chapter every Sunday but not this week's Sunday and eventually finish it when I reach the last episode of HOTD and the OVA.
Others can also continue where I will stop, I'd be ecstatic to read other's take on the Novel.

HOTD Mature Parody · C0
6 months ago
It’s far better than what it used to be when he finished volume 2. So just be happy that the author is releasing this frequently. View More

SPURSmcGOD: Help this guy,his release rate is awful

Dual Cultivation · C145
7 months ago
No longer ntr as it’s become a consensual threesome and not either is being cucked purposely. View More

Kaiser357: Unfortunately, it's hard to fap to Eliza fvcking the fox. Whereas it would be easy if it were the MC, not everyone can get off to NTR.

· C38
8 months ago
Yeah but there are some special snowflakes that probably just think immediately, “oh my god dick shape tails its a dick oh my god”. And they probably just start imagining some actual ntr. View More

CyberGOD: calm down people,its not futa,she is just inserting her tail into eliza which is not like a real dick but can be imagined to be a broomstick...

· C0
8 months ago
Cloud Continent... War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens? View More
· C32
8 months ago
Well the dude the Sage Emperor got his time space seal from the temporal demon spirit book which was from another dude, so there should be higher realms past deity. View More

charonte: It makes me feel weird that he's reaching the end of his cultivation technique. Hopefully there are higher realms than Deity rank and larger worlds than the one they're in

Tales of Demons and Gods · C449
9 months ago
I would just guess a phoenix. 🤔 View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C251
9 months ago
Yup View More

Skooma123: Tower of God fan huh?

The King's Avatar · C609
11 months ago
Not with the connections he has right now. View More

RickrickM: But then he would have to find prostitutes as well....so much work.

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C513
1 year ago
I like how Chen Afu to Yang Ming is just someone to give erectile dysfunction to people Yang Ming hates 😂 View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C513
1 year ago
It is right because they said it before they posted it. Just because you haven’t joined the discord it’s not their fault, it’s yours dumbo. View More

Positive_Lullaby: Doesn't make it right you dumbbo

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C485
1 year ago
Actually you don’t even need to read to comment on it. You can just buy the ch and skip it all and comment dummy 😂😂😂. Plus maybe if you were in the discord you would know what’s going on 😂 View More

Positive_Lullaby: Because you need to read it to leave a comment. You are so smart

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C485
1 year ago
Ha he done already f****d her granddaughter. Grandma probably like you dummy, you already did hahaha 😂 View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C442
1 year ago

KingDerp: How about you compare your fck translation to the translation of prior chapters before fckn posting a BARELY legible chapter....

This is almost as bad as reading MTL..... Please either learn English or make sure that every single chapter you translate you go back and compare to one that NovelSaga did since NovelSaga is 100000x better at translating and English than you are..

2 months of nothing for you to release something this ****, just shows how little effort was put into it.. Thanks for giving everyone here a heads up as to what kind of work ethic you will have from here on... fck garbage tier translator.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C566
1 year ago

Srynko: Dude the problem isn't the naming but your sentence-structure, vocabulary and general way of expressing yourself in english. I'm thankful this novel got picked up again, but this chapter reads like an essay from a unmotivated C- student.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C566
1 year ago

zukA: Wow... Just wow! After 3 months of nothing we get a machine translation and a premium one chapter!
So QI couldn't hire a decent translator so they went with premium MTL...

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C566
1 year ago
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