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For real?? View More

lilyla19: Binhai is a sub-provincial district and state-level new area within the jurisdiction of Tianjin Municipality

Pet King · C971
6 months ago
Finally! Some elfin battle! Yeah! ZZ:Fina use scratch! CRITICAL HIT! View More
Pet King · C969
6 months ago
Yeah! I am correct! It is just a test from the elfin View More
Pet King · C967
6 months ago
This would be a test by the elfin, most likely he passed. View More
Pet King · C962
6 months ago
Yeah! CAPITAL ARC GO! Hahahaha! Sooo.... Will we be having a poke*cough* elfin battles soon? View More
Pet King · C944
7 months ago
Somewhat new arc! We saw this coming and the egypt trip. Would we be able to solve the golden cat in the capital or in egypt View More
Pet King · C942
7 months ago
Thanks for the epilouge Pi! View More
Pet King · C937
7 months ago
As usual Pi thanks for the chapter. Have some pahwah stones View More
Pet King · C934
7 months ago
I can sympathise with her View More
Pet King · C925
7 months ago
The whale is looking for the whale View More
Pet King · C921
7 months ago
Dammit!!!! ONION NINJAS BEGONE!!! View More
Pet King · C914
8 months ago
Giving stones to Pi. View More
Pet King · C912
8 months ago
Giving STONES to Pi! Thanks! View More
Pet King · C903
8 months ago
Throwing Pi the much needed PAWAH STONES! I used "give PAWAH STONES" 3 times! It is SUPAH EPEKTIB! Thanks Pi! View More
Pet King · C901
8 months ago
Crap... Trypophobia.... Getting the goose bumps... View More
Pet King · C899
8 months ago
Well the author(Pi) is a monkey after all. Monkeys hate water so he knows the feeling. View More

remichan: It seems that this is based on Author real experience. To be able to give such a vivid story about using inflatable boat to the sea, It must be very traumatic to the author.

Pet King · C898
8 months ago
Thank you for the insight. I didn't know that. View More

Debbie_Boners: Of course it will be. In China whale hunting is too risky. They're protected species and hunting them in China can lead to the death penalty or lifetime in jail.

Pet King · C897
8 months ago
We will see more injured whales and Japan or Korea will culprits. View More
Pet King · C897
8 months ago
Not so relevant chapter here... Thanks Pi View More
Pet King · C896
8 months ago
Heheheh! Now she hates her Oppa, she will become a more incline to chinese. As if the Chinese doesn't hunt endangered animals... *Cough*Turtles,Sea Horse*cough* Well thanks again Pi! View More
Pet King · C895
8 months ago
The boat is for Shiwa.... Well to stuck at the bathroom for a long time is agonizing. View More
Pet King · C891
8 months ago
Bam! Another heart warming story from Pi! Hahahaha! Thanks Pi! View More
Pet King · C889
8 months ago
Wait! We have a pet maniac sect!? Count me in! View More
Pet King · C887
8 months ago
Crap.... She knows that she is dying so she will leave the dog to him. Maybe? View More
Pet King · C885
8 months ago
This will make Shiwa hate oppa and be a patriotic citizen of china. View More
Pet King · C883
8 months ago
Thanks Pi! More accolades for our MC. View More
Pet King · C877
8 months ago
Yup! Thanks Pi. A few more chapters till help arrive. View More
Pet King · C875
8 months ago
Mini whale arc no end in sight.... 4 more chapters and we are done. I think... View More
Pet King · C874
9 months ago
This will cause ZZ's fame to rise again. But still no GF. Hahahaha! The vet is a good catch. View More
Pet King · C872
9 months ago
At last! Going to Egypt! View More
Pet King · C871
9 months ago
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