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😱 View More

StarveCleric: First?

Library of Heaven's Path · C2016
1 week ago
I used it just fine. fast pass just can't be used for privileged chapters View More

Kacchie: Why cant we use fast pass for LoHP?!

Doesnt this mean that free users wont be able to read LoHP soon?

Library of Heaven's Path · C2003
2 weeks ago
not copy, remix. there is a big difference View More

LittleSaberScholar: ZX: “I assure you I’m only going to browse and not copy any of your books!”

Boss Hu: “This....alright then”

ZX: “Thank you” *Copies Books Instantly*

Boss Hu: “............”

Library of Heaven's Path · C1997
3 weeks ago
ZX just needs to give 1 lecture and leave a manual and the entire sect will be powered up beyond what Sect Leader Han can ever accomplish. Ppl enter a sect to be strong not to meet caring wise ppl. View More

Shiveringjenny: Sect Leader Han has shown himself to be a much better Sect Leader than ZX would be. A proper Sect Leader should actually care about the sect and consider how things would affect the sect, not just be some random very strong guy who doesn’t care about anything but himself and will go off to gallivant on a different plane of existence without notifying anyone or putting a succession plan into place.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1989
3 weeks ago
this is a great chapter if you want to save on stones. View More

lynerparel: This is but one of the many possibilities. Basically like the title says it's an alternate ending to Alex's story. Next chapter will be the true event.

Adopted Soldier · C158
3 weeks ago

MaCar0n1: Hahah what a nice way to end a story😂😂

Adopted Soldier · C158
3 weeks ago

moshmaru: This is a good ending yeah....... Urgh why author why you do this

Adopted Soldier · C158
3 weeks ago
Merry Christmas, happy new year. Congrats on finishing a 400+chapter novel that is pretty good. Wish you publish ebook versions of your books. View More

AdSpaceForSale: See this! I just gifted the story: Magic Wand

Adopted Soldier · C1
4 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Magic Wand View More
Adopted Soldier · C1
4 weeks ago
and very handsome View More

Kacchie: ZX: remember,I. Am. Low. Profile!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1987
4 weeks ago
I thought it's 7 days. I prefer this lohp chaps are 15 coins on avg. 3 pass per day equate to 3 chapters. on the other hand lohp is the only book I read so I can understand why ppl don't like it. there are books that's only 5 coins per chap View More

quatre: This fast pass, why in 24 hours only? 😓

And earning coins through missions have become limited.

It is not everyday that you can invite friends just to earn coins....grrrrrrr😤

Library of Heaven's Path · C1986
4 weeks ago

DaoAlf: Saber? Maybe a spear? No no no its the way of the brickk

Library of Heaven's Path · C1984
1 month ago

Karsh: Deny deny deny! Then shove the accusations to your disciple. A flawless plan nobody will suspect a thing!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1979
1 month ago
stabbity stab stab? View More

ShamelessSystem: Sword toss
Horizontal slash

Whats next?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1977
1 month ago
I recommend the dao of patience young padawan View More

DaoistWindstorms92: I just want to rant about how there’s no more way to get free coins besides reading a god damn long time now. Screw you and your fast pass Qidian!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1976
1 month ago
second person since Kong Shi at least for now View More

shippibloo: Love how the elder is actually competent and perceptive

Library of Heaven's Path · C1976
1 month ago
congrats on overcoming the first tribulation in the dao of patience. we just came from almost 10 cliffhangers in a row View More

LadyPhoenix23: I'll wait as well, not to join with the elders, but for the next chapters to come.. Hahaha

Library of Heaven's Path · C1970
1 month ago
let's give it a better name how about... gourd soup View More

Jcarlo28: Gourd: can i have some (puppy dog eyes) 🐶
ZX:🤦🏻‍♂️ just one
Gourd: take 4 and jump back to ZX dantian and wiggle his bottom
ZX: (gets a pot and boil the gourd) sell more bathwater
just kidding for xp

Library of Heaven's Path · C1958
1 month ago
f2player greet you 9 days later View More

kongesai: Just spend around 1300 ss for the first fucking time on single purchase. But why am I feeling so good? 🤣🤣

Library of Heaven's Path · C1954
1 month ago
while the dao of patience is safer to cultivate and have much less chance of bottlenecking a practitioner of the dao of patience will always be slower than the dao of the privileged at least until the novel has reached the state of completeness View More

_Lord_Third_: The only true Dao is Dao of Patience...what comes to be is meant to come so one can only be patient

Library of Heaven's Path · C1949
1 month ago
f2p patting you on the back in sympathy 1 week later View More

LadyPhoenix23: Thanks for the privilege, now i'm broke

Library of Heaven's Path · C1944
1 month ago
I will forever be your junior as my resources are meager compare to you main characters. I will forever be 20 chaps behind. Maybe more if new ss mechanics are introduced. Please take care of me. View More

oDSo: Hello fellow previlleged people!
This comment section become so much quiet after Qidian's Sect limit the access.
The Dao of Spirit Stone is limitless.
For those inner elders (+20 chapters) and outer elders (+15 chapters), I pay my respect to you.🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️
For outer disciples (+5 chapters) and outsiders (non-previlleged), cultivate your Dao of Spirit Stone hard enough and maybe someday we can become inner elder too.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1943
1 month ago
short chaps= no filler View More

UnrestedShadow: Don’t care about the chapters being short! I’m just glad they’re good!!! Keep it up!!! 👍

Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner · C25
1 month ago
you can reach the bottleneck right now by being privilege and up to date in lohp. View More

DaoistWindstorms92: I have entered seclusion (ss stockpiling) and finally got a breakthrough in the dao of spirit stone, it wont be long until I reach another bottleneck

Library of Heaven's Path · C1937
1 month ago
does the privilege stones go to translater? View More

UtmostHumanKing: Supporting the translator by spending 250ss for 5 chapter

Library of Heaven's Path · C1935
1 month ago
home alone lohp edition 🤗 View More

SaltAndPepper: Hahahaha. Just wait until he enchant their residence. It will be more formidable than the horse and carriage. Too funny.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago
in the US the average ***** book you buy at a store is 300 pages long. it is very rare to have books with page numbers in the thousands View More

Cutelover: How is 20 chapters a book? I read books with 1200 pages and 40/60 chapters?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago
hopefully they won't decide to make it so you must be "privilege" to even pay stones to read the popular books. View More

Ponty: actually I didn't mind spending more stones because at this moment this is the only premium novel I've read here

I also agree if all the stones goes to the translators, I can even give more to them if I can, it's just this "privileged" thing that I can't accept.

now I can only read few days or even few months old of comments in every chapter because I will not buy the privileged chapters

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago
tbh 20 chapters is the length of a book. on the other hand the filler in most Chinese novels does not deserve to be call a book it to mention this is the price to read on a website rather than instead of having a hard copy you can read even if qidian goes down View More

awelly: Wtf there are positive comments about extra chapters, when the move is scummy... 10$for 20ch? you can buy a book for that

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago
PSA: If you do not already know it, this book is already completed on fanfiction and there is a sequel as well View More
One Punch-Gamer · C27
1 month ago
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