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Miguel_Haciendero: Welcome, fellow daoists! We meet again after a month of seclusion. Let's all make use of this time to reinforce our cultivation. Happy reading everyone!

Tales of Demons and Gods · C479
4 months ago
Sad i caught up again 😣
After rereading this here in qidan..

Do i need wait one month again for next chapter? View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C479
4 months ago
Yes im thinking the same thing View More

dragon_god1: I have a feeling that she is star face's daughter.

Spirit Immortal · C365
6 months ago
Haha everybody has brain problem as a child when talking to merlin View More
End of the Magic Era · C213
7 months ago
Finally realize Shin can be a Water Bender,

If he can Control the flow of water in a body(plants, animals, human)
And he can Change the Phase of water (solid, liquid, gas),
Now he just need how to extract water from his environment(plants, animals, place) View More
Spirit Immortal · C352
7 months ago
Finally shin advanced..
I miss the days he is just dancing and waltzing when being challenge by the Frie clan heirress View More
Spirit Immortal · C349
7 months ago
This pump my blood.
And i WANT MORE.. 😁😁😁

Mass updates pls View More
Spirit Immortal · C348
7 months ago
First time this novel chapter dissapointed me View More
End of the Magic Era · C164
8 months ago
When that cliff is so...
More please View More
End of the Magic Era · C158
8 months ago
32 spirit stones View More
Battle Frenzy · C540
8 months ago
Next chapter 32 spirit stones?? Tg View More

Sp4c3r: It's a shame to destroy a decently build character like DiCaprio in 2 chapters

Battle Frenzy · C539
8 months ago
Is Lord Shawn.. Lord Fifth from i shall seal the heavens?
Shameless try shameless hahaha View More
End of the Magic Era · C141
8 months ago
Me waiting who will face God Peak.. maybe Gui Hao team? Or the most low profile in the S+, Vladimeer teams?
Cause for sure Mo Wen will face Wang Zong next View More

His0ka: It should be Wang Zong vs Gui Hao then Wang Zong vs Carolyn in the grand finals 💀💀💀.

Battle Frenzy · C534
8 months ago
Of course those s+ will skips it each other..
Im not surprise
Its fix View More
Battle Frenzy · C534
8 months ago
All hail Ma Dong for finding the genuine Crosswheel
A free divine weapon at the market View More

captainawesome: Heh is there a single person who didn't predict that they would be the real legendary wheels? 😏

Battle Frenzy · C532
8 months ago
Let us all praise MA DONG for finding the genuine Relic not anu replica View More

Ralse: MC showing of he has a divine weapon as well really cant think of the top families having any advantage anymore

Battle Frenzy · C532
8 months ago
Wonderful chapter..
Easy 5 rate ratings..
So worth it with a low price of 9 to unlock View More
Battle Frenzy · C532
8 months ago
What chapter they replace i want re read it since i payed for it aLready View More

Asprox: Believe it or not, they did correct the last repeat chapter problem. I think it took over a month of non stop complaints, and they never posted a notice about it either, but they did substitute the messed up chapter. Just hope they won’t take as long this time.

Battle Frenzy · C520
8 months ago
Shit I miss click the ****. This is the third time got excited for a chapter update but its a copy of the previous chapter...

Havent yet compensated from the last two..
The hell.
Puta ina. View More
Battle Frenzy · C520
8 months ago
Now its only emily 😐 View More
Battle Frenzy · C518
9 months ago
There are really no fans here..
Wang Zong want to temper his team and beside they already over meet there requirements..

And FINALLY screen time for emily..
From all the main stay she's the only one didnt make a beeakthrough..

Even the substitute vice captain scarlet already had Her breakthrough View More
Battle Frenzy · C515
9 months ago
Respect View More

Dank_god: Boob sizes with a side of sarcasm
A ---> Almost Boobs.
B ---> Barely there.
C ---> Can't Complain!
D ---> Damn!
DD ---> Double damn!
E ---> Enormous!
F ---> Fake
G ---> Get a reduction!

End of the Magic Era · C88
9 months ago
Ok its time for Emily to grow..
Ma Dong. Has even more screen time than her.. haha View More
Battle Frenzy · C514
9 months ago
Is Barran the child of Darkness from KonoSuba 😂 View More
Battle Frenzy · C512
9 months ago
But i miss how merlin way of slapping the others face..
Eating that potion bottle..
Good times..
Good times.. 😂😂😂 View More

isabant: Hiring Fauleu was a genius stroke for Merlin...all these important headaches that he does not want to deal with are perfectly solved by this guy.

End of the Magic Era · C86
9 months ago
Did Ning'er always had black hair??? I thought her hair was chesnut color View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C9
9 months ago
Why i feel the chapter is short or mean i just simply enjoying this 😁 View More
End of the Magic Era · C78
9 months ago
Well the colonel did compromise
By forming the troops even though the himmel empire cant step on that foreign soil

There colonel can see the bigger picture (you know politics 🤔)
I honor his decision making
Especialy the infornation come from outside party and not his men View More

Ajum: Stressfull condition, as military have a lot of things into consideration and starting war with peaceful neighbour country is not a wise action

Spirit Immortal · C292
9 months ago
Are we still receive some refunds or what? View More
Battle Frenzy · C499
9 months ago
True i was wondering why she threw him 90 degree upward and not let him be out of bounds or threw him diagonally upward for more distance..

Wasted oppurtunity.. View More

Crystal_Kei: wtf author that just dragging.. she surely an idiot... if its me when he is encase in that bubble just shoot him like rocket outside of stadium lose by out of bound outside of stadium surely will be very embarrassing

Battle Frenzy · C499
9 months ago
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