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Original Works

  • Men vs Apocalypse

    Men vs Apocalypse



    The world is at constant war for the new resource, Fate Crystal. Little did they know they are accelerating the fate of their world by causing the end of the days to come, The Apocalypse. Among these conflicts, Haruyuki Sen was just a conscript soldier in a skirmish who came into contact with the Saviour System when he supposed to have died. The system gave him one simple goal. To be the Saviour of this world. However, Sen did not expect to fight in various dimensional planes while protecting his plane from the upcoming apocalypse. - Fighting a horde army of goblins in a medieval plane to protect a princess? - A demigod of war magic becoming his servant? - Surviving in the desert plane while stopping a resurrection of a god? Join Sen as he finds trusty comrades along the way to build a team of heroes to stop the Apocalypse. -------- Author Tags: System, Military, War, Fantasy, Mythology, Technology, Sword & Magic, Team Fights

  • The Past of Aphra

    The Past of Aphra


    Release the Witch Fanfiction Contest. The one and only chapter for the contest. A minor tribute to the first web novel I ever read and got me addicted to reading again.

  • Number One Dungeon Supplier

    Number One Dungeon Supplier

    Fantasy System Cultivation Business dungeon Fantasy Monster Catching Weak to Strong Male Protagonist Game Elements


    In a modern world where cultivators need a place to cultivate or vent their boredom, there are private businesses that set up instance dungeons with the aid of technology and cultivation magic to enable cultivators to train and commoners to experience the life of cultivation. They are called dungeon suppliers. Xie Jin's one and only dream was to be a dungeon supplier and when his only relative passed away, the relative's inheritance gave him a plot of land and surprisingly, a 'System' Module which the relative had previously used. With the help of the system, Xie Jin decided to pursue his dream of becoming the number one dungeon supplier. Glossary Page: nodsglossary.wordpress.com ----------- Author Tags: Cultivation, System, Business, Fantasy, Monster Catching and Development. Also a little bit on food and some romance. Release rate: At least 3 chapters a week from chapter 328 onwards. Please do power stone vote for this novel! Top 20: 2 Omake (Extra) Chapters Top 10: 4 Omake (Extra) Chapters Discord channel: https://tinyurl.com/pandawan If you have some spare change, please buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/moloxiv


And then they will take over the system View More

Dracoocard: The girls are going to "catch" Jin if he doesn't get stronger quickly

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C483
1 day ago
probably that's called inheritance View More

Forgefire: All of the old people in his life like to dump things and people on him.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C463
2 days ago

Demetran: Molo, I hate you and I love you. Just bought the privilege and I end on this cliffhanger. Why am I so unlucky ;_;

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C479
3 days ago

Tolke: @Moloxyv! I knew since the beginning of Lynn and his penguins that Skipper, Private, Kowalski and Ricco would appear in the novel. I love it! Hahha

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C458
1 week ago
"shoot em up' a fairly old movie...in the 2000s View More

Win3519: Sorry.... All I get from that is Bugs Bunny.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C457
1 week ago
Dunno leh View More

Potatoreader: Author are you from singapore?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C473
1 week ago
yes its mainly becos of the 'bro' language. The rats sometimes speak in broken english too View More

Talzin: There were a bit more typos/missed words today after editing (don't know of it's because of the bro language or simple mistakes of the pandeditors) but still pretty good work and i enjoyed reading it. And as always thanks for your hard work!

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C453
1 week ago
yea thats about right View More

Win3519: So Stoner Dude pledges to Old Man Dude?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C453
1 week ago
Thank you for your compliment! View More

SirKenneth: Hail! I’m not normally one to comment but I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you guys do writing and editing! Love the story so far, and I really look forward to seeing where it goes from now! 😁

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C471
1 week ago
That is a very valid question! Imagine bleeding apples because the rat was born from an apple seed View More

Dracoocard: Everyone is so thirsty for blood geez. Then again do the harvest rats bleed? Anyway thanks for the chapters.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C472
1 week ago
WN takes do take a portion as accordance to contract. Even so, only paid donation mattered the author. If it's free SS, I suggest u use them for your own consumption View More

Cupcake_Prince: Hey I heard that the spirit stone donations don’t go to the author ? Was that true or just an over exaggeration of how much of a cut Qidian takes out of donations compared to the required SS for reading a chapter?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C449
2 weeks ago
The forgotten brother *horrors* View More

Talzin: Pls remind me who Pellets is cause i totally forgot her ;-;

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C450
2 weeks ago
No joke! Even when I see spiders, I tried to shoo them away then killing. They are after all a good balance for the house's ecosystem. (Except for those I feel it's way too dangerous) View More

Zoa0: I can already see people with arachnophobia freaking out over this chapter lol #1st

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C465
2 weeks ago
Thank you for the comments and reading the chapter s! I had fun reading some of them. Hehe View More

Dracoocard: Thanks for the chapter. I would question how Jin always ends up in these clearly abnormal situations but the obvious answer is that he's a protagonist lol

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C465
2 weeks ago
It's like a queue, whenever I release a new chapter, the older chapters be pushed down. Atm, I'm going to release weekly with occasional weekdays. When there are new chapters u bound to have some to read View More

medbase: Hi moloxiv. Quick question. I paid for five chapters of the stockpile. Will i have to wait five dahs to get the next chapter or will i get it the next day

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C449
2 weeks ago
it will still be weekly, so less pressure for me. I will occasionally give weekday chapters when i have enough stock.

2) Yes as long as i put in new chapters, the new chapter will become the privilege chapters and the past privilege chapters will be released to the public.

hope i answered ur qns :) View More

RohitAgrawal: Just wondering....
1......Now that privileged section is opened... What will be the release rate of chapters?
1 chapter a day or 5 per week or anything else...

2..... Coz as far as i understood , the privilege chapter count will be 20 always... Which one can read if they pay for privilege... Else the normal count will be total-20.
So the release rate will be same for both privileged and non privileged ... Am I right??

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C444
2 weeks ago
number one undead supplier View More

LadyTass2001: Oh gawd, if he dies could Derek resurrect him as one of the undead under his command 😂😂

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C444
2 weeks ago
No worries, sometimes it's the thought that counts. Thank you for loving my novel. And yes, what u say is true. But if I'm not mistaken, if i manage to publish enough, those paywall-ed chapters which u unlock will stay unlock when they appear to the public. (Do tell me if it isn't and I will feedback to tech support) View More

LadyTass2001: As much as I love this novel I cannot do a premium reader on it. I learned my lesson on that with a different novel. Just so it is clear once your premium reader privledged is over all those chapters you paid for after you pay the wall fee will not be able to be read until the premium wall catches up to where you had read ahead. Believe me when I say that. You pay the wall fee, then you pay for the individual chapters on top of that. Then if you don't, or can't,keep paying the wall fee all those uncovered already read chapters go back under the wall until the book catches up to where you have already read ahead, so you will be stuck for however many chapters you read ahead until the story catches up. 😢😢

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C444
2 weeks ago
Thank you frostyfree!! :)) View More

Frostyfree: Thanks, I enjoy it alot

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C445
2 weeks ago
I will post more in the weekend so u should have the chance to see more chapters. But for today let me rest 😴 View More

Tola: Only have enough for 10 chapters 😢😢😢

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C445
2 weeks ago
I am sure he will win more panda points in the future too 😉 View More

Pv2u: Hmmm......... i like this chapter, jin wined panda points from me😇😇😇😇😇

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C449
2 weeks ago
I'm glad you enjoyed my story :) View More

Southmonk: More privilege chapters please! I dont mind paying for 50 more lulz. Altho the other readers would probably kill me

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C464
2 weeks ago
via the app, there are currently 3 tiers for u to choose View More

Giorgio: How to become privilege guys?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C444
2 weeks ago
Then I can conquer them all hehe! View More

FrozenApple: Yea... Those naive and dumb creatures... The world is gonna be a beautiful place.. (Actually, no, i think the world will collapse) 😝

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C443
3 weeks ago
The world needs more of this people :) View More

FrozenApple: Sebastia: My client killed your leader!!
Werejackals: Noooo! We'll kill you!! *were killed*
Gold: She killed you because it's a more convenience way to meet us..
Werejackals: Wow, OK!

They are so positive and open-minded...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C443
3 weeks ago
Things are moving along simultaneously. But it always had been roughly 2 chapters farm world, 2 chapters Jin etcetera until we hit something major. View More

Potatoreader: Feels a little bit messy transiting from main world to farm world and back

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C442
3 weeks ago
it made you looked twice ;) *winks* View More

Win3519: "Sensuous volume of fats"?? Seriously??

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C440
3 weeks ago

Dear_HeartMine: So many fun things coming up. I love how you don't keep focused on only one thing all the time. Real life jumps around and priorities change. The way you write is more true to life, 'today this is the priority, and I'm keeping my eye on 3 other things.'

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C438
4 weeks ago
It's all fine, sometimes patience is what we need in this fast paced life. Thank you for supporting! View More

fool777: Sadly I’ll be forgoing the privilege as well but I’ll always be your fan and wait

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C438
1 month ago
No worries, thank you for supporting through and through. Like I said, the privilege is not a must at all View More

Talzin: Well Moloxiv i can't afford to support you through this privilege system, but I spread your novel to my friends through Discord Facebook and live so i hope at least a few others join me in this awesome ride.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C438
1 month ago
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