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Original Works

  • Men vs Apocalypse

    Men vs Apocalypse



    The world is at constant war for the new resource, Fate Crystal. Little did they know they are accelerating the fate of their world by causing the end of the days to come, The Apocalypse. Among these conflicts, Haruyuki Sen was just a conscript soldier in a skirmish who came into contact with the Saviour System when he supposed to have died. The system gave him one simple goal. To be the Saviour of this world. However, Sen did not expect to fight in various dimensional planes while protecting his plane from the upcoming apocalypse. - Fighting a horde army of goblins in a medieval plane to protect a princess? - A demigod of war magic becoming his servant? - Surviving in the desert plane while stopping a resurrection of a god? Join Sen as he finds trusty comrades along the way to build a team of heroes to stop the Apocalypse. -------- Author Tags: System, Military, War, Fantasy, Mythology, Technology, Sword & Magic, Team Fights

  • The Past of Aphra

    The Past of Aphra


    Release the Witch Fanfiction Contest. The one and only chapter for the contest. A minor tribute to the first web novel I ever read and got me addicted to reading again.

  • Number One Dungeon Supplier

    Number One Dungeon Supplier

    Fantasy Fantasy Cultivation Weak to Strong Game Elements Business dungeon No Harem Xuan Huan Monster Catching


    In a modern world where cultivators need a place to cultivate or vent their boredom, there are private businesses that set up instance dungeons with the aid of technology and cultivation magic to enable cultivators to train and commoners to experience the life of cultivation. They are called dungeon suppliers. Xie Jin's one and only dream was to be a dungeon supplier and when his only relative passed away, the relative's inheritance gave him a plot of land and surprisingly, a 'System' Module which the relative had previously used. With the help of the system, Xie Jin decided to pursue his dream of becoming the number one dungeon supplier. Glossary Page: nodsglossary.wordpress.com ----------- Author Tags: Cultivation, System, Business, Fantasy, Monster Catching and Development. Also a little bit on food and some romance. Release rate: At least 3 chapters a week from chapter 328 onwards. Please do power stone vote for this novel! Top 20: 2 Omake (Extra) Chapters Top 10: 4 Omake (Extra) Chapters Discord channel: https://tinyurl.com/pandawan If you have some spare change, please buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/moloxiv


You answered your own question. Because the new chapters are in privilege. Assuming I maintained my weekly release of 12 chapters, the chapters available will at least be 2 weeks old. View More

Wojenka: Why can i read only chapters 12d old or older when relased should be "At least 3 chapters a week" (rest is privileged - 20chapters)

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C550
3 days ago

Dear_HeartMine: I have more chapters available to read right this second and normally I would gleefully move forward. Had to stop and acknowledge - This was one of your best chapters and dare I say (dare! dare!) one of the best mini arcs from a new writer ever! The interactions are playful and on point, intricately twisting and turning with charm and easy.

I don't want to scare you Moloxiv, you are a true writer. Thanks for bringing us on this journey thus far. Well Done!

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C547
5 days ago

Jin_Daoas: I've been looking for a good Dungeon Lord themed novel on this site, something similar to 'My House of Horrors'. I finally found one! Thanks for your hard work, dear author!

I've never imagined the dungeon lord trope being crossed with the magic shop trope, so this is an incredibly awesome find for me. What's more is that the MC is not an asocial asshole, haha!

What makes this different from the average cultivator-system novel? Several things, I imagine. To me, one of its outstanding features is the adoption of mini-arcs for the minor characters. As far as I know, minor character arcs are nearly exclusive to Japanese light novels. Western novels use the technique too but they don't give the same treatment.
So, the character development of minor characters in this story is excellent! Even the dungeon monsters have backstories.

The dear author may be an otaku, haha! There are a number of references to Japanese fandoms and comparatively fewer to the Chinese side of things. Dear author, Ranma may be the Best but even he will acknowledge the sheer Awesomeness that is Ip Man!

Another cool thing: cultivators in NODS are not immortal gods. there are in fact legal and traditional precedents that allow cultivators and non-cultivators to live in open harmony, which includes the fact that everyone in the world is capable of cultivating. Some people just choose not too. I'd almost say this was a way to nerf the traditional cultivator model if the resurrection system had not been included.

Yet another cool thing: the NODS shop uses the latest trends in communications like QR codes and NFC protocols. There are a lot of stories that talk about 'latest technology' and yet the most advanced tech they show is WiFi and phone apps. What the hell, right?

The NODS shop also talks about store credits, in-store apps, personalized shop rewards and promos, streaming and pay-per-view services...insidious things. No one does consumerism like America! There were even a couple of chapters when the in-store rewards and promos discussion took over the story from the dungeons. Seriously. Maybe not so much description about the shop mechanics and more about the people.
Despite shop-filler chapters, the story manages to a modicum of momentum past a hundred chapters, where it again picks up.
Ahh, why is the level of tech in this shop not standard worldwide? If this level of functionality can be done with my phone, I will happily never leave my bed again.

The initial premise of the story means there's something for every one: monster capturing, system leveling, some food critiquing, some romance, party and raid battling, cultivation, business management, dungeon creation, infinite world theory, etc. The shop logistics is influenced by other store- theme novels here but it manages to exude its own charm. The use of pocket dimensions to expand and include shop services is great!

You know, this is the first MC I've read to be smacked down verbally for blindly following missions instead of actively participating in his own life by the shard of his mother's soul animated by the System into being an interface navigation assistant.

A hundred and thirty chapters in and no revenge schemes and blood feuds (yet, anyway), which is kind of refreshing. The customers and the dungeon monsters are starting to shine even more. I think some minor characters have more fans than the MC at this point.

Definitely a recommended read.

Number One Dungeon Supplier
1 week ago
Having a break for a day before the start of a new week. :) View More

ZEDisAwesome: Where are the new chapters??? 😭

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C558
1 week ago
Never ! keep the comments coming :) View More

Dracoocard: Now I'm on to wondering over how complicated each Bellators background is. Your history is what shapes you afterall I'm curious as to how each Bellator came to be 1. Who they are. And 2. A Bellator. Is each story a tragedy does the will of heaven known as the "system" only "bless" those who suffer or does it also pick those who have succeeded in their endeavours to help future users...

Apparently Draco is in a pondering mood today lol. Nonetheless as always thank for the chapters Moloxiv!

(Is that getting stale?)

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C556
1 week ago

ZEDisAwesome: An awesome combination of the genres of kingdom building, business, cultivation, monster catching and slice of life. This is one of the best original novels I have ever read and it will be very hard to beat. The only problem is the author's upload consistency, but it seems to have improved since I have noticed him uploading 2 chapters every day for the last week.

Number One Dungeon Supplier
2 weeks ago
Nightmare? Oh please, Pandas have the system with them :) View More

Eric_Biencourt: Currency conversions is going to be a nightmare for you. The hand wave of you pay X in your currency would not be popular by any stretch. Current exchange rates would have anyone on the USD paying about 7 times more. I dunno maybe roll up the extra pocket money we tend to have into portal fees? If they are priced like a cheap airplane ticket he could still have a massive profit. Just personal thought other than that nothing to picky. I get we are typically seen as rich boogeymen over here.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C527
2 weeks ago

Dundee239: My first first, thanks for the fantastic chapter

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C544
2 weeks ago
At least the dungeons are more fun than EA games View More

Abaddon: Jin is slowly becoming EA...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C526
2 weeks ago

ZEDisAwesome: Thnx for the chapter Lord Moloxiv!!!
Too bad privilege ends today. I will have to work longer and earn more so I can buy the next months privilege. Sigh...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C536
3 weeks ago

Dracoocard: Thanks for the chapters I'll catch up on the third (when I get paid lol) till then may be peace be upon you all.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C536
3 weeks ago
I shall work hard (reasonably hard) to produce more chapters too. View More

ZEDisAwesome: Thnx for the chapter Lord Moloxiv!!!
Too bad privilege ends today. I will have to work longer and earn more so I can buy the next months privilege. Sigh...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C536
3 weeks ago

Bearded_Buddhist: I started reading this novel on a whim one day and am so glad I did, I have fallen in love with this novel you have made from the action filled adventure to the character development to the fantastical worlds and instances you have created. Jin is adungeon supplier where he takes his customers to other worlds, but you are OUR supplier of an adventure into other worlds

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C504
4 weeks ago

Aparrsons3250: I started this when it only had like 10 chapters. The writing has really improved and I love all the different arcs. I will now shamelessly ask that you keep writing and maybe include the occasional side story about the giant mechs.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C500
1 month ago
🐼 View More

healiha: Take all my power stones! Buy some bamboos for the pandas :>

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C520
1 month ago

healiha: I keep being impressed by the way you are developing all the side characters we've encountered so far during this journey. I can still remember some people giving up during the early chapters due to the system forcing Jin to kill people (although he didn't). They're missing such a great story!
Thank you for the chapter Moloxiv :)

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C516
1 month ago
batboy View More

Devils_Advocate: I am trying my best to replace him, but the 🦊 prefer to rule over the Shadows and leave the light to the 🐼.

Jokes aside, Kraft is awesome but Jin has potential to grow. Kraft as a MC would probably result in a novel being straight out wish fulfillment or his opponents would need to be ridiculously OP.

At least in my opinion the role of (ancient OP sidecharacter) trickster suits him just fine. The Joker to Jins Batman 😉

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C491
1 month ago

Anonism: Each character feels real and the fact that it is a cultivation world but the main character isn't just running around face slapping people makes me so happy. The concept is original and I truly enjoy reading each and every chapter. Occasionally their are parts that the writing feels a bit off, but as the story progresses you see the author does as well.

Number One Dungeon Supplier
1 month ago
Hi solthari, please look at the reply I given to J4ke in the comments section. I hope that answer your question. View More

Solthari: Seems that my privilage chapters are 481 to 485 wich i already unlocked and read :(

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C495
1 month ago
The tiers work as per stated. There are currently 20chapters in privilege. If bought the first tier, u will only have access to the first five chapters of that 20 no matter what. It doesn't continue the chaps from where u left off. Please contact webnovel support for a refund if u think it is unjustified. View More

J4ke: Same for me, it really ticking me off because I just bought it a week or so ago.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C495
1 month ago

chill34: First off, congrats! And thanks for the wonderful story so far.

Secondly! I'm so glad its finally the first! I've had the stones for premium for almost two weeks waiting for the start of the month!!

It's hard to pick a favorite part, while the various worlds are all amazing and interesting, I really enjoy how Earth is still really amazing as well. Demon cultivists, Ryuli, the banned and jade emperors. And the dungeons are all well done and seem to get better with each iteration, from the original goblin fight all the way to a deep immersive escape city. I think the Halloween one was the best though as it felt very personal and brought the characters close together, and seeing fears realized and an awesome concept, though I regret we didn't get to see Xiong Da or some of the others fears.

Thanks and I look forward to the rest of the story! Happy 500th!

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C500
1 month ago
The System will probably charge you for that! (In installments!) Thanks for reading! View More

Dracoocard: Well now the Pandas have made me want delivery.
*Opens wallet to see nothing but a button a piece of string and a long dead moth.*
Oh right I paid for Privilege and am now broke... Is roast Panda on the menu? 🙃

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C496
1 month ago
No worries, I am not forcing anybody to buy the privilege. It's better for people to be consistently informed. Thanks for reading my novel! View More

dondondondon: I did, just making sure everyone knows not to waste their money but thanks

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C480
1 month ago
Yeap, privilege resets every month. As I said, read the rules properly before buying. View More

dondondondon: Warning, privilege is a joke, resets after a month, dont waste your money

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C480
1 month ago
CHAPTER 500 HELL YEAASS! One year odd worth of work! 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼 View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C500
1 month ago

Glass_Eyes: A likeable and sometimes relatable main character East development seems slow, which personally is better than the overnight transformations that other characters sometimes seem to go through. With enough interesting side characters and development of side characters that make this story quite fun with a unique theme for the cultivation fantasy that helps it stand out from it's other companions

Number One Dungeon Supplier
1 month ago
Some of these ideas are great. I will consider them :) View More

Vampfan1: Join should maybe look into finding Extinct Animals for his Cultivation Zoo from other Worlds for those Cultivation Styles that where based on them.

Also look into getting Monster Animals and Plants, and actual Monsters and Magical Creatures for Cultivation Styles that are based on them. (Maybe get a few Western, Eastern (South American?) Dragons and Dragon Kin, and other great beasts, in time).

Also should look into setting up a Western Magic Training, Learning and Practice area, similar to what he is doing for his Cultivation Library and Learning area.

Also maybe create a Kindergarten/Day Center for kids, would allow for somewhere customers can leave their children and could also teach them beginner Cultivation.

Could also maybe rent out Dungeon Instances for Festivals, Corporate Do's, Film Sets, Big Parties, ect.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C474
1 month ago

Dracoocard: The plot Chickens!

I mean thickens yes thickens...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C488
1 month ago

Devils_Advocate: Well it as an Extra in-between Chapter. 😅

Without spoiling too much, the next chapter sorta the start of the next Arc, so it made sense to put it here, without disrupting the story too much.

Additionally the Extras: are not only a nice way to shine a bit of light on what else happens in the novel, but also help Molo relax by not having to concentrate on the main storyline(s) and give him a breather before focusingand focusing on Jin, his customers and monsters 🤔

Still thank you for your input :)

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C473
1 month ago

Fufumas: Lol, I'm imagining that the scenes are running concurrently, lord worlte is crashing through the event gates, Jin is midway lecturing his newly acquired trainees, jespa and hespata are busy complaining. (Forgive my spellings of names)
Lord worlte: ATTACK!
The goblins: why should we work for you?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C473
1 month ago
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