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  • In the darkness my Scarlet blood eyes causes fear and under the moonlight my Black, Silver, and Red Fur would make those who see me to run yet they are stun by my actions as I am chasing my tail😈🐺😂

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  • Rewind Time To Met You

    Rewind Time To Met You


    A Forbidden Love But Even Death Can't Get Between Them Task To Save Their Kind Yet Their Kind Pushed Them Out Will They Be Able To Save Humanity? Or Will Humanity Still Fall To Their Dark Side? Two Kind Souls Against A World Filled With Unfair Rules Watch As Those Two Break Those Rules And Create A World That Isn't Tainted With Too Much Darkness The main character Joker was 18 years old when he met Pelios(Pill-lie-is) who was 38 years old. Abandon and betray by their family they stuck with each other for two years until they eventually fell in love but that love only lasted for a while until Pel was killed by a guy they saved. Greedy for their magic items he stab Pel and took his storage ring and ran away.

  • The Magic Everywhere

    The Magic Everywhere


    Inspiration is drawn from our surroundings Its everywhere Everything holds power Its all up to you if you can draw its power Harness the power of your surroundings Find the thing that you connect Music is mine Lyrics are my soul Instrumental Music is my blood, it flows naturally My body is the conductor that transfer all that into strength Update Status: Super Slow, I had exams and just finished but still writing only in my free time or when im bored p.s. im also aiming for at least a 1,500 word chapter so thats why its also taking long ideas dont magically pop up lol


well the mc just raised a flag lol View More
Rebirth: The Shadow of Greed · C4
1 month ago
It has begun 🙆‍♂️🙇‍♂️ the ship has sailed I repeat the ship has finally departed from the docks and released it's sail ⛵ View More
Haven Online · C57
2 months ago
From being cautious to being ignorant of someone standing next to his door smiling... not suspicious at all .-. View More
Warlock Apprentice · C144
3 months ago
bet u he's going to draw the image from the nightmate realm he saw on the wall in order to increase his spiritual power or decrease it xD View More
Warlock Apprentice · C134
3 months ago

NavigatorDis: More like assisted suicide.

Sword Among Us · C70
4 months ago
I have a feeling it wasnt her choice to divorce it could be her famy forced her too bc she acted concern right away and looked like she was hiding something when she said he has nothing to do with her like she's supposed to keep it a secret. View More

Chaosreigns: Hope he doesn't take this ex wife back

Ninth In the World · C10
4 months ago
when you finally meet someone smart and not greedy 😭 is the world finally changing are people now becoming smarter is it finally happening can I rest now 😂 my soul has finally moved on 😇 View More

Mamba123: Omg, someone from a sect that actually has the brains to know when to back off. I'm loving this.

Sword Among Us · C46
4 months ago

Mamba123: Omg, someone from a sect that actually has the brains to know when to back off. I'm loving this.

Sword Among Us · C46
4 months ago
lol when no one tells you that the mc wasnt crippled anymore 😂 View More
Godly Model Creator · C774
4 months ago
anyone remember what chapter that thing he mention was in? View More
Godly Model Creator · C767
4 months ago
i believe its still there but inside deeply in the mc's unconciousness locked away in the photo bc of the picture space guy just my guess tho View More

Ripper13: What happened to the original talent? What's the point of the novels title.

Godly Model Creator · C765
4 months ago
A guy wanted in and so he got in without any resistance in the end thats all I got out of this chapter o_o View More
Warlock Apprentice · C42
4 months ago
Angor: *Takes a bite* hmm
Greya: What's wrong is it not delicious?
Angor: No it is good but my master can make an even more delicious food
Greya: I would love to meet your master someday then

I'm calling it out lol that's going to happen View More
Warlock Apprentice · C38
4 months ago
short chapters 😴 View More
Warlock Apprentice · C36
5 months ago
when chapters feels so short 😫 just when it was getting to the good part View More
Warlock Apprentice · C34
5 months ago
cliff hangers we meet again 😴😴😴 View More
Godly Model Creator · C762
5 months ago
right i agree it makes nosense how he knows it's name or what a heritage weapon is or how it has seals View More

readm: i just dont get it what changed that caused 18 Massacres to be not only aware of the broken blade but obsessed with it in the past Lin Jie didnt even acquire the broken blade at this point in the game so this makes no sense

Reborn: Super God of War · C154
6 months ago
im Asian and i never had or heard anyone call any asians yellow but chinese novels are the first time and only time i heard someone call asians yellow as we're not even yellow at all we're a brown tan... either more tan or more brown in that area View More

connerkent: I think it has a lot to do with there government. They want there people to work hard and believe any B.S. they say so the people won't want to go to another country with much better living conditions. I've lived in the U.S. for over 30 year's and I've never heard anyone call someone else a "yellow" anything.😒

Divine Beast Adventures · C230
6 months ago
Where's today new chapter? wth no more free chapters? View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C148
6 months ago
"Everything is connected!" View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C101
6 months ago
I think its more like karma thread bc he learned from the old man it formed karma and the old man js an expert in fate and can sense him forming a bond with someone that day? View More

Towel: Perhaps Feng Lin's consciousness is actually traveling through time in which case he is able to sense it instead of predicting.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C101
6 months ago
He came from modern earth you think with all the wuxia novels and myths he figure out ancient myth started with pill refining like he even mentioned how the monkey king was being refined as a pill View More

Hokonoso: Alchemist make pills. It is a paste meaning it is a lower form of medicine from someone not skilled enough to be a true alchemist!

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C99
6 months ago
yeah how did they figure it out View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C40
6 months ago
5 yrs later...
Mc: CIVILIZATION FINALLY!!! *Fully Grown Beard😂* View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C196
7 months ago
turtles new ability... Space Teleportation lol View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C194
7 months ago
kidnapped by dark forces? plot twist View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C181
7 months ago
of course she gets revived mc plot armour seems to have extended or infected her lol View More
Divine Brilliance · C90
7 months ago
smh his energy is boundless out last him in energy he alrdy thought about that way ahead of you ur 10 steps behind if not 100 steps behind View More
Godly Model Creator · C731
8 months ago
Mc be fishing 🎣🎣🎣 for future experts View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C76
8 months ago
Bet one of the talented guys is named harry View More

Great_Y: Raven: You're a wizard harry.

Low Dimensional Game · C62
8 months ago
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