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Royal_Ancestor: Why did people keep referring to ISSTH like ISSTH is the earliest novel

Pursuit of the Truth · C1343
3 weeks ago
Egypt View More

Midoan: I hope they all meet each other in this novel. where are u from btw?

A World Worth Protecting · C226
3 months ago
Heavenly Dao Foundation - AWE
Perfect Foundation - ISSTH
Grand Foundation Theft - RI
Barbarian Foundation - POT View More
A World Worth Protecting · C226
3 months ago

midasgalsen: This will be really something that will bug me every time it's mentioned that they have done so much in 3 decades man I can't seem to see it this way for me at least 1000 years is necessary to create civilization like this (when you look from the time the sword from the sun emerged, the spirit QI spreading, the battle with beasts, the making of the federation, the creation of the 4 dao college and....)

A World Worth Protecting · C226
3 months ago
Why is cultivation progress so slow in this novel. We are past ch 200 and our MC hasn't reached foundation establishment yet. Previous MCs achieved that in the first 100-150 chapters or so. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C213
3 months ago

akcaudill: Greed's great grandpa here.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1213
3 months ago
A measly core formation cultivator acting so high and mestrious now while they become lower than even cannon fodder later in the story View More
A World Worth Protecting · C193
4 months ago

GedMerrilin: Seems like the Joss flames of the thirds step

Pursuit of the Truth · C1159
5 months ago
screw you su xuan yi. what a bastard !! View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1134
5 months ago
Well, causing the death of his wife and manipulatng his son's life to this extent doesn't make him likable at all. His actions may be justified but that doesn't make him a good person. View More

Flowerbed: why you hate his father is beyond me, i thinking everything he did was justified to be honest.
the four true worlds attacked him and destroyed his homeland and everyone he knew, cursed his child, and had a hand in his wife's death (even if he himself had something to do with this too),now he is planning against di tian who su ming has problems with too, why do you want him to fail?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1131
5 months ago
It seems like su ming will mess up his father's plan somehow. Time for some pay back View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1131
5 months ago
Since when earth became so big that a flight takes a few days ?? View More
A World Worth Protecting · C70
5 months ago

DaoSeeking393: Going to war against True Worlds because daddy stopped you from meeting with your girlfriend.
That is the path I've chosen.
- Su Ming

Pursuit of the Truth · C1108
6 months ago

Bexder: See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop

Pursuit of the Truth · C1086
6 months ago

Flowerbed: for the top sect in immortal world they are kinda dumb xD
general bugs : "hahaha he will lose", "noob", "idiot" blah blah blah
su ming: clears another stage
someone in the crowd: nah he will fail
everyone again : yea yea noob, idiot, blah blah blah
rinse and repeat xD show some geniune emotion or atleast IQ higher than cooked chicken xD

Pursuit of the Truth · C1075
7 months ago
Wrong novel bro View More

Mirodin: Just a conjecture to which the story pointed many times. Even Meng Hao himself pretty much said it at one point...

Pursuit of the Truth · C1065
7 months ago

Seraphimylla: Battle AG , died end......BORING.....the spirit guardian of the owner of the broken sword is still waiting for successor like an idiot back in tian yuan. Those 2 elder who got their foundation damage preventing Yy getting kidnapped must be dead already. The nine neotite is enjoying the rich aura inside Yy inner world with his best friend the golden avatar and their new boy the silk worm. Divine dream still on her adventures. loli qinger died after eating too much buns.

True Martial World · C1696
7 months ago
Bull**** power up and trash ending of this novel View More
True Martial World · C1692
8 months ago

DaoistCitizen: What a piece of f*cking utter bullsh*t. It's times like these when quality stories vs sub par ones become very obvious. In books like WMW, the division in power is absolutely clear, and what that book did perfectly well is absolutely convey the fact that power means SOMETHING. This means a strong being actually FEELS strong, the strong are rare, actually AT THE PEAK through actions, not fucking meaningless description. True gods were limited in number, and a being like the Supreme death god who *spoiler* is the clone of the abyssal lord IS actually a big fucking boss.
Here? Random fucking characters we know nothing about, against a random number of bull**** enemies who somehow has MULTIPLE TIMES the power of the 33 skies appear out of NOWHERE, with casualties that DOESNT MEAN SHIT coz we dont HAVE any fucking attachments to these worthless random "godly monarch figure 1234". So now true gods are fodder? Godly monarch fodder? What happened to yang god, the ability to split apart worlds even for sinkhole monarchs, actually feeling strong and not relying on the mc's giant c*ck for once!?

F*cking authors constantly breaking their own world's consistency, I can't believe this bullsh!t came from the same author of Martial World.
I thought it got better after Lin Ming's appearance, but that's that it seems. F*ck.

True Martial World · C1689
8 months ago

Stabini: This!! Every single time, you get hundreds, maybe thousands of chapters with lots of filler then BAM!!! Universe level threat with few chapters for him to realistically grow then there's a rush to the end and always an ass pull epiphany in the final battle. Makes me sick tbh

True Martial World · C1688
8 months ago
So what exactly is the cultivation of di tian??
He can't be just a world plane lord as it was mentioned earlier in the story View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1019
8 months ago

Beehive32: All hail the horse.
First a crane, second a dog, third a crocodile and now a horse. It's a ZOO

Pursuit of the Truth · C963
9 months ago
This author is a master of bull****ting View More
True Martial World · C1630
10 months ago
reached Ascendant realm?
why is that still relevant at this point of the story? Are the descendants of Dao chen this weak ? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C895
11 months ago

Qister: Tough environment for gods. They have to offer goodies to get worshippers

Pursuit of the Truth · C868
11 months ago
Why these small cultivation stages are so much exaggerated in power level ? It is just the middle stage !! View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C808
1 year ago

TrueBlue: Lol that crane is the biggest bull**** character in this novel

Pursuit of the Truth · C801
1 year ago
You have a huge misunderstanding
4th step is the last realm in all Er gen novels that means we won't see it unitl the final chapters of the novel
All realms the will be mentioned in the future are within the 3rd step View More

DEMON_IMMORTAL: Lunar Kalpa: peak third step
Solar Kalpa: 4 the step
Su ming ancestor is at peak 4 step and is about to move towards 5 step.

Pursuit of the Truth · C796
1 year ago

Bajirri: You must of missed or forgot the chapters back a while where it explained that they are in the barren lands. Their resources are finite. Every spell or action of theirs uses up whats left of their power so they have to be frugal. So what if they kill su ming. If they use up all their last power left in them they will be slaughtered by the others around them and have all their **** taken. They live in a ****ty part of the universe compared to the 4 true worlds areas where everything is abundant. While they are in world plane cultivation level and are incredibly powerful they are still hampered by the ****ty place and circumstances they live in. Su ming isnt affected because he is an abyss builder and can replenish his power 6 ways to sunday just by killing and absorbing random **** etc etc

Pursuit of the Truth · C796
1 year ago
Aren't those world paragons supposed to equal nirvana shatterer cultivators ? They seem really weaker to me
I mean a NS cultivator can easily destroy planets and these guys are being ambushed and slaughtered like chickens View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C796
1 year ago
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