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It's not just you, it's dreadful. Surprising as it's normally pretty good. View More

Zororis: This chapter looks poorly written or is it just me?

Godfather Of Champions · C742
3 days ago
What happened this chapter? Wrong words used all over the place, so opposite meanings are given. Did the editor/proofreader take a holiday? View More
Godfather Of Champions · C742
3 days ago
I wonder whether the fact that her brain is a baby's is reducing her mental capacity, heightening emotions, losing reasoning etc? Even if she has memories she can't process like she could as an ***** because of the development or lack thereof of her brain. View More

rinkyx: Her mentality is not of a 25+ but a 8-12year old.... been reading this since the beginning and She has never acted like someone in their mid 20’s. I just wanted to state my opinion on this as sometimes she’ll say she’s older than her nanny mentally and Im like “na***w you aint. Your nanny is so much more mature even for someone at 23.” Maybe the princess was sheltered in her past life up until she died or was reincarnated as she is very childish (emotionally and mainly mentally). Her thoughts are of a young girl in elementary or early middle school who has not experienced the real ***** world or even **** world. I know that she started her reincarnation from birth and is a child currently and has to “act” childish but the way the author has written her to be or her background does not match what she thinks she is or has shown. Does this make sense? Maybe its just me but I wanted to mention this as its been bugging me a bit. Either way, I do enjoy the series overall because I’m interested in her father mainly and her interaction with him when she gets attached to him and he shows a softer side. Thanks for the update!

The Emperor’s Daughter · C79
4 days ago
He's a smart guy, so why do things solely based on assumptions? He should do some quick research and find out what the situation is. Ask around. Even a basic web search would show him Ling Ran has skills. View More

True_Sheol: Zuo Cidian has no clue how this hospital or his new supervisor works. He'll definitely remember his first day working for the surgery maniac Ling Ran.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C333
1 week ago
Wow, that is harsh, but brilliant. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1626
1 week ago
Ouch, that was harsh. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C327
1 week ago
You want to show Ling Ran how tough reality is? Good luck with that! View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C316
2 weeks ago
Wow he's pretty stingy with his praise. She stuns him with how much she's collected and all he says is "good"? No "well done" or anything more. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1757
2 weeks ago
Exactly. She's so not an a** kisser. View More

Feje210: Dr. Qu Dr. Yu don’t need to kiss a** Dr. Ling because she is just like to ask and very curious person.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C311
2 weeks ago
If there's anyone who's well able to protect himself... View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1615
2 weeks ago
He may not learn what's been taught but it could trigger a line of thought to something else. View More

SmilingReader: So let’s go to a lecture and read a different textbook than what the class is studying since it’s too easy...why bother going to these lectures (unless they take attendance) if he can’t learn anything from them?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C82
2 weeks ago
That was pretty stand up of him. Then again, Ling Ran is an obvious future star, so might as well hitch your wagon to him now for maximum benefit. View More

shelwyn: Wow! He gets one named after him, of course I fully expect people to shorten it to Zhu Achilles repair technique and not include ling ran but still wow.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C306
2 weeks ago
Ah, this never gets old. Silencing the world this time. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1612
2 weeks ago
Well that's one way to handle it. Bulk delivery. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C305
2 weeks ago
Yup. I like the fact that there's a simple explanation. If time travel could ever be classed as simple. View More

TheSupremeReader: Atleast in this reincarnation novel , the explanation is not something too outrageuos even if it's fiction.

The World Online · C1342
2 weeks ago
"That's leg looks familiar", "claim to fame move". This is hilarious. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1611
3 weeks ago
I love her. The way she manoeuvres herself into position to block people off is masterly. View More

Feje210: Hahaha Dr. Yu is always on guard with Dr. Ling and take the responsibility for not allowing anyone to took him away.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C303
3 weeks ago
And here it is! The peaceful times had lasted too long. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1610
3 weeks ago
Yup, sounds right to me. No way he goes home empty handed. View More

Miksgami: Im pretty sure he win the novel peace.. So the reason he didn't win the literature prize is because he can't win both.. So we are likely getting a facesmack after the indian author brag about winning but doesn't know that zhang ye win the novel peace..

I’m Really a Superstar · C1609
3 weeks ago
Or is he maybe the secret biological father of her child? View More

Fadoua92: You are evil that why you meet someone like you , so she knew him 15 years ago , maybe they who caused the death of xinya's mother. Why he hate xinya?
Who is a gracious lady ? That scum . Why thieves always want to steal others belonging and declare that it's their own .?
With Wen family wealth or not she has her own wealth already, but that's not mean she will give it to you

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C65
3 weeks ago
I don't find the age thing an issue. I mean she's a sreetzsmart 15 year old in his eyes who's had to grow up years before her time. My issue is him forcing his attentions on her and not giving her space. View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C60
3 weeks ago
Ugh. Must stop posting about the ML. I just sound like a broken record, but can't find anything else to say about him except how awful he is. Such a shame as I like everything else in this story.
I wonder whether this story is already completed? If not, would the author change the ML based on readers' feedback? Or are there readers out there who actually like him? View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C54
3 weeks ago
I think zhou is 1.4, coder is 0.5. View More

Lize: Wait...
3 vs 1.9???
So.. zhou is 1 right?
Who is the 0.9?
Man.. why must be 0.9..

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C66
3 weeks ago
Exactly. I like the story but it's pretty shortsighted to start premium so early. If they waited till at least chapter 50 the story is good enough they could have made more than by started at chapter 10. View More

LiquorSquad: It probably has to do with having premium chapters starting at chapter 10, its a big turn off. Also translation quality isn't very good but i don't mind

Unbreakable · C140
3 weeks ago
All these cooking stories make me salivate over fried rice. Where can I find some as good as this? View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C25
3 weeks ago

mysteriousnyaw00: Both him and his wife will search each other...there will be no HAREM

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C25
3 weeks ago

shawie: he is one woman man, me too I think good story is spoiled when harem is introduced

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C25
3 weeks ago
So depressing. I'm not one to push romance for romance sake but he seems lonely and I want someone for him. It doesn't have to be romantic but that's the way it goes. View More

WhoWhoWho: What a horrible chapter! 😵 Again, the author chose to write yet another chapter about how lonely and pathetic Boss Yuan's life is. 😞 Not only does his dog have a gf while he has no one, he's now talking to himself and his dead parents. 😱 This is starting to kinda get depressing. 😨 I mean, he's deep cleaning on a major holiday. 🎊 That's a cry for help in my book. 🏥

Gourmet Food Supplier · C670
3 weeks ago
Heh heh. I like this arc. Nice to see Zhang Ye with a good rep for once. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1605
3 weeks ago
Seriously, what is Curly Hair? How can he tell the console has been stolen? His abilities seem pretty endless. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts flying. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C420
4 weeks ago
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