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No!!!!! Don't give up on Zuo Cidian. View More

jenfam: Hmm I guess ma yanlin is really better than doctor zuo but it's ok

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C682
2 days ago
I won't take that bet. What's the poorest speciality, with no prospects? View More

Pearvi: I bet it’s nothing to do with orthopedic. Hahaha 😆

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C674
6 days ago
Please make Zuo Cidian the rookie to be trained. He's the one who needs the most help. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C673
6 days ago
Bwa ha ha! This story never fails to deliver unexpected laughs. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C672
1 week ago

SilverR0se: A bit out of topic but.... Why the 55 chapters before this one get locked again? 😤

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! · C105
1 week ago
Doh! That totally didn't occur to me. Exactly! Why isn't he copying his disciple's skills? They seem pretty darn good to me. View More

Blackyanzi: He's so interested in mystery girls skills when he could copy Chen wedi another superpower to his collection. Anyway mystery girl is dope.

The First Order · C134
1 week ago
This chapter stays with me the most from the whole story. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1553
2 weeks ago

DanteReinhardt: If the number was only revealed next chapter, i would take a flight to china or even swim there if i had to, just to kick the author's ass.
Thx for the chapter Lord Legge.

I’m Really a Superstar · C1356
2 weeks ago
He's a product of his time. Society saw being filial as much more important than being a good father or husband. Sad to say but he's probably no worse than the majority of men in that time. View More

Smiiley: Even Qiao Mu loves her mother and wants to protect her
So zhongbang's love for his mother isn't wrong either

The only problem is
When it comes to matters related to his wife and children he turns blind
For him his mother is right
And he has to be filial

You shouldn't have married
You should have just stayed beside your mother
Why have family when you can't even
Oh sorry
When you don't even want to protect them 🙄🙄

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! · C94
2 weeks ago
Meng Shan completely overthought this. Ling Ran would have totally forgotten about what happened or not even thought twice about it. If he had just apologised immediately this would have been sorted. You can't judge Ling Ran by usual standards. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C651
2 weeks ago
Wow, Ji Zhiyao has Mo Huaifeng wrapped around his little finger and doesn't even realise. View More
The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! · C161
3 weeks ago
Well they're both shameless, but in different ways. His mum is def the boss but I think TQ is a gentler version. View More

Rosyprimrose: Don't u get the feeling she's a rich version of his mom?

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C636
3 weeks ago
Early surgery? 6 o'clock is positively slothful for Ling Ran. They don't realise the lucky break they've had. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C631
4 weeks ago
He made a good decision. If he wants to become a better surgeon he'll get a lot more opportunity where he currently is. And as he said, he can still help out when they need him. View More

Saef95: Damn why did he reject it 😩😩😩 .. be more realistic please no one will reject that kind of good opportunity

Path of Medicine With a System · C139
1 month ago
I feel we're safe from harem. In 441 chapters Fang Zhao has exhibited zero interest in the opposite sex, so even if he finally gets romance I think it would be out of the realms of possibility for him to be interested in more than one person. View More

Demonslayer007: Time for some Romance but PLEASE only Monogamy no Harem even though our Boss Zhao can woo many it will destroy this Novel 🙌

Superstars of Tomorrow · C441
1 month ago
Seriously, what is with this author? I count at least four separate instances of rape or attempted rape. Lack of imagination? View More
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C240
1 month ago
I think that it's refreshing to find a protagonist that isn't concerned about relationships and doesn't assume every encounter is a prelude to something more. I also thing it's not as rare as you think. Plenty of people are not wired to think about the opposite sex romantically. Or have a period in their lives where they have an over-riding passion that blocks out everything else. View More

Shariyema: Ok no, I let it slide before but that one was just too much. People have hormones ok? There’s no way he doesn’t have ANY thoughts about the opposite sex. No way. He reacts more like an alien on a mission to help humanity in its technological endeavour while praising himself in the process. The story is interesting but it’s just no longer realistic especially narrated from the first person perspective.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C361
1 month ago
I wasn't convinced before, but I am now. It's game over and Tian Qi has won. She's the only one he never turns down or finds excuses to avoid. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C598
1 month ago
Author is trolling with misleading chapter titles. Got slightly worried there. View More
Path of Medicine With a System · C116
1 month ago
I agree. I like her. She's sensible. She doesn't want his relationship with his mum to be spoilt by this, or her relationship with him and with his mum. It's refreshing that she can separate these alp and not get upset.
Also it's true that everyone changes and she may like him more later than she does now. Of course she may like him less. View More

Unstable_One: She's literally telling him that the "best" version of himself would likely be the him who tries to improve for himself, instead of simply for love that could be based off a flawed version of his views of her ideal.

She outright tells him that she is intersted in him, it just seems like she doesn't know him well enough to be in love yet. If he behaves purely based on what he thinks she would like, she won't see the real him.

It feels like people took her words in a completely wrong meaning to me.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C129
1 month ago
Can't understand why the running coach doesn't care what Jake does. First part of the chapter is hard to make sense of. View More
Be happy with sports · C297
1 month ago
For me the biggest problem isn't the grammar (although that's pretty bad). It's the incorrect use of words and also missing words in sentences. I can still get a vague understanding with bad grammar, but what we have here is often incomprehensible because words are missing or wrong. View More
Be happy with sports · C286
1 month ago
I really don't understand some of the grammar and vocabulary mistakes. It's like the author is going out if their way to make them. Is this being written in another language and then machine translated? That's the only thing I can think of, otherwise the ryoes of mistakes are pretty inexplicable. View More
Be happy with sports · C276
1 month ago
For someone who used to be so worried about cheating, he has no problem passing someone else's idea off as his own. View More
Be happy with sports · C249
1 month ago
It's not the hundredth Okympics, as that would make it the year 2292. It's the hundredth anniversary. View More
Be happy with sports · C245
1 month ago
Not really enjoying this new sport. It's like 0 to 60 in a blink of an eye.
Also, given his marathon results how have no coaches, scouts come to find him? It's the same old issue where the author makes him superman and do crazy feats but then makes it so that no one cares or notices. View More
Be happy with sports · C211
1 month ago
Is it that hard to find out what the record is? Don't they have basketball books with stats? View More
Be happy with sports · C191
1 month ago
For a school that cares so much about sport, how come no one at Elite seems to know or care that he won the Chicago Mrathon? It's a freaking big deal. It's like the whole thing with the scouts ignoring him (before the author retrospectively fixed it with an explanation that is pretty unbelievable), completely unrealistic. View More
Be happy with sports · C189
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Be happy with sports · C189
1 month ago
Exactly. This is appalling. No way to get revenge. View More

afroze_sahana: Why are they still being assaulted. :(
Even if they are enemies I can't help about feeling bad for them.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C206
1 month ago
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