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His first choice was black thunder
If he hadn't gotten thunders invite he would have gone to scythe
He wasn't regretting choosing thunder
He never got the invite from it cause he joined thunder already

I may be wrong it's hard to make sense with that poor grammar View More

DBrata: Don't get me wrong
I'm all for MC determined to get stronger
But sometimes I feel that MC is kinda rash
A lot of things he didn't think before doing it
The most recent example is in this chapter once he got the offer from thunder guild, he accept it without waiting and when he got offer from scythe he regrets already join thunder guild

Monster Integration · C364
3 months ago
I hope the author is fine
Been sometime since this got updated
Or did it get dropped? I'd hate to hear that author got potential story's got a nice setting View More
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C76
6 months ago
Is it friday yet???!!!!!
This godly addict needs his fix!!!!!!!!
Author take responsibility for this 😉😉😅 View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C227
6 months ago
Is it the authors call? I thought it was the site that forcibly put premium label on the novel and their aye or nay decision was based on the stone count View More

F_Riley: I doubt we can influence the author's decision on going premium with power stones. It comes down to finances with him. And history. How did his other story do once it went premium and did it make enough money to offset the readers he lost doing so.

Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C75
6 months ago
Honestly this is one of the 4 novels i read here but because of policy i hesitate giving power stones.
High stone count means this novel gets put on premium which i don't want
Honestly the previous policy was better, watch ad to unlock chapters
Sorry buddy 😓😭😰 View More
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C75
6 months ago
The title says rewriting in progress
Should i read or wait for rewriting to be completed?
If wait how long would rewriting roughly take View More
Devolved: Path Of The Beast(novel is being rewritten) · C16
7 months ago
Dropping it is your choice and right but your wording clearly shows you have little to no experience writing yourself.
It's time consuming and pulling ideas out of thin air isn't possible
I sympathise if the irregularity puts you off but don't demotivate the author with thoughtless remarks View More

Lucasaurus: Just stop writing. You go on a "break" every other day and it is ridiculous. I'm dropping this story after reading from the very beginning

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C223
8 months ago

theoriginalfeno: Wiz, I think I speak for most of your readers in saying that we would much prefer a slower schedule instead of this inconsistent posting. Not knowing when the next chapter will be released makes waiting for ages and regularly checking painful.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C223
8 months ago
There are limits and boundaries
But they can be and are crossed
And thats when good guys go crazy and turn into things worse than bad guys
The only thing worse than an accomplished villain is a broken good guy View More

Vherlitz: Im not disagreeing to that... I always thought that there is always a limit to everything, a boundary perse

Monster Paradise · C991
8 months ago
Hence the "we have a right to demand it" but also the "we can be polite and patient" parts my friend View More

Vherlitz: Technically we are paying...

Monster Paradise · C991
8 months ago
Well technically we (most of us) are paying for ss effectively making it a currency....... And we pay ss for each chapter so he isn't exactly incorrect When demanding chapters when the translator went AWOL without prior notice
Rude, yes
Incorrect/entitled, no View More

DepositRefund: That guy is acting as if he is paying the author/translator...

Just be polite and grateful dude.
You can read other novels..

Monster Paradise · C991
8 months ago
Normally this is part where i tell people to calm down cuz we aren't paying the translators but on webnovel we are...... so we have a right to demand this...... Where my chapters at!?!?!?
But we can be polite and patient and wait a few hours before going give blazing, no? View More

_WARLORD_: 16 days of waiting and we had only 2 chapters?..where are the othere 30 chapters that should be released by now???..

Are we fooled???

Monster Paradise · C991
8 months ago
For those who can't wait
Try using comrade mao mtl
Slightly choppy and names are simplistic but readable as far as I've read View More
Monster Paradise · C989
8 months ago
What you mean. Or what you want to say. I understand the origin of your thoughts leading to the statement or point you wish to make...... Etc. It's a common phrase i English said to mean/speak/say that i agree with you to an extent but my view is....... Blah blah blah
😜 View More

GodlyDragon: What do you mean by "Where am i coming from ??"

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C215
8 months ago
Bro as i read i can understand where you are coming from..... But as fellow author i can also say writing is an art it's neither as easy nor as quick as we'd like it to be
Yes i would like a faster release rate but I'd rather wait a few days so the author keeps up quality rather than let the grammar, story progression, characters development go to hell View More

GodlyDragon: Author has achieved the upper level in law of laziness, due to which the chapters are not coming frequently

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C215
8 months ago
Well they started what appears to be fighting...... But the results never showed
Maybe Arthur was injured and zero ran or could be the other way around View More

Avid_Reader_: Didn't Telmon kill or incapacitate Zero?

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C215
8 months ago
What I'm curious about is, is the law of corruption
Grey Mantor bloodline was inherently disposed to it which should compliment his law of orignal sin and demonic bloodlines
The sin laws rejected the law of darkness cause of incompatibility
But law of corruption should be compatible View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C215
8 months ago
Well i think it's gonna be between mello, yukelli and zero
Or maybe mello reaches an agreement with yukelli to release the fragment in him in return for reviving him View More

Davies_IJ: Who else is getting that vibe that Mello is going to be the final boss? 🤔

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C215
8 months ago
Is it Friday yet?
I thought there was a chapter due on Friday
I need my fix!!!!!!!! View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C214
8 months ago
Did we even know which evolution oath GP chose for DaZi?
We got to know it had 4-6 paths including dragon bloodline and a thunder centipede improvement one back when he got wings but next thing we know it's a lord-tier View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C317
8 months ago
Unless you count the 2 "invisible hand" technique which he took on intentionally to wail harder
And the damage from the gravitational pull/attraction thing which was Thomas's skill View More

Dagi: SJW did not get hit once. Good fight. Thank you for chapter. Tense scene

Only I level up · C192
8 months ago

YunCheGOD: Translator-nim listened to our wishes, everyone. And the cliff is manageable too. Thank you, translator-nim. Take our ss, who cares? We love and appreciate you, your efforts, and of course, the actual important part. THE DOUBLE CHAPTERS. Praised be God, Allah, Buddha, and every other deity, both real and imaginary

Only I level up · C192
8 months ago
This is unfortunately very common and real even more so in power based social hierarchies (you can find real examples in Third World countries where wealthy and powerful individuals think they are above the law and do stupid shot that shouldn't be done)
Such as in this novel View More

Gery_: But then why not ask normally and if the answer is yes or u found some suspicious thing in his reply then u can fight.But come on.In this way how that guy did is way so stupid.But it's only my opinion.

Only I level up · C189
8 months ago
Special authority hunters (4/5) have powers of the sovereign just like him
5 is a healer
The dragon warns him to be careful of those 4 cuz they can rival him for now View More

Drakozash: Even if they do colide (which seems inevitable since Jin-Woo just found his prey) at this point it would be like a fly colliding with a car. I doubt any of the special authority hunters can hold a candle to Jin-Woo.

Only I level up · C189
8 months ago
It's the feeling is dependence that resulted in the brotherly feeling sjw has
Hds was the younger brother and was aware of how his older brother used people to save money and throw them under the bus
If you know your brother was that screwed in the head i don't expect people to weep over your dead sorry ass regardless of how many family you have left our what relation you have
You only have the right to do what you are prepared to have done to you View More

Faran: Everybody is just looking forward to the face-slapping but I feel like the way Hwang Dong-Su is acting perfectly reasonably.
If your little brother was killed, your last remaining family, and you are not even allowed to know why and told to let it go, what would you do?
If anything, then it is the "little brother" relationship between the MC and Yu Jin-Ho that annoys me. It just feels forced and like bad writing!

Only I level up · C189
8 months ago
Cinsideribg he was aware of his brothers habit of taking extra hunters to throw them under the proverbial bus just to save a little money....... The brother got what he had coming........ He should have realised that something went wrong and the tables got turned and his brother for screwed when he tried to screw someone else View More

Primordial: To be honest, the man just wants to know what happened to his brother. The reasons are not entirely unjustified.

Only I level up · C189
8 months ago
Well if sorry develops as it was he should be getting his hands on the virtuous laws soon considering the missing laws are complimentary to gluttony, envy and sloth
So in the molten core area he probably wont have food ir something and needs to run like theres a fire on his posterior a lot so he gets laws of abstinence and diligence
I cant explain envy's complimentary law View More

Drakzil: You do realize Yukeli didn't use magic, but instead used a Bloodline-ability (perfect body) and his martial skills. Telmon is a Mage, but far from every strong person uses magic. Dorian isn't a genius at magic, but is a genius regarding twisting Fate (as they were designed, and I think Dorian is the best among them), and is a genius (though inborn) at learning new Bloodline abilities through absorbing. Also, he has access to an Original Law, Sin, which is one of the strongest laws that we know of (even Yukeli, Thunder Guy, Ausra and Telmon couldn't kill the last guy, the Demon King, who practiced that law, but had to seal him), so I'm not sure if it would be that beneficial to spend time on magic at the moment

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C214
8 months ago
Trouble? You said trouble? Bro it will be nothing short of a catastrophe if his soul kicks in with the usual event causality twisting View More

Vizzini: What trouble are you going to get him into this time? With his Anomaly soul there's no way he develops an interest in a place unless something is about to happen there.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C214
8 months ago

Azelors: Aurelius probably wrote "son in law" in the amulet

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C214
8 months ago
You just need to be a decent person which i hope you are. ..... Lord knows this world can do with more decent people View More

Kyo2112: Bro you don't need to follow any religion to show respect to any entity held as sacred or holy in any religion
Please don't be insensitive and crack jokes like these, i realise it may not be your intent but someone less patient or understanding (which i think i am not) may pick a fight in the future

Only I level up · C188
8 months ago
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