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Wow what a reversal. Good donkey View More
A World Worth Protecting · C432
3 days ago

Hanshi: If he keep falling for 15min he falls more than 1000km...
And water falling is letal for more than 50m.

Rise of the Demon God · C15
4 days ago

Chickennugget: Thought in first life he was killed by random thief...

Rise of the Demon God · C15
4 days ago

Darcksage: He's pretty fucking retarded if you ask me...

Rise of the Demon God · C15
4 days ago

adgsad: Seriously interested to know if the translator/translation group has any particular reason for these repeated stop-gaps?

Lord Xue Ying · C1200
5 days ago
Reading Status: C1181
Expect long updates View More
Lord Xue Ying
2 weeks ago
Where have u been Dear Arthor View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C9
1 month ago

Jam28: Playing mobile legends and losing 5 ranks because of cancer players, reading this made it better. But now I’m suffering because I want more chapters...

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C44
1 month ago

Weirdo: Finally!!!! He got mind rape!!!! Not fun isn't it??!!! Now he knows how weak he is, so buckle your belt and train like there's a freaking sword above your head, trying to stab you if you didn't train hard till you drop half dead!!!! Remember to train stupidly hard, investigate that mother f#cker vampire, kill her or keep her under your imperious curse!!!! Someone who could do stuff like that, either you submit to her or you make her submit... If not, you will be screwed... She had mind rape all your darkest secret!!!!

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C25
1 month ago

seob97: Didn't u make him as if he was a mastermind??? This was so out of character.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C25
1 month ago

PinkBunny: Need double chap for a week

Lord Xue Ying · C1156
1 month ago

Belzie: I know right. The annoying notification stopped 2 days ago 😂. No more reserve ss left

King of Gods · C1306
2 months ago

alcoholic: Who bets we’ll get stuck with another drought until the TLer has an epiphany and remembers he has a schedule to keep

Lord Xue Ying · C1131
2 months ago

MacBentley: Great story so far, but I don’t like the short chapters 😬 each chapter contains like 300-500 words or maybe shorter lolz. Also to the new readers don’t be deceived with the number of chapters. If the author had a proper word count it will probably just have 8-10 chapters available lolz. But everything apart from the word count in each chapter is good. Hope you will rewrite it someday and improve the world and character building and also 5e fuckin word count. Well, this is to be expected from a new author?

Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic
2 months ago

Carefree_shadow: I only see one real flaw in this chapter. Peter knows the kids names right? Why wouldn't he being James and Sirius best friend and was about to take the charm for them so... voldermort and his inner circle probably already know their names as that would be somewhat valuable information for Peter to give to voldy to show his loyalty to him.

Which means the whole thing of asking questions on the kids names is idiotic since they just boxed up Peter in the living room. I'd change the question at least and possibly a true sight ward / charm on the peep hole at the door to ascertain who is who or what? :)

Harry Potter and the Prince of Darkness · C6
2 months ago
Hahaha man this is funny. I love how he sounds exactly like how I imagine Gildery to be! View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C2
2 months ago
Reading Status: C28
A pretty good harry potter oc story here, it is well written and interesting enough to read..
Continue writing like this and this fanfic of yours should soar up the ranking list. GL
. View More
The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic.
2 months ago

daoistxuanlong: oh I see hmm but these are secret flying cars right I don’t think they would be driving in them especially in such an open way because the Malfoy's have a reputation to uphold lol 😂 in anycase this isn’t really cannon it’s a pottermore thing and the main issue is they would fly the car not drive it because it would take ages otherwise

The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic. · C7
2 months ago

DiceVR: -_- there is a review written three hours before yours that mentions it, so don't give me that bs bud

Naruto In Marvel Universe
2 months ago

: This is the author of Marvel’s Maelstrom, the original poster of this story on FanFiction.Net. I’m not familiar with the site, so getting ahold of whoever posted this is beyond me at the moment. So, I figured I’d leave a review for them or anyone else interested, and hope it gets to where it needs to go.

I did not approve my story getting posted on this site. He did not contact me, in fact the only reason I’m aware is because of a PM sent to me by a concerned reader. If I had agreed, I’d have requested that the title be the same as my own to avoid any confusion, and that a part of the description asks the readers to at least visit my story on FanFiction.Net. The reason for this is because if you want to leave a review or even private message me, the best way for me to see it is by doing it on the FanFiction.Net page. That way I see it immediately and I can respond to you if you’re messaging me. That, and I’d like as many people visiting the actual story as I can. I’m selfish like that lol.

The only reason I’m not upset over this is because the author had the courtesy to give me credit in the description. I’m not going to ask that this be taken down, or stopped. All I ask is for the poster of this to do as I requested above. I’m glad that this is spreading and people seem to be reacting amazingly to it, but I’d have preferred if you simply asked ahead of time. If the poster or anyone reading this would like to get ahold of me, private messaging me on FanFiction.Net is your best bet. I’m also on Reddit, under the same name, if for whatever reason the fanfic site isn’t an option. Thanks to anyone who’s enjoyed my story so far, and I hope to see your reviews soon!

Naruto In Marvel Universe
2 months ago

Randomguy56: Unless I am remembering incorrectly, ZX doesn't actually know how to shape even a simple sword, yet alone a cauldron. All he has ever done to pass the test is to make a lump of metal that is really high quality.

I guess this is the birth of the almighty brick of this universe.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1666
2 months ago

MisterE05: I do love the story in general and it builds up quite well. As someone who enjoys observing human minds from a far, i do appreciate this story.
But i did find it bothering how the new sentences weren't seperated from each other.
For example.like this.do you see how the sentences.arent seperated from the.dots.?
Maybe its a hogwarts thing, i'm not to aware of the series but that was the only problem on the story i saw so far.
Also, the stories are a bit to long.
Maybe aim 1.5k a chapter. A lot of popular novels seem to be doing it.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts
2 months ago

Issou: You know I don't mind cheerful characters, but when you introduce your MC's backstory as hellish, you can't write your MC as an excited kid. "Omg Sharingan so cooool". Your writing is good but there is something wrong with this Mc. If he was just a random kid reincarnating then I would understand, but his past does not match with his current emotions.

Marvel: My Own Path
2 months ago

Zarracki: By far one of the most interesting one of these I've read. It's interesting that the book, set in the 1980's (as of chapter 10) would get technology upgraded to that of 2019, within 2 years for both the magical snd non magical worlds. The sheer level of culture shock involved is . . Non existent. That's a little off putting honestly. The mc sees a problem, he fixes it... 30 years ahead of time. I'm honestly surprised he didn't "invent" the raspberry pi, but maybe it's too soon.
I both love and hate how EASY things are going for our mc here. We get a Harry Potter who is confident, capable, and willing. However, human nature isn't that easy. I'm really hoping that there will be some conflict soon. Drama, snd and conflict help people to identify with a character. I really do live the story. I live how the mc doesn't waste time. He sets goals, and immediately sets too work to accomplish them.

Harry Potter: Library Of Heavens Magic Path(Closed))
3 months ago

ChronoPhoenix: Replacing Dudley? Fucking genius.

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C3
3 months ago

Bai_yi: "He knew how to fight basics due to watching some videos, [...]" Oh my fu¢k|ng god! Beware, we have a Nirvana realm 5th stage expert amongst us!! He has seen Jackie Chan's movies!!!

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C0
3 months ago

jaliko: 1-How did an orphanage managed to buy a laptop in 1991?
2-How did he store the money?

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C0
3 months ago

Asmodai216: That would be so out of character for Obito it would probably ruin the story.

Uchiha Obito : Redemption · C4
3 months ago
Are they three year olds here? Pretty advanced kids.. aren't three year olds still fine tuning thier motor skills at that age View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C3
3 months ago

angel701: I feel like he should take it over since there are alot of organizations in pokemon and he could use his own to deal with them while he captures all legendary pokemon and beauties and he should teach Jessie who's the boss real quick

Pokemon:The Legend · C3
3 months ago
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