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Instead of calling this a novel, it is more accurate to call it a 'self-fulfiled' historical selfcast of the author. While the grammar is acceptable for a webnovel, going through thr prose is like wriggling through a wet and slimy mudfield, and the wormy content it holds is even more disgusting. The relish of the worst possible aspects of mankind like cruelty and rape, by a character purported to be a man of modern era, was disturbing to say the least. I could feel the author's jizz seeping out through his word as he tried to pretend his work as something else but a badly-written **** for his mental masturbation. The last sentence on ch.21 is perhaps the perfect way the author can describe himself and his mc: "I have a sick mind." To clarify the idea of "self-cast", this isn't uncommon in the genre of time-travel kingdom-building novel, as the genre in itself relies somewhat on the writer's interest and comprehension in history and the modern solutions he derived from his historical knowledge provide 'solutions' for the mc in his new environment, which more or less reflect the author's attitude and thinking on the mc. While you can see how much I detest this novel, one of the bigger aspect I've not mentioned yet is the lament for the author's historical knowledge. I've no doubt that he knows a lot about polish history, and I actually want to read and understand it, but the problem is not only is he a bad novelist, his view of the world, his champion of cruelty, his lack of remorse on promoting the recession of morality, are worse.
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