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See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
I Am Supreme · C784
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
Why the Updates Stopped?? Is Qidian going to continue its Update or not? I've Waited for a Long period but still there's no Update.
The Novel had good World design and good Characters design View More
Soaring the Heavens
1 year ago
Reading Status: C331
MC is too Arrogant and Stupid. He's also Too Much OP. And Too much of Girls but there's no Romance.If it's like this They shouldn't be introduced at all. View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals
1 year ago

Shiki: No plot (mc is just getting stronger without a purpose)
No character development (we dont even know what main character likes except gaming and big boobs, there is no personality or what he is doing in his daily life he is like a robot who plays games thinks about se.x and nothing else)
No logic( mc doing quests in a few days that would normally would take a year in his past life and game company... wait is there even a game company in this novel? And there is the issue of absurd luck, i mean yeah luck is essentiel in these kinds of novels and mc gotta be overpowered too but this just too absurd he is literally challenging thousand of players by himself especially after his god of war transformation, is there even any excitement in that? What a novel needs is challenges that gives the mc a hard time and finally mc solves it but he just crushes them from the start, no fun)
Side characters ( i cant even call them as characters cause all we know are their names and how much they worship mc, and how beautiful the womens are)
No good antogonist ( yeah our bad guy is a classic young master who thinks with his d*ck so no matter how badly mc beats and defeats him i dont feel any excitement from defeating someone as pathetic as this antogonist)
Most of the chapters are info dump ( if you gather the info dump chaps together im sure one fifth of the novel is information about bosses we dont care, skills we already know and the ever existing 'Ding! You have...' i mean i would understand if author writes this a few times when you kill a monster or find something good but he writes 9-10 of them consecutive)
And finally this story doesnt have a destination, we dont even now authors purpose anymore
I enjoyed the novel at first but author couldnt find new contents so he repeats eveything over and over again be it finding items clearing dungeons or mcs love interest
Just dont waste your time, even if youre bored to death its not worth it

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
2 years ago
Reading Status: C856
Why Someone called Lin Yu hasn't been introduced till the last? Wasn't the story supposed to be Between Her and Zhang yang right?? I feel Even if they don't join at the end the Author should have atleast Introduced her with some subplots. I kinda feel the story rather sidetracked from the main plot .
But Other Translation and Updates are perfect View More
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
2 years ago
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